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Best Time Kill Games You Need To Know In 2021




time kill games

If you are a game lover, then you have once experience the time kill games. Who does ignore it? Like the PC specs and dedicated console hardware, all you need to play these games is updated and does not require an internet connection, such as offline games like Time kill. During travel, the main focus is to save battery and mobile data which is important, and games that run with the internet can suck most of the internet mobile data and device battery.

Time kill games are designed for different platforms such as Android, online browser, Apple and Windows. If you know some other platform, then you can suggest us in the comment box. Meanwhile, you can go with the best time to kill games on your supportive platform. Some of these kill games are free and sometimes fermium for both Android and iOS platforms.

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time kill games

time kill games

For Android – Time Kill Games

1#. 0h h1:

0h h1 is a great way to improve your critical thinking skills. This “little logic” game is similar to Sudoku, except for filling grids with red or blue tiles. There are many grid sizes available. They range from 4×4 up to 12×12. There are many puzzles available, from 4×4 to 12×12. The game is completely free, and there are no in-app purchases or unlockable features. It’s very simple to learn and can be played when you have a fun way to pass the time.

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2#. Jetpack Joyride: fun games to kill time

Jetpack Joyride lets you play the role of Barry Steakfries and take to the skies in a cool jetpack. It will help if you avoid obstacles such as missile launchers or giant mechanical dragons. Jetpack Joyride is an older game, but the latest versions have received high ratings. Enjoy the entertainment of over 500 million people who have downloaded it (including ourselves).

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3#. Sandwich:

Sandwich! The game tests your ability to combine bread, lettuce and tomato with onion and salmon. Every sandwich you create will be yours to “eat”. Although it’s virtual, you might not want to play it when you’re hungry. You’ll be creating culinary masterpieces for hours with over 250 levels. If you play the game often, you may need to pay to have them removed. Although the game comes with no ads, they can be a little intrusive.

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4#. Doug dug:

Doug dug is one o the best games to kill time on this list. Doug, the dwarf, must navigate through many caves and tunnels to find hidden treasure. As you progress, you will have to defeat formidable monsters and avoid many pitfalls (and pitfalls). This nostalgic-heavy game will keep you so engaged that you’ll wish you could make Doug richer.

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5#. Project Highrise:

Project Highrise has the potential to overthrow the Burj Khalifa, which is the most valuable piece of real property on the planet. You can build a luxurious skyscraper with restaurants, homes, shops, and many other amenities. You can play in the Sandbox mode or select from various scenarios to see how you can keep the residents and city government happy.

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6#. Mekorama:

Mekorama is a puzzle-based and challenging game that will challenge you. The gameplay requires you to guide the robot to the right destination. Your strategic mind is your best friend. The game features beautiful graphics and soothing music that will make you feel relaxed and love.

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7#. Stick Hero:

Stick hero is another great time-pass game. It looks simple, but it isn’t easy. It’s a great game for those who love challenges. It’s very easy to play the game. You need to cross the platform and make a stick. However, it’s not an easy task. The most difficult part of stick hero is crossing the gap. The game features a small character and a beautiful interface that encourages you to play more.

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8#. Push’em all

As the name implies, you must kick all enemies with your stick. It’s simple. A crowd of enemies rushes to you to kick out. Before they do, you should kick them out with your long stick, in bulk and clear level. It can be difficult to kick enemies out, but there are some strategies that you can use to throw them from buildings.

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9#. Smash Hit:

Smash Hit is the most well-known glass breaking game. You have to smash glasses through iron balls in order to get there. If you’re not able to break glass, it will be. What makes this game so popular is the glass breaking sound and difficult levels. These will keep you engaged until you are unable to break glass or wall. The game is fun and should be on your list of time-killers.

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10#. Chain Reaction:

The chain reaction is a game you can play with 8 of your friends. Each player must make a chain to kick other small balls out of reaction. The winner will be the player who makes the longest chain. You don’t need internet access to play offline games. You can also play with a computer to pass the time if you’re single.

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11#. Worm Zone:

It would help if you won the battle to reach the top. If you collide with another worm, you will lose. Growing worms to their largest size are the best way to lose. You can also use tactics to defeat an opponent worm.

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For iOS– Time Kill Games

1#. Plague Inc:

Plague is an easy game that can be played for hours. It’s simple. Create a deadly disease and name it anything you want. Then use it to wipe the planet. The good scientists working together to find a cure for any dreadful illness you create are your enemies. You lose if they succeed before you infect everyone. Although the game has been around for ten years, it is still relevant today. This game’s appeal lies in the excitement of trying to outwit other brilliant minds that want to eradicate your illness and evolve your disease to stay one step ahead. Once you have mastered the basics of each disease type, there are many more variants that can be unlocked. Each variant has its strengths and weaknesses.

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2#. Mini Metro:

A seasoned traveller couldn’t believe they could do a better job after yet another delayed and crowded ride in public transit. How do you design a subway system? The Mini Metro, nominated by the BAFTA, offers you this opportunity. The game’s simplicity hides a challenging, sometimes frantic challenge as you try to meet growing demands from a city’s ridership. There are no two maps the same, which adds to the replay value. You can continue playing in Endless mode, even if a station becomes too crowded. Each city has its challenges, which may require many games.

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3#. Triple Town:

This puzzler challenges you to build the largest possible “city” by matching three objects to make larger items. Some many enemies and obstacles will make your life difficult. It’ll be hard to stay focused as you try to build a beautiful metropolis. Triple Town doesn’t drain your battery. It’s easy to lose yourself in the game and still have enough juice to get you to your destination.

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4#. Crossy Road:

Crossy Road can be summarized as follows: your goal is to safely guide your character across the road while avoiding other cars, bodies, and obstacles. It is all it takes to make Crossy Road a hit. The addictive gameplay and colourful graphics made it a very popular game. Over 200 million people have downloaded Crossy Road. It and its variations are among the most popular apps on Android and iOS.

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5#. Game Dev Tycoon:

Game Dev Tycoon is a business simulation that places you in the shoes of a small-time developer who enters the 1980s videogame industry. From takeoff to landing, the drama and suspense of witnessing the rise (or fall!) of a gaming empire will be captivating. You’ll enjoy a pleasant ad-free experience for the price of a cup of coffee from a well-known coffee shop. Game Dev Tycoon is the best time-wasting game on Android and iOS platforms.

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Time Kill Games are designed to change the mood and create fun games to kill time. There are best browser games to kill time rather than Android and iOS platforms where you can play online through the web browser. These games also come in the categories of time kill games. We hope that you like the way to kill time by playing interesting games on your Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod) device. Want to ask any question or suggest any games related to the topic, use the comment box to share your questions or suggestion.


The Northman: Newest Viking movie, Where to watch




The Northman

Now we are back again with another piece of news; today’s news is about the Viking epic movie “The Northman.” This movie comes with something unexpected; check our review on the upcoming film The Northman.


These are only a few of the main themes in “The Northman,” the Shakespearean Viking epic of Robert Eggers’ “The Northman.” Director of the fantastic and bizarre “The VVitch” and the incredible and even more mysterious “The Lighthouse,” Eggers returns with almost tenfold the budget and ten times the ambition.


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These numbers are apparent from the Hamlet-inspired film’s emotional and visual spectacle.


The Northman follows Prince Amleth (Alexander Skarsgard), whose father (Ethan Hawke) was the son of a Viking King (a Viking, if you would), and is killed through his father, Fjolnir (Claes Bang).

Fjolnir can kidnap Amleth’s mom (Nicole Kidman) and then forces Amleth to leave, beginning the young prince’s journey to revenge.

His ethos is simple, as the reverse of T-shirts given to the audience at the beginning of the screening”I will take revenge on you father; I will help your mother, and I will take you down, Fjolnir.


The film is 2 hours and 20 minutes of pure emotion. Eggers can create a mood of the past that’s so alien that the characters seem inhumane They chant and howl, wolf-like, about a fire pit they saunter on their fours to ensure that the prince is considered suitable to succeed his father.

A seer is waiting in the Icelandic cave, with the skull of a dead jester on his shoulder as he lets the dead speak to him.

It’s an experience that’s unique and intense and savage, without any punches thrown.


The action sequences are akin to the intensity and ferocity of the characters, possibly even exceeding the power of the characters and themes.

Amleth, who has strayed from his revenge plan, is still brimming with anger. He is brutal and devoid of compassion for the people who cross his route.

He can snag a spear that has been thrown at him and returns death to the sender. He makes symbols from the dismembered limbs and bones of his adversaries.

The entire scene is incredibly savage.


Skarsgard is one of the great actors from his clan (his brothers: Pennywise; father: an obnoxious guy in “Dune”), delivering precisely what the film expects from him.

He’s always in a state of tension, ready to take on any person in his way. Like hunting for prey, his walk appears to have a plan against the air around him and the dirt beneath.

The fact that the 6’4″ Swedish hunk went on an intense workout regimen to achieve high-performance males probably made his appearance awe-inspiringly terrifying.

He was in a twirl to the point that his usual persona didn’t already make me feel inferior.


The cast impressively pulls their weight, too, including A-list actors like Hawke, Kidman, Willem Dafoe, and Anya Taylor-Joy putting on the most impressive Vikings.

Every one of them is incredibly unrelatable and distinct, adding to the mythical atmosphere in which it is easy to tell when something isn’t quite right.

The spooky atmosphere is enhanced by the particular moments during the performances, like when Taylor-Joy’s Olga can enchant the wind to fill the rows of a rowboat or when Dafoe wears an imposing smile, ready to check the young prince’s sanity.


Eggers manipulates time and space to create this eerie, strange sensation throughout the film. For instance, he shows a long and laborious fight scene but then reveals that it was not happening physically, and has an unsettling, spooky seeress (Bjork) appear out of thin in the air, and make a scene that reminds Amleth of the road to revenge he’s embarking on.

The music, direction, and acting all go together to cause you to wonder “Wtf?” (in a positive way) in every scene.


The one thing I felt the movie did need was more time. I truly appreciated the movie and expected Eggers’s unique sexiness; that made the film so memorable.

However, the times it decided to make was … strange. Sometimes, though not atypical, the movie was more a typical Viking story than one of the Eggers’ films, and at some times, it’s utterly insane in a manner one would not get from Hollywood.

I wasn’t impressed by the switch between the two styles because the quick switches seemed to distract me from an experience that could’ve been an engaging film.

The Northman

The Northman

The Northman Official Site – Focus Features


Another thing that did not impress me was the dialogue. To make me make the viewer feel different and alien, it uses old-fashioned theatrical English as an if it were Shakespeare’s original. In contrast to other ways of making the movie appear foreign, the way that the characters spoke did not enhance the experience. However, it did take me out at times.


I’ll admit that this is an isolated nitpick, however. To make up for it, I’ll discuss my favorite aspect of the film cinematography. The film is, for lack of a better term, stunning. It’s vibrant and captivating during the day, and the most beautiful gray in the evening, illuminated with the flickering flames of torchlights of the soldiers.

The setting of the film and the filming location is the incredibly diverse Iceland, in which the tranquil green fields of Fjolnir’s farm stand out in stark contrast to the volcanic lava river, where the showdown occurs. The violence is also captured so that you can admire the beauty of blood and death. It makes you shiver and smile at the same time.


“The Northman” is the most shocking and brutal film I’ve ever seen. It’s intense, beautiful, and exciting. Everyone did their best in a nearly perfect movie. Well, “almost perfect” is nothing short of an accomplishment for Eggers and everyone involved.

Making a Viking film feel unique and distinct from other attempts isn’t easy, but they certainly did it.


Where To Watch “The Northman” Newest Viking Movie

It is the Newest Viking movie is not what you’d expect it to be. Watch The Northmen At Home


The Northman Netflix:


THE NORTHMAN – Official Trailer 2 – Only in Theaters April 22


Want to know more about The Northman Release date, Director, Adapted from, Box office, Music by, Distributed by and more then visit Wikipedia The Northman official page.


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Walker Scobell is now in percy jackson disney plus cast




Walker Scobell

We are back again with another piece of news; today’s news is about the entertainment where Disney has found its Percy Jackson. He is the Adam from the recently released Netflix movie The Adam’s Project Walker Scobell.

Walker Scobell is on a character streak that’s called a titular. He first appeared as Adam in The Adam Project (technically one of two Adams together with Ryan Reynolds). In the present, he’s Percy on Percy Jackson and the Olympians, a Disney+ adaptation of Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

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The original author of the series Rick Riordan announced the casting on his website:

I had the privilege of delivering the information that I had been able to inform Walker directly via Zoom in January. 28 to announce that he had been selected to play the role.

He wrote:

It was a wonderful moment that caused me to feel for my first “Okay,” this is real.

It’s well worth the wait and hard work. This project is sure to be incredible.

Riordan stated:

The Percy Jackson crew is still reading chemistry books in anticipation of Annabeth and Grover, and it is so strong that you could slice it with the blade of a Celestial steel sword.

Riordan has been more significant in the current adaptation of Percy Jackson than in the 2010 film adaptation. The film should be banned from the whole thing.

The tweets of Riordan in 2020 read:

Two hours of blank screens. We’ll fix it shortly, and it appears that the time for fixing it has become much earlier.

Check Out Walker Scobell As Percy Jackson Disney+ Video Review

Want to know more about Walker Scobell then visit Wikipedia Walker Scobell official page.

You can follow Walker Scobell on Instagram


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The post credits scenes of Morbius Explained





We are back with a new update; this news is related to the Marvel film Morbius. Please look at a post-credits scene from the movie to learn more about it.

Since Marvel Studios began the tradition of incorporating extra scenes into or after the credits of its films-beginning with the now-famous character of Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury at the end of Iron Man-such, content is seen as mandatory. In Morbius, the extended version of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, an uninitiated variant of the MCU, has reached the lowest point with the two extra scenes, which are absurd, useless, ineffective and the result of poor, unplanned decisions. These are genuinely hilarious.


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We want to clarify that these scenes, like the rest of horrible, dull, and inept Morbius, do not originate from the production from Marvel Studios nor its brain trust that Kevin Feige and his team lead. However, the character created to be part of one of the Sony films produced by Marvel Studios has produced-2017’s Spider-Man Homecoming, is featured here.

It’s all because of the multiverse concept that Marvel Studios began introducing in first the Loki TV series and in the year before’s Spider-Man: No Way Home. It’s also a notion that certain factions within the Sony camp are using a bizarre strategy to entice people to view their films by linking the movie feasible with the MCU. It’s possible to argue that it’s all Marvel Studios’ fault in the sense of (sorry, Kevin).

In Morbius, the character Morbius, Dr Michael Morbius (Jared Leto), is trying out an anti-virus made from vampire bat DNA to treat a rare blood disorder. Instead, the serum gives him increased strength, endurance, speed, and the need for drinking human blood, which is difficult for him to manage.

When his former friend and wealthy patron Milo (Matt Smith) suffers from similar disorders, also takes the same serum, he permits himself to turn into a complete monster. Morbius fights Milo in the streetlights of New York City and eventually ends up killing him The film, which was heavily edited, closed abruptly at this moment, and the credits rolled.

Post-Credits Scenes:

The two scenes that are part of the end credits in Morbius are played like two parts in the sequence. However, they are separated, it seems, to ensure that audience members remain in their seats.

We witness the sky over New York City crack open with the familiar purple light in the opening scene, indicating a break in the universes’ realm. Most likely, this is the same interdimensional convergence that occurred in the final scene of Spider-Man the Movie: There’s No Way Home. It takes place in a prison where Adrian Toomes, a.k.a. The Vulture (Michael Keaton), appears suddenly, and the actor is dressed in prison clothes.

The idea is that Toomes mysteriously was taken away from his cell to an alternate universe, perhaps the MCU universe in which he was jailed in the final scene of Spider-Man Homecoming, and was transported to this location. “Hope the food will be more nutritious,” he murmurs. A newscast announces Toomes is believed to be released because, in this universe, Toomes has not been accused of any crime.

In the second in third scenes, we witness Morbius taking off to the desert (obviously, there’s no longer New York City) and then arriving at the deserted area, where he gets out and sits down. In the sky, suddenly is Toomes dressed in complete Vulture attire (or at the very least a CG representation of the character as Keaton’s visage is never shown in the same way). The Vulture states some kind of message that he’s not sure what brought him there but believes it’s related to Spider-Man.

Toomes later states that he believes the two of them Morbius might want to collaborate to “do something great things”, in which Morbius says, “Intriguing.” And the end of it, the conversation fades away.

We don’t know if Spider-Man (in the shape of Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield or a different character will be in these films. We don’t know for sure whether Holland is returning to the MCU. We do know we know that the Sony Spider-Man Universe as currently built must come to an end. The mid-credits insults at our intellect are undisputed evidence.

To know more about Morbius Release date, Director, Budget, Music by, Distributed by and more then visit Wikipedia Morbius official page.

Morbius is available at your nearest Cinema/Theatres, go and watch then comment on our above research.

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