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Best Time Kill Games You Need To Know In 2021




time kill games

If you are a game lover, then you have once experience the time kill games. Who does ignore it? Like the PC specs and dedicated console hardware, all you need to play these games is updated and does not require an internet connection, such as offline games like Time kill. During travel, the main focus is to save battery and mobile data which is important, and games that run with the internet can suck most of the internet mobile data and device battery.

Time kill games are designed for different platforms such as Android, online browser, Apple and Windows. If you know some other platform, then you can suggest us in the comment box. Meanwhile, you can go with the best time to kill games on your supportive platform. Some of these kill games are free and sometimes fermium for both Android and iOS platforms.

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time kill games

time kill games

For Android – Time Kill Games

1#. 0h h1:

0h h1 is a great way to improve your critical thinking skills. This “little logic” game is similar to Sudoku, except for filling grids with red or blue tiles. There are many grid sizes available. They range from 4×4 up to 12×12. There are many puzzles available, from 4×4 to 12×12. The game is completely free, and there are no in-app purchases or unlockable features. It’s very simple to learn and can be played when you have a fun way to pass the time.

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2#. Jetpack Joyride: fun games to kill time

Jetpack Joyride lets you play the role of Barry Steakfries and take to the skies in a cool jetpack. It will help if you avoid obstacles such as missile launchers or giant mechanical dragons. Jetpack Joyride is an older game, but the latest versions have received high ratings. Enjoy the entertainment of over 500 million people who have downloaded it (including ourselves).

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3#. Sandwich:

Sandwich! The game tests your ability to combine bread, lettuce and tomato with onion and salmon. Every sandwich you create will be yours to “eat”. Although it’s virtual, you might not want to play it when you’re hungry. You’ll be creating culinary masterpieces for hours with over 250 levels. If you play the game often, you may need to pay to have them removed. Although the game comes with no ads, they can be a little intrusive.

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4#. Doug dug:

Doug dug is one o the best games to kill time on this list. Doug, the dwarf, must navigate through many caves and tunnels to find hidden treasure. As you progress, you will have to defeat formidable monsters and avoid many pitfalls (and pitfalls). This nostalgic-heavy game will keep you so engaged that you’ll wish you could make Doug richer.

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5#. Project Highrise:

Project Highrise has the potential to overthrow the Burj Khalifa, which is the most valuable piece of real property on the planet. You can build a luxurious skyscraper with restaurants, homes, shops, and many other amenities. You can play in the Sandbox mode or select from various scenarios to see how you can keep the residents and city government happy.

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6#. Mekorama:

Mekorama is a puzzle-based and challenging game that will challenge you. The gameplay requires you to guide the robot to the right destination. Your strategic mind is your best friend. The game features beautiful graphics and soothing music that will make you feel relaxed and love.

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7#. Stick Hero:

Stick hero is another great time-pass game. It looks simple, but it isn’t easy. It’s a great game for those who love challenges. It’s very easy to play the game. You need to cross the platform and make a stick. However, it’s not an easy task. The most difficult part of stick hero is crossing the gap. The game features a small character and a beautiful interface that encourages you to play more.

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8#. Push’em all

As the name implies, you must kick all enemies with your stick. It’s simple. A crowd of enemies rushes to you to kick out. Before they do, you should kick them out with your long stick, in bulk and clear level. It can be difficult to kick enemies out, but there are some strategies that you can use to throw them from buildings.

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9#. Smash Hit:

Smash Hit is the most well-known glass breaking game. You have to smash glasses through iron balls in order to get there. If you’re not able to break glass, it will be. What makes this game so popular is the glass breaking sound and difficult levels. These will keep you engaged until you are unable to break glass or wall. The game is fun and should be on your list of time-killers.

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10#. Chain Reaction:

The chain reaction is a game you can play with 8 of your friends. Each player must make a chain to kick other small balls out of reaction. The winner will be the player who makes the longest chain. You don’t need internet access to play offline games. You can also play with a computer to pass the time if you’re single.

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11#. Worm Zone:

It would help if you won the battle to reach the top. If you collide with another worm, you will lose. Growing worms to their largest size are the best way to lose. You can also use tactics to defeat an opponent worm.

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For iOS– Time Kill Games

1#. Plague Inc:

Plague is an easy game that can be played for hours. It’s simple. Create a deadly disease and name it anything you want. Then use it to wipe the planet. The good scientists working together to find a cure for any dreadful illness you create are your enemies. You lose if they succeed before you infect everyone. Although the game has been around for ten years, it is still relevant today. This game’s appeal lies in the excitement of trying to outwit other brilliant minds that want to eradicate your illness and evolve your disease to stay one step ahead. Once you have mastered the basics of each disease type, there are many more variants that can be unlocked. Each variant has its strengths and weaknesses.

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2#. Mini Metro:

A seasoned traveller couldn’t believe they could do a better job after yet another delayed and crowded ride in public transit. How do you design a subway system? The Mini Metro, nominated by the BAFTA, offers you this opportunity. The game’s simplicity hides a challenging, sometimes frantic challenge as you try to meet growing demands from a city’s ridership. There are no two maps the same, which adds to the replay value. You can continue playing in Endless mode, even if a station becomes too crowded. Each city has its challenges, which may require many games.

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3#. Triple Town:

This puzzler challenges you to build the largest possible “city” by matching three objects to make larger items. Some many enemies and obstacles will make your life difficult. It’ll be hard to stay focused as you try to build a beautiful metropolis. Triple Town doesn’t drain your battery. It’s easy to lose yourself in the game and still have enough juice to get you to your destination.

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4#. Crossy Road:

Crossy Road can be summarized as follows: your goal is to safely guide your character across the road while avoiding other cars, bodies, and obstacles. It is all it takes to make Crossy Road a hit. The addictive gameplay and colourful graphics made it a very popular game. Over 200 million people have downloaded Crossy Road. It and its variations are among the most popular apps on Android and iOS.

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5#. Game Dev Tycoon:

Game Dev Tycoon is a business simulation that places you in the shoes of a small-time developer who enters the 1980s videogame industry. From takeoff to landing, the drama and suspense of witnessing the rise (or fall!) of a gaming empire will be captivating. You’ll enjoy a pleasant ad-free experience for the price of a cup of coffee from a well-known coffee shop. Game Dev Tycoon is the best time-wasting game on Android and iOS platforms.

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Time Kill Games are designed to change the mood and create fun games to kill time. There are best browser games to kill time rather than Android and iOS platforms where you can play online through the web browser. These games also come in the categories of time kill games. We hope that you like the way to kill time by playing interesting games on your Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod) device. Want to ask any question or suggest any games related to the topic, use the comment box to share your questions or suggestion.


BuffStream Watch Live NFL, NBA, BOXING, MMA And More





BuffStream is an online sports platform where you can watch live NFL, NBA, BOXING, MMA, Football, UFC, Boxing, Formula 1, and Cricket. Live streaming at Buffstream is free; there are no charges to watch your favorite sports match live.

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If you want to watch live football streaming in the UK, live soccer tv free online, live football streaming free online, ESPN or live football streaming HD, then BuffStream is where you get live stream tv free.

You must check your sports match schedule and browse the BuffStream website where the live match starts. But how do you connect with BuffStream, and what is the official website that provides live streaming? Many other questions related to BuffStream are available here.

How Does BuffStream Generate Revenue?

BuffStream website owners generate revenue through online advertisements, Super chat, and ads popups. Sometimes users did not like the ads popup while match time, so they go with the membership option, where they can disable the ads. 

What Is Buffstreams?

Buffstreams is an online sports service that allows users to stream any sport of their choosing. With it, you may stream many sports, including cricket, football, baseball, and more. Buffstreams make watching the live broadcast of your preferred sporting event simpler than ever. You only need a device (smartphone, smart TV, laptop, or personal computer) with an internet browser and a connection to the internet to get started.

How to Stream Sports with Buffstreams

Note: Buffstreams is not a legal platform to watch live sports matches, which means the website might not work in your region, so the developer provides a mirror domain or proxy sites to watch live sports nonstop.

Step#1. Open the BuffStream Live Stream website URL into a web browser.

If the above website does not work in your region, you can go with these suggestions. ( ( (

Step#2. Click on the sports options for watching live sports, such as NFL, NBA, BOXING, MMA, Football, UFC, Boxing, Formula 1, and Cricket.

Step#3. Page load, and if the live match is already started, you get the direct Live video on screen; otherwise, the timer will appear, which means you have to wait until the live sports starts.


Now you know what BuffStream is and how it allows you to watch live sports free of cost. We discussed all the information related to the topic, and it is only the live sports stream-related information knowledge, which does not mean that we support any organization or company. We are here to provide you with an update on what is happening online. We hope that the above information is helpful.

Image Source: PEXEL

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ThePirateBay3 World Leading Torrent Website But Not Legal





ThePirateBay3 is one of the most significant online movies and tv series free streaming and download website. It has multiple subdomains running simultaneously where millions of movie and tv show fans get their interest content. People looking for old movies or recently released movies with the latest content get here at Thepiratebay3 website.

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Many questions have been raised that Thepiratebay3 is legal, safe and many more. So today, we discuss and let you understand that it is ethical to go with such free movies and tv shows download sites or support the OTT and production house by boycotting such websites like thepiratebay3.

What Is ThePirateBay3?

ThePirateBay3 is an online subsidiary of Torrent website where you can download movies, tv shows, music, games and many more for free. It does not require any registration or subscription to download any content. This website was introduced in 2005 by a Swedish developer called Piratbyran. Thepiratebay3 is one of the greatest torrent sites that use P2P technology.

Is It Legal to Use ThePirateBay3?

No, ThePirateBay3 is an illegal website that breaches the DMCA and copyright laws to provide a collection of movies and TV shows that other studios own. However, free love free stuff. The ThePirateBay3 developers know how to lure customers by providing different content. Many users consider this website the best free alternative to Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Apple TV+ and more.

Why Is ThePirateBay3 Popular?

As we said, no one wants to spend money on premium streaming apps when they can access all content at free cost on websites like ThePirateBay3. This website quickly updates new content in 720p, 1080p and 4K. From reality TV shows to the latest movies running in the theatres, users will get everything quickly here. Plus, for its huge community, ThePirateBay3 has made a forum option on its website where users can communicate with each other and discuss new TV shows, movies, reality shows, WWF, and other recently released content on the website.

Is Thepiratebay3 org Down / Thepiratebay3 Shutdown?

While writing this blog for you, we checked on search engines and found the active link of Thepiratebay3. However, there is a catch. We found the link – and It kept loading, but the site didn’t load fully, as it might be banned in my region. But when we used VPN, the homepage loaded quickly. So, we assume that the Indian government or the ISP’s block Thepiratebay3. Still, it runs in other parts of the world.

The site’s domain name frequently changes, so the users have to find the new ThePirateBay3 proxy sites on the internet. If you wish to access a vast entertainment collection for free, then Thepiratebay3 is the website you need. 

Special Thing That Connects People To ThePirateBay3 

Below, we mentioned some reasons to use Thepiratebay3.

Here are some reasons that make this website distinct from other similar websites.

A Massive Collection of Movies

ThePirateBay3 has been designed by keeping the choices of every movie, and tv shows the user. It is why you would find Bollywood Hindi movies, South Indian movies, south Indian Hindi dubbed films, Hollywood Hindi dubbed, and other regional films. Along with all that, users check movie reviews as well.

TV Shows for All

ThePirateBay3 has TV shows for all. TV series with multiple seasons, daily soaps (TV serials) from TV channels, limited series, and reality TV shows, and this website offers all kinds of TV content here. Even singing shows are also available to watch here. Every TV title and the episode has multiple links to provide a seamless streaming experience.

Other Entertainment

Besides movies and TV shows, the Indian audience has a great love for music and wrestling. India is a diverse country. A country with multiple languages and cultures. Music from all languages is loved nationwide. At ThePirateBay3, users will find music for free download. In addition, WWE or wrestling events are hosted for the people.

Well-Organized TV Channels

If you are wondering, “can I watch live TV on ThePirateBay3?” or “What TV channels are available on ThePirateBay3?” we have got an answer for you here. All TV shows on this website are organized according to the TV channels. There are multiple categories of TV series, including Indian, and Pakistani, news channels, DD National, Awards and concerts, and tally news articles. Users can have access to everything they want.

Should I Use ThePirateBay3 to Watch Movies and Shows Online?

We already told you that ThePirateBay3 is an illegal website that offers massive content by violating all the rules and regulations. You support its illegal business by using this website. Plus, this website generates its revenue from ads. You may encounter malicious adware or virus as well. We do not recommend you use such a piracy website. Many users use ThePirateBay3, and if you love to live on the edge, you can try it at your own risk.

IMPORTANT: We don’t encourage piracy, so it’s up to you whether you want to go online free to watch and download movies and tv shows.

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Best Alternatives to ThePirateBay3 But Legal

If you do not want to go against the law, then you can choose the official streaming sites and OTT platforms that are paid, but some of them are at a reasonable price. (You can check the website subscription page to get the short-term and long-term price descriptions).

Amazon Prime




Apple TV +

There is no need to provide an introduction or description to ThePirateBay3 official alternative legal platform. People know very much about the above movie and tv shows streaming websites. These OTT platforms also had the official Android and iOS apps which provide the same features as you get on the website.


Now you know what ThePirateBay is, and we covered most of the questions such as “a quiet place torrent thepiratebay3”, “is https thepiratebay3 org safe”, “is thepiratebay3 legal” and “is thepiratebay3 down”. We discussed all the information related to the topic. It is only the online stream and downloads of website-related information knowledge, which does not mean we support any organization or company. We are here to provide you with an update on what is happening online. We hope that the above information is helpful.

Image Source: PEXEL

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Nat Geo TV on Demand on Apple TV Via




natgeotv com activate apple tv

NatGeoTV Com Activate Apple TV

NatGeo has not become a limiter to wildlife documentaries; the content has increased more to travelling, explorer and expedition. A program like The ’90s: The Last Great Decade, Life Below Zero, Mars (American TV series) and In The Womb has changed the way to watch Nat Geo TV. These days NatGeo TV is on-demand on Apple TV as we know that most of the programs are based on American TV series, and Apple TV is available in every part of America. So if you want natgeotv com to activate apple TV, then you have to follow the guide, but before there is some information about Apple TV on NatGeo.

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To get the full juice of Net Geo on Apple TV, you need the natgeotv com to activate the apple tv method. There are different opinions regarding the natgeotv com activate on the internet, but at some point, it does not complete the final step, so with our research, the best solution to on Apple TV.

NatGeo/Apple TV – NatGeoTV Com Activate Apple TV

NatGeo, also known as National Geographic Channel, first started in 2001, where the audience gets the culture, history, and more connected to nature content. It shows that part of the world that has never been explored. In 2019 at Steve Jobs Theater, Apple TV + was introduced to the world where people can do fast streaming with multiple content channels that have never been such interesting to watch entertainment. Apple TV started as an active popular channel with legends, tv shows, dramas and documentaries before Apple TV was launched. Currently on Demand to Activate Natgeotv Via on Apple TV. There are others streaming devices that also entertained their audience with the activated such as Roku, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

natgeotv com activate apple tv

natgeotv com activate apple tv

How To Activate NatGeoTV Via [Complete Guide]

If you want to activate NatGeo free tv apps on Apple TV, follow the steps without any skip.

Step#1. Download and install the natgeotv app on Apple TV.

Step#2. Now you have to activate the app; for that, go to the settings on Apple TV located at the gear icon.

Step#3. In the setting drop-down menu and select “active your device”.

Step#4. You will see the activation code appears on the screen, “Copy” the code and save it to your notepad or in a notebook for further requirement.

Step#5. Now you to open “” to paste the activation code and for that on your smartphone or PC web browser open natgeotv com website “”. (This web link will take you directly to natgeotv com activate apple tv activation)

Step#6. On this activation code section, paste the code which you copy in step#4 and select the “SUBMIT” button to apply the code.

natgeotv com activate apple tv

natgeotv com activate apple tv

Step#7. Now, wait for the National Geographic website to respond on your active code submit to link Natgeotv on Apple TV.

Once the code is activated, you can now enjoy more entertainment programs that are available on NATGEOTV.

natgeotv com activate apple tv

natgeotv com activate apple tv

Can I see those entire programs released before Apple TV launched with

Yes! You can see the entire programs that are available on National Geographic. Some of the NATGEOTV programs are in demand which you should watch before they become outdated. Nat Geo TV shows are The ’90s: The Last Great Decade, Genius (American TV series), Life Below Zero, Race to the Center of the Earth, Air Crash Investigation, Wicked Tuna, Brain Games, Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted, Airport Security: Colombia, Banged Up Abroad, Mars (American TV series), Running Wild With Bear Grylls, Barkskins, Doomsday Preppers, National Geographic Explorer, Drain the Oceans, Drugs, Inc., The Hot Zone, In The Womb, Ultimate Factories, Inside Combat Rescue, Inside 9/11, One Strange Rock, Hostile Planet, Snakes in the City, The Story of God With Morgan Freeman, Year Million, Evacuate Earth, The Long Road Home and The Dog Whisperer.

How to watch Nat Geo Tv live and demand without Apple TV+?

If you don’t have an Apple TV subscription, but you still wish to watch National Geographic TV programs on an Apple device, you have to download the netgeotv app on iPhone, iPad, and MacOS PC. There are third-party sources available but do not go with them because they can cause harm to your device or take to you some unknown path where you get consequences with the malware and adware-type of Trojan.

For better service and safe streaming, go with the following:

natgeotv com activate apple tv

natgeotv com activate apple tv

How To Download And Install Nat Geo TV On Apple Device

NatGeo TV App Features:

  • Discover curated collections that will help you find new episodes and innovative documentaries.
  • Register with your TV provider, and you can access episodes, specials, or live TV. For more details, contact our support team anytime at [email protected]
  • Register with your TV provider and watch your favourite shows via live streaming.
  • Create a free account and enhance your viewing experience. You will receive a customized home screen based upon your viewing habits, save your favourite shows, and much more.

Note: Please be aware that this app may contain or support advertising. Some of these advertisements may be targeted to your interests by the Walt Disney Family of Companies. You can choose to limit targeted advertising in your platform settings.

Step#1. On your Apple device AppStore, tap on the search bar and type “Nat Geo TV: Live & Demand”.

Step#2. With the relevant search result, tap on the netgeotv to open the app page.

Step#3. Tap/click on the “Install” button to download and install the app into your iOS device.

Step#4. Once the app is installed, and you see the confirmation that the NatGeoTV app icon appears on the device, tap on it to launch the app on your smart Apple device.

Enjoy trendy and live programs on nat geo tv, make sure that your internet connection is strong and fast to get the nonstop streaming.

Related Information:

  • Updated: 22 June 2021
  • Size: 649.4 MB
  • Current Version: 10.14.0
  • Requires iOS: 11.0 or above
  • Compatibility: iPhone, iPhone, iPod touch, Apple TV (12.0 or later)
  • Price: free tv apps

Download Now

You can also use the download now link in case you didn’t get the actual netgeotv live and on demand app on AppStore search. Click or tap the link while open it on iPhone/iPad/iPod/MacOS PC.


Now you know how to activate natgeotv on Apple TV, and also you can download netgeotv live and on-demand app on iPhone, iPad and MacOS PC. Natgeo provides much content that you can watch with your family, especially with children. It does provide not only entertainment but also education knowledge of nature and environment of the world. We hope that now you can watch nonstop NatGeo tv anytime, anywhere using natgeotv com activate apple tv or natgeotv iOS app. If you want to know more about the topic, use the comment section to send question details.

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