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VostFree Anime: How To Get Latest Anime Episodes And Movies




vostfree anime

Japanese Anime is today’s world where different county participates by releasing their original anime TV series and anime movies. Watching anime movies and tv shows is always highly rated in internet search, into which Vostfree website is one of its dedicated niches. If we talk about vast free Anime, you will find much more interesting stuff on its official page. Blue exorcist episode vostfree is one of the popular content that gets attention from anime fans worldwide.

Getting the best quality of online free streaming anime episodes is one thing, but visitors multiply because of Anime English subbed and Anime VF. It is one of the popular platforms to watch your favorite anime manga and movies online for free. If you are new to Vostfree dot com, then go with the most rated anime videos only then you get the idea of what type of anime content VostFree is uploading on its official page for thousands of visitors. Black Clover, Demon Slater Kimetsu no yaiba, Action Science-fiction Surnaturel Il s’agit d’un nouvel anime de Imaishi Hiroyuki et Nakashima Kazuki, Boruto Naruto next generations, One Piece, My hero Academic season 4 are listed in top rated.

Shonen – vostfree

Get the best Anime in the French and English language of the genre in Shonen vostfree. It is free to watch all anime content available on the web and also download it for free. All you need to choose any of your favorite anime movies or anime tv episodes.

Psychologique – vostfree

Psychologique is a kind of vostfree where you get top-class anime videos in the English and french genres. You can also download it in high quality of picture as per your requirement.

2020 – vostfree

2020 Vostfree the year category where all those Anime movies and tv shows were released in 2020 are available in 2020 vostfree. If you know the year of release but the name is not clear, you can go with the year bases searching for your favorite anime movie and tv episode. You can also download those Anime that are available on the yearly anime list.

Comédie – vostfree

The best laugh and entertainment of the download AniVF – Animes collection are uploaded in Comedie vostfree genre. If you think that Anime contains romance, action, or fantasy, you should check out the VostFree Comedie collection. Anime TV shows with their complete episode now watch online for free and even downloadable directly from Vostfree dot com with title tag content.

List of highest-grossing anime films

Rank Title Studio Worldwide gross Year
1 Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train film currently playing Ufotable $416,534,854 2020
2 Spirited Away Studio Ghibli $395,580,000 2001
3 Your Name CoMix Wave Films $380,140,500 2016
4 Howl’s Moving Castle Studio Ghibli $235,184,110 2004
5 Ponyo Studio Ghibli $203,204,882 2008
6 Stand by Me Doraemon Shirogumi  – Shin-Ei Animation $196,457,823 2014
7 Weathering With You CoMix Wave Films $193,186,879 2019
8 Pokémon: The First Movie OLM $172,744,662 1998
9 Princess Mononoke Studio Ghibli $169,785,629 1997
10 The Secret World of Arrietty Studio Ghibli $145,570,827 2010
11 The Wind Rises Studio Ghibli $136,333,220 2013
12 Pokémon: The Movie 2000 OLM $133,949,270 1999
13 Dragon Ball Super: Broly Toei Animation $124,500,000 2018
14 Detective Conan: The Fist of Blue Sapphire TMS Entertainment $119,875,024 2019
15 Detective Conan: Zero the Enforcer TMS Entertainment $108,105,223 2018
16 One Piece: Stampede Toei Animation $94,684,223 2019
17 Doraemon the Movie: Nobita’s Treasure Island Shin-Ei Animation $85,218,525 2018
18 One Piece Film: Z Toei Animation $85,119,728 2012
19 Yo-kai Watch: The Movie OLM $80,268,947 2014
20 Tales from Earthsea Studio Ghibli $75,500,000 2006
21 Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ Toei Animation $72,615,033 2015
22 Pokémon Zoroark: Master of Illusions OLM $71,143,529 2010
23 One Piece Film: Gold Toei Animation $70,840,000 2016
24 Pokémon 3: The Movie OLM $70,157,342 2000
25 Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo Studio Khara $67,021,068 2012
26 Detective Conan: The Darkest Nightmare TMS Entertainment $66,280,000 2016
27 Doraemon: Nobita’s Great Adventure in the Antarctic Kachi Kochi Shin-Ei Animation $65,500,000 2017
28 Doraemon: Nobita’s Chronicle of the Moon Exploration Shin-Ei Animation $65,406,606 2019
29 Detective Conan: The Crimson Love Letter TMS Entertainment $64,450,000 2017
30 From Up on Poppy Hill Studio Ghibli $61,459,425 2011
31 One Piece Film: Strong World Toei Animation $61,221,810 2009
32 Detective Conan: Sunflowers of Inferno TMS Entertainment $60,985,674 2015
33 Porco Rosso Studio Ghibli $58,990,641 1992
34 Yo-kai Watch: Enma Daiō and the Five Tales, Meow! OLM $58,850,969 2015
35 Doraemon: Nobita and the Birth of Japan 2016 Shin-Ei Animation $58,400,000 2016
36 Pokémon: Black and White OLM $57,082,491 2011
37 Wolf Children Studio Chizu $54,999,779 2012
38 The Cat Returns Studio Ghibli $54,505,478 2002
39 Pokémon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life OLM $50,673,078 2009
40 Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Toei Animation $50,353,002 2013
41 Akira TMS Entertainment $49,000,000 1988
42 Doraemon: Nobita and the Island of Miracles—Animal Adventure Shin-Ei Animation $47,043,183 2012
43 Detective Conan: Quarter of Silence TMS Entertainment $47,024,973 2011
44 Doraemon: Nobita’s Secret Gadget Museum Shin-Ei Animation $46,111,353 2013
45 Pokémon the Movie: Kyurem vs. the Sword of Justice OLM $46,008,255 2012
46 Lupin III vs. Detective Conan: The Movie TMS Entertainment $45,281,157 2013
47 My Neighbor Totoro Studio Ghibli $45,043,225 1988
49 Detective Conan: The Eleventh Striker TMS Entertainment $44,068,406 2012
50 Doraemon: Nobita’s Great Battle of the Mermaid King Shin-Ei Animation $43,723,459 2010
Source by: Wikipedia

How to Get a Free download on the VostFree Anime

There is a simple method to get a successful download of Vostfree Anime. You need to register first then proper internet speed, which provides you a fast download from the VostFree anime website.

Note: These steps are tested on a Windows pc web browser, and content size depends on which type of resolution you choose. For example, if you choose 720p, then it will less than 1080p downloaded Vostfree anime file size.

Step#1. Go to the Vostfree official url

Step#2. If you are already registered to the VostFree website, click on to “To Log in” option located at the top right in the green color of your screen.

Step#3. Enter Login and password, which you use in the registration process, and click the “log in” button.

Step#4. Once the Login is successfully done, go to your Vostfree Anime like “The children of time French.”

Step#5. While your play video is played on the Vostfree web player, you can download the anime video once you scroll down.

Step#6. Wait until the video file completely downloads into your default folder or check if you had to change the path to download a file from the internet.

Step#7. Now you can play this video into your smartphone or smart tv, or your private media source.

 In case your Login does not work, or you haven’t registered to the VostFree website, follow the below steps.

How to Registered VostFree to Watch and Download Hazel free Streaming

Step#1. Using your pc web browser or Smartphone web browser, open the VostFree register URL

Step#2. Enter a user name, password; retype the password, working email ID, and security code as shown in the image.

Step#3. Once all the above information is entered into the provided field, click on the “To send” button.

Step#4. An email will send to your provided email ID from the VostFree anime site for security and update purposes.

Step#5. Verify your email, and then go to the login page to enjoy your VostFree free stream and download anime videos.

vostfree anime

vostfree anime

Watch Latest VostFree Anime VF Voster en Streaming Using Vostfree APK Android APP

Note Some third-party apps for Vostfree anime streams, such as AniVF – Animes VF et VOSTFR en Streaming Vostfree, but using such app in an open-source operating system like Android is not a good idea. It is your cup of tea to drink because you have to handle the taste of it.

If you are an Android user and wish to watch VostFree anime content anytime, anywhere using your mobile data or high wifi connectivity, go with Anime VF et VOSTFR en Streaming Vostfree Apk App. This app’s best thing is that this app is safe because the download source is taken from the official Google Play store. This shows that all the anime movies and tv series content are not illegal and comes under copyright issue. So if any production house does not raise any complaint about this app available on the Google play store, enjoy the Vostfree app on your Android Phone/tablet.

Updated: January 11, 2021

Size: 41M

Current Version: 1.0

Requires Android: 5.1 and up

Download AniVF – Animes

anime vf en ddl gratuitement


Q.1 What is the benefit of registering the VostFree website?

You can use private messaging, report any dead links, use the comments section, download free videos, and many more.

Q2. The trust score of is average to good. Why?

There is no such illegal and unsafe consumers claim that has been registered to access a cost-free website. This shows the trust score of this anime website. According to online public source 40 facts the review of Vostfree that if this website is listed on spam & publishing sites, this might not be safe; otherwise, it looks safe to use.

Q3. Is it bad to watch anime on Vostfree anime?
If you are looking for a best anime entertainment then Vostfree anime is the best plact to watch online.

Q4. Are all Vostfree anime based on manga?
If we talk about the total data base of Vostfree anime then it is light change then manga. is a manga and anime website where anime fans get all the updates episodes of favorite anime Tv shows or movies.

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FastDrama: The World of Koream Dramas [Updated]




Want to watch online or wish to download free Korean dramas and watch them offline? If so, FastDrama is a popular online free streaming website for Korean content fans. Forest of Secrets, Mr.Sunshine, Full House, Phoenix 2020, Coffee Prince, Boys Over Flowers, The Devil Punisher, You’re Beautiful, My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho, Secret Garden, or other latest K-Dramas are all ready to stream online in FastDrama. It is an online free website to watch your favorite Korean dramas content with the latest update. Yes! fastdrama English subtitle is available for every video that is uploaded to the FastDrama website.

On the FastDrama website, visitors get high-quality videos to watch online, and a download option is available on the website. You can watch the video in different quality resolution 360p, 720p, Bs, HY, GD, CO, CL, ST, OK, UT, FC, DO, SS, MD, FE. The Developer has design FastDrama with the innovative user interface that any new visitor can easily find its favorite Korean drama episodes and watch online. According to Alexa Global, the position was changed over the past three months by -161 294. United States, Texas, Austin, and America/Chicago based located server used for FastDrama website. FastDrama’s primary domain was registered on August 14TH, 2016. After domain registration was updated on August 17th, 2025, Alexa rating was also analyzed to 729 010.

If you visit the FastDrama website, you will see a menu table at the top left of the main page. You will get Korean Drama, Korean Shows, or Korean Movies options and Chinese Drama, Chinese Movies, Taiwanese Drama, Taiwanese Movies, Japanese Drama, Japanese Movies, Thailand Drama, Thailand Movies varieties of contents to watch online for free. If you are looking for Korean Drama opposite content, the FastDrama also entertained with the Hong Kong Drama, movies, TV Show contents available in website.

FastDrama is safe or not?

If you go with the online free streaming sites “Is it safe to stream online?” this question usually comes to your mind. There is no such FastDrama website visitor has claimed about not secured website. It is true that when you open the FastDrama website, you get unexpected advertisements that are not concerned with the Korean Drama content. Also, when you click on any Korean Drama title to watch online, some software download and extension website browser download popup on-screen which most users ignore because usually, these such type of popup contain hijackers portal root directly to personal user system to store personal data and sometimes it comes with Malware Adware type of virus. You should avoid such popup if you want to watch your favorite Korean Drama only at FaskDrama.

FastDrama Mirror Domain/Proxy Sites Still Working

Following are the mirror domain sited of FastDrama that still works in 2021


As per the current status of FastDrama, these mirror domain proxy sites are working. Users from all over the world are surfing these websites in order to stream Korean dramas online nonstop.

How To Download Korean Dramas From FastDrama Online Free Streaming

There is no such hard and fast term to download your favorite Korean dramas from the FastDrama website. The Developer who designs this website simply and quickly does not need any tutorial to download Korean Drama or Korean Shows from the FastDrama site.

Step#1. Open the FastDrama live website into your new tab web browser.



Step#2. Click on the Drama which you wish to download. If your interest in Korean Drama is not showing on the FastDrama home page, click on the search icon as shown in the image, type the content name, and then press “enter” from the keyboard. You will confirm to get your Korean Drama if it is uploaded on FastDrama.


Step#3. Once you get your Drama, click on it, and you will go into the FastDrama > Korean Drama Name:******** > page.



Step#4. Your clicked Korean Drama from FastDrama will start streaming with the in-build player on the website. Now scroll down, get the download button, and direct download using the web browser download portal. Make sure that you have to click the video quality resolution (360p, 720p, Bs, HY, GD, CO, CL, ST, OK, UT, FC, DO, SS, MD, FE) mention below player where you watch a video in FastDrama website.



Step#5. If you want to download another episode of the same Korean Drama, then there is an option button of the episode list close to the download button, as shown in the screenshot. Choose the episode and start with the same above method to download Korean dream from the FastDrama site.



Once the download is completed, enjoy your Korean Drama video using the downloaded file you get from FastDrama.

Best Alternative To FastDrama

If any of the websites allow you to stream K-Drama, it might be known as the FastDrama alternative. It not possible that every now or old Korean Drama, movies, or TV shows are available in FastDrama. Maybe the Drama of your interest is missing by the FastDrama team. In that case, you can go with the alternative website to FastDrama and watch your favorite Korean Drama online, free or paid.

1#. Kissasian:

If you wish to watch Asian dramas and Tv shows free in HD, then we can say that Kissasian is a website Like FastDrama. Some countries claim that KissAsian is an unlawful site that has been downloading and sharing Korean content that isn’t theirs. Mirror Domain/Proxy Sites Still Working and providing services to its hundreds of fans. These have been made to help sidestep a portion of the specialized issues that the site has been encountering, for example, connects that don’t react and over-burdens on the worker and so on

2#. Dramacool:

DramaFast is a site that might not have a huge variety of Korean content TV shows/Dramas, and flicks. It has all the essential shows which you’ll acquire free. You can say that it is sited Like FastDrama as it also provides Korean Drama. Dramafast can exclusively be gotten to in various parts of the world.

3#. Viu:

Viu is an “OTT” (over-the-top) video streaming provide based on Hong Kong content. FastDrama also offers Hong Kong videos on the menu, which makes Viu FastDrama like websites. It is worked in a double income model involving memberships and publicizing. Viu conveys content in various kinds from Asia’s top substance suppliers with nearby language captions, just as unique creation arrangement under ‘Viu Unique’ activity.

4#. Netflix:

Netflix, Inc. is an American OTP content platform and production company founded in 1997 in Scotts Valley, California, by Marc Randolph & Reed Hastings. K-Drama content available on Netflix is not the only picture that proves that Netflix is a FastDrama like site. But Netflix also produces their original Korean Drama and Korean Movies, making this platform safe and secure in the present world.

5#. Viki:

In the event that you need to watch Asian Television programs and films online, Free of charge, the Viki is FastDrama alternatives. Viki is a free platform to watch your favorite Korean dramas, just like FastDrama. With Viki, you don’t wish to pay a membership; you can, in any case, observe a large portion of our substance with advertisements and SD quality on our site or our applications. Most Korean dramas, Kpop & Kdrama news, Japanese dramas, Taiwanese dramas, Chinese dramas, and events are updated in Viki. This makes the most exciting platform in Korean content.

6#. Kdramahood:

Kdramahood is alternatives to FastDrama, but the structure is different from the FastDrama website. Here you can search for your favorite Korean Drama using year based release. It gives you a direct list of specific years released in Korean Drama. Korean movies and Korean dramas are uploaded in a distinct table mention at the top of the kdramahood website. If you wish to go with the Korean Drama-specific episodes, this website also provides you with such an option.

At Last:

All the above information only to update Korean Drama, Korean Movies, and other Asian Dramas/Movies fans can go with the online stream and watch videos of their interest. FastDrama provides a regular update with high-quality Korean Drama videos and a download option available on the website. This makes FastDrama website one of the reliable Korean drama websites in the online free streaming website. If you want to ask any question, use the comment box or wish to discuss it.

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Manamoa: Best Alternative Website In 2021




Korean contents are on-trend these days. Korean movies, Korean Drama, Korean Anime, or languages scanlation fans are regularly searching for such sites where they can quickly get Korean content to watch. Korean Netflix is one of the official streaming platforms where you can get high-quality Korean movies and Korean TV series, but processed fees are required.

Paying to watch movies or tv shows is not everyone’s cup of tea. Such users are looking forward to the free online streaming website.  This is one of the reasons that make the Manamoa website most popular under the Korean content category. Getting huge Korean videos for free with the latest update with the easy website UI makes fans more comfortable streaming.

The rise of the Manamoa website soon saw the set because copyright violation content was updated on this website, and it officially shut down. It becomes very difficult for those Manamoa fans who are used to it. In this regard, people were searching ( manamoa 34 / manamoa replacement / manamoa52 / manamoa50 / manamoa24 /manamoa alternative / down) keywords to continue chapter, which was left behind in official Manamoa dot com.

Mirror Domain Similar Sites To Manamoa

There are similar website/mirror domains provided by manamoa owners where fans can run their favorite Korean content from these sites. Due to block error, some of the mirror domain might not be run at your location. For such reason, fans are looking for manamoa alternative sites that actually can be operated in their country.

[ / / / / / / / / /]

Alternative To Manamoa


This Manamoa like site consent to the individual data assurance guidelines and unique data rules set up by the Service of Data and Correspondence as per the significant laws, for example, the Follow up on Advancement of Data and Correspondence Organization Usage, and so forth. About the destruction procedure, Part data is put away for a very long time after withdrawal and afterward obliterated, so it can’t be seen or utilized for any reason.


Smpeople is also official Korean-related sites like Manamoa, but the structure of a website is different from Manamoa. Here you will get more topics like Pokemon Battle, Quiz Quiz, Semo shop, swap, triangle, Monster Subjugation, Display board, and more. For more, visit the official page.


If you are looking for Korean languages’ scanlations DC News, you are at the right website. This website also contains Korean language scanlations, just like the Manamoa website. You will get a lot more content like Dish issue, DC Interview, DCon, Super concept gallery, and more.


Laftel is one of the best Manamoa alternatives on the list because it provides 100% Anime content where user can also play Anime content online using web play player. All you need is high internet speed. The topic-related content is update regular, so the user gets more interest in this website. This website also provides a collection of summary version, which is more creates fun than the main story.


If you have ever visited Manamoa then this website will give you a first look as Manamoa alternatives. There is a chat category where you can connect with other users and also a cartoon room. For more details, visit the official website and check out its Humor room as well.


Goddrip is one of the alternatives to Manamoa in this list as it also provides languages’ scanlations (KOREAN) content. This website was banned in some country which does not provide any prove, but visitors are increasing daily. If you are looking for Manamoa like the site, then you can give it a try to this Korean content website.


Almost all type of Japanese Anime or Kissanime content character-related topic is available in this website. Ani24do provides lots more similar to Manamoa website.  If this site does not work in your country, then it is shut down or banned at your location, then fans try other alternatives Manamoa sites like listed above.


Providing such information related to the website that is already shutdown is only about information update on the internet for those interested in Korean-related websites like Manamoa. If you think that such information or sites are not legal, then you should share this information and update them to the related content.

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DesiRulez 2021: Non-Stop Desi Entertainment | Top Indian Websites to Watch Movies and Shows Online Free




The world of entertainment is completely changed after the incorporation of the internet. Gone are the days when we used to download movies and TV shows from torrents and other third-party websites. Now when the internet has become relatively cheaper and faster, people love to stream movies online. Premium online streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video took movie watching experience to the next level. People can watch their favorite titles on their mobile phones instantly. But instead of opting for paid services, people tend to use free movie websites that are illegal. The demand for such piracy websites has increased and that is the reason why sites like DesiRulez have become popular.

Just like the name of the website says it is an Indian site to stream movies, TV shows, music, wrestling, and other viral videos for free. DesiRulez is one of the great alternatives to popular Indian websites like DownloadHub, KhatriMaza, MoviesFree4U, HDHub4U, TamilRockers, and similar others. The user interface and the presentation of the site are so good that they can give a run to the premium websites. There are many reasons behind the great popularity of DesiRulez. Here, we have mentioned all the important things you should know about DesiRulez.

What Is DesiRulez?

As we said, this is an Indian website that provides movies and TV series for the interest of Indian and other Asian users. From daily soaps, TV series to popular movies, DesiRulez has got all the things for the Indian users with a variety of tastes. The site offers an interesting theme which simple yet informative on the homepage. All the big titles are hosted on multiple servers so that users don’t have to face any trouble while streaming online.

The great thing about this free movie website is that it provides live links to TV channels. So, users looking for live TV channels can feel at ease here.

Is It Legal to Use DesiRulez?

No, DesiRulez is an illegal website that breaches the DMCA and copyright laws to provide a collection of movies and TV shows that are actually owned by other studios. However, free love free stuff. DesiRulez developers know how to lire the customers by providing a variety of content. Many users consider this website as the best free alternative to Hotstar.

Why Is DesiRulez Popular?

Just like we said, no one wants to spend money on premium streaming apps when they can get access to all content at free cost on websites like DesiRulez. This website is very quick to update new content in HD. From reality TV shows to the latest movies running in the theatres, users will get all the things very quickly here. Plus, for its huge community, DesiRulez has made a forum option on its website where users can communicate with each other and discuss new TV shows, movies, reality shows, WWF, and other new content on the website.

Is DesiRulez Shutdown?

While writing this blog for you, we checked on Google and we found the active link of DesiRulez. However, there is a catch. We found the link – and it kept on loading but the site didn’t load fully. But when we used VPN, the homepage loaded quickly. So, we assume that DesiRulez is blocked by the Indian government or the ISPs.

The domain name of the site changes very frequently so, the users have to find the new DesiRulez proxy sites very often on the internet. If you wish to access a vast collection of entertainment for free then DesiRulez is a website you need. Below, we mentioned some reasons to use DesiRulez.

What Is So Special About DesiRulez?

Here, are some reasons that make this website distinct from other similar websites.

A Massive Collection of Movies

DesiRulez has been designed by keeping the choices of every Indian user. This the reason why you would find Bollywood Hindi movies, South Indian movies, south Indian Hindi dubbed films, Hollywood Hindi dubbed, and other regional films. Along with all that, users check movie reviews as well.

TV Shows for All

DesiRulez has TV shows for all. TV series with multiple seasons, daily soaps (TV serials) from TV channels, limited series, reality TV shows, this website offers all kind of TV content here. Even singing shows are also available to watch here. Every TV title and episode has multiple streaming links so that they have a seamless streaming experience.

Other Entertainment

Besides movies and TV shows, the Indian audience has a great love for music and wrestling. India is a diverse country. The country with multiple languages and cultures. Music from all the languages is loved nationwide. At DesiRulez, users will find music for free download. In addition, WWE or wrestling events are hosted for the people.

Well-Organized TV Channels

If you are wondering “can I watch live TV on DesiRulez?” or “What TV channels are available on DesiRulez?” then we have got an answer for you here. All TV shows on this website are organized according to the TV channels. There are multiple categories of TV series including, Indian channels, Pakistani channels, news channels, DD National, awards and concerts, and telly news articles. Users can have access to everything they want.

Should I Use DesiRulez to Watch Movies and Shows Online?

We already told you that DesiRulez is an illegal website that offers its massive content by violating all the rules and regulations. You support its illegal business by using this website. Plus, this website generates its revenue from ads. So, sometimes you may encounter malicious adware or virus as well. We do not recommend you to use such a piracy website. Many users use DesiRulez and if you love to live on the edge then you can try it at your own risk.

We don’t encourage piracy so, it’s up to you whether you want to use it or not.

Top Alternatives to DesiRulez | Best Similar Sites like DesiRulez


Disney+ Hotstar is owned by Star India, one of the leading television broadcasting companies in India. Hotstar offers an enriched streaming experience which is even better than biggies like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Its catalog of entertainment is full of Indian movies i.e., Bollywood, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Punjabi, and many more. Along with all this, Hotstar also offers live TV where VIP subscribers can watch daily soaps and TV series hours before they broadcast onTV. Plus, sports fans can watch IPL and other cricket tournaments live.

Hotstar can be one of the best alternatives to DesiRulz as it offers free services as well. Although, its free streaming services are limited to some extent users can have massive entertainment at their disposal. It has got all Star network TV channels and movies so you won’t be disappointed here.

Amazon Prime Video

This international streaming services tasted the first and the grand success in India. Before Netflix, Amazon produced original content for the Indian audience. Series like Breath and Inside Edge were some of them. Indian appreciated this and Amazon took the next step by offering lots of Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, and many Indian regional movies. It provides Hollywood movies in regional languages as well. You won’t find TV serials from traditional serials here. However, classic and popular TV shows like Shaktimaan is available here.

So, without a doubt, Amazon Prime can be the top DesiRulez alternatives. Its yearly subscription costs 999 Indian rupees and can be shared with 5 more persons. So, this is a very affordable streaming application for the users.

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