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The best slot games that you should play in your spare time




The need to play games in free time is always a top priority for players besides traveling, shopping or cooking. Because this is a form of entertainment that helps players get the most relaxing and refreshing moments. Not only that, today’s games are no longer just simple win-lose games, but it is also a place for players to earn extra income through their victories, prominent among them are slot games. Slot games appeared in any casino in USA decades ago and quickly spread globally. This game is loved by players of all classes and ages because of its simple rules but huge prizes. Therefore, in their spare time, players tend to choose slot games to get rid of the stress of work and daily life, besides being able to collect great prizes. Here are the slot games that you should experience when you have free time with relatives and family.

Mega Joker

Mega Joker is not a newly launched slot game and even less a game with as many modern features as those offered in the last few years. But it is the slot game with the most players at reputable bookmakers. This game is a product created by the software provider NetEnt, perhaps this is also the reason that Mega Joker is trusted by players to experience so much. This game has 5 paylines and if the player wins, they have the opportunity to multiply the prize value up to 2000 times. Imagine you put in 20 dollars to bet and get 40000 dollars, that’s an impressive number, isn’t it? In terms of payout ratio, Mega Joker is currently at number 1 with 99%, this number makes the number of people participating in this game increase every day. However, a minus point about this game is that it does not have free spins.

Blood Suckers

Continuing to be a unique slot game of the famous provider NetEnt, right from the title of this game is enough to make players feel curious and interested. NetEnt is well-known as a creative provider with extremely diverse game content, Blood Suckers is also one of them. The game is set in a vampire setting with creepy colors and sounds. The symbols in this game are also very scary like vampires, garlic, ax, witch, or the bible. The bride symbol that the vampire will be the symbol creates free spins for the player. This game has 25 paylines and, importantly, a very high RTP, up to 98%, which makes it never lose its appeal to players.



Starburst has never been absent from the top of the best slot games for online players, this game does not have attractive characters and content like other slot games. The icon in Starburst is also quite simple, but the color scheme is quite sophisticated and eye-catching. Perhaps it is because of that simplicity that Starburst attracts a large number of players. Not only that, with a payout ratio of up to 98.5%, it is considered one of the most powerful slot games and owns the biggest prize system. Nowadays, almost every slot game lover’s mobile devices have this game, enough to see how huge its popularity is.

Those are three of the many exciting slot games that you can choose to turn your spare moments into relaxing, comfortable, and memorable moments.

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CanaBoyz: Developed And Grow Digital Canabis Game, Earn Rewards





Canaboyz is an online virtual game where user can develop and grow their business with digital cannabis farm by building Coffee Shops. Player in Canaboys earns rewards through Grow2Earn ecosystem, and also connects with the Mint and NFT Yielding Features.

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Why go with we suggest the CanaBoyz link?

Many websites share your information about CanaBoyz, but sometimes they share login or register and app links from third-party sources. Such third-party login access is not a good idea to log in with your details. So it is better to go with the official direct link we share on this page.

A brief intro about Canaboyz: Canaboyz is a paid virtual game platform where user had to register by paid system. It will create your personal under your name account where you get your own character with a plant seed. Here in this game you have to be online so you can take care of your plant and get the plant grow healthy and more grooming. In this way you can sell the plant in a Canaboyz virtual market and earn more rewards. If you play with serious mind there is a chance that you can get back the money you spend during registration.

Is Canaboyz is legal or not?

There is no such comment or complain on internet or by any government that says Canaboyz is illegal. So until then it is legal but when it comes under terms illegal statement then you can consider it as illegal.

It is secure to play game by using real money online transaction in CanaBoyz?

There is always a threat in online payment when it comes to non secure or new source place to pay through your personal wallet transaction. So it is up to you that you wish to play game by paying through QR code or wallet options. You can also leave the game idea to play as you do not trust the payment method.

How To Play CanaBoyz Game

Step#1. Open Canaboyz virtual gameplay URL into web browser.

Step#2. Click “Connect” button

Step#3. QR Code appears on screen. You can scan to pay or go with the preferred wallet options by click tab on “Desktop” option.

Step#4. Once payment is done then it will take you to your virtual identity place where you can choose character and get the plant seed which you have to grow with care in virtual Canaboyz game.

How To Connect CanaBoyz With SmartPhone And Earn Money Instantly

CanaBoyz game adheres to current WEB 3.0 specifications. CanaBoyz is playable on a smartphone. You only need to connect your wallet if it supports WEB 3.0. Enjoy the game while earning money wherever you are.

How Does CanaBoyz Game Works? How Can I Increase Growth?

Every player can generate passive income while playing CanaBoyz. Players eventually build up their plantations by purchasing one or more NFT seeds, which generate cryptocurrency income.

In order to increase growth rates and yield results and, consequently, overall business profitability, various artifacts are used. Players can also manage their own coffee shops to make more money.

Purchasing characters enables users to band together and take on rivals who are vying for the same market share. The player in CanaBoyz is awaiting tournaments, syndicates, battles, and endless competition for the highest profits in this challenging industry!

Canaboyz Twitter

Canaboyz Instagram

Canaboyz Facebook


Now you know how you can play virtual game in Canaboyz. We discussed all the information related to the topic, and it is only the virtual game-related information knowledge, which does not mean that we support any organization or company. We are here to provide you with an update on what is happening in the online world. We hope that the above information is helpful.

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How To Jabula Login, Register @ Account Access Portal




jabula bets login

Jabula Login is an online secure South Africa bets portal. It allows users to get all the information and make bets related to Jabula bets.

If you are also interested in betting, you can use the Jabula bets login and registration guide. All the official information about the Jabula is available on the website.

Update: Please be aware that the Financial Intelligence Centre Act applies to all bookmakers, totalisators, and casinos and that; as a result, they are all obligated by the rules and regulations of the Financial Intelligence Centre Act. It is because the law requires it of them.

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Why go with we suggest the Jabula Bets login link?

Many websites share your information about Jabula Bets, but sometimes they share login or register and app links from third-party sources. Such third-party login access is not a good idea to log in with your details. So it is better that you go with the official direct link we share on this page.

How To Login Jabula Bets Online Secure Portal

Step#1. Open Jabula Bets Login URL into a web browser.

Step#2. Click on the login button at the top right corner, and the login page popup on the screen.

Step#3. Enter “Email or Phone number” and “Password” in the provided field.

Step#4. Click the “Login” button.

How To Reset Jabula Bets Login Password

Step#1. On the login page, you will see the “Forgot Password?” link; click on it.

Step#2. Click “Mobile phone” or “Email address” to continue the process.

Step#3. Click the “Continue” button, and the system will send you a password reset link on your phone or email.

Follow the instruction to complete the process.

Once done, go to the Bets login page and enter a new password to access the account.

How To Register/SignUp Jabula Bets Login Online Account

Step#1. Open Jabula Bets Register URL into a web browser.

Step#2. Click on the signup page and enter your “Phone number” by selecting the country and Password in the provided field.

Step#3. Click the “NEXT” button and follow the instructions to complete the process.

Once you are done, go to the login page and enter your Jabula login details to get access to your Jabula account.


Now you know what Jabula Bets login is and how you can access the Jabula account. We discussed all the information related to the topic, and it is only the bets games-related informative knowledge, which does not mean that we support any organization or company. We are here to provide you with an update on what is happening in the online world. We hope that the above information is helpful.

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Best Android OS 12 Game You Can Play In 2022




Android OS 12 Games

As we know that Android update has been released and more of Android users are switch to Android OS 12. So today we bring the best Android OS 12 games that run the next level of Android technology.

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But before we go with the Android OS 12 Game list, you show know that Do you know that Android 12 OS have a secret game? If not the here what you need to do on your Android 12 OS device. This might catch your interest towards Android OS 12 game update.

Access the about phone section by launching the Settings app and scrolling down to it. Then, select Android version and wait for the next screen to load the time. For Android 12, the Easter egg will appear on the screen when you move both clock hands to the 12:00 position.

Before we go with the Android OS 12 game list you need to know about enable game dashboard on Android OS 12 game settings.

How To Enable Game Dashboard on Android OS 12 Game Settings

Step#1. Open Settings.

Step#2. Select Apps.

Step#3. Scroll down and select Game settings.

Step#4. Tap Game Dashboard to enable it.

In this way you can enable game dashboard on Android OS 12 game.

List Of Best Android OS 12 Games In 2022

1#. Apex Legends Mobile

It was inevitable that Electronic Arts would port Apex Legends to mobile, as nearly every other AAA shooter has already done so or is in the process of doing so. Since it was rebuilt from the ground up for mobile, there will be no cross-play with the console or PC versions. But you can still compete with iOS buddies in multiplayer matches.

Download Now

2#. Alto’s Adventure

While there are a number of quality auto-runners and endless-runners available on the Play Store, Alto’s Adventure stands out as a standout among its peers. Even though there’s a sequel, nothing can compare to the original. In terms of setup, this couldn’t be easier. Ride your snowboard as far as you can while meeting challenges. In order to acquire new riders, you must complete objectives and then spend the resulting currency on doing so. As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock more riders, some of which have improved control and speed. This will lead to a steady increase in the amount of currency you have at your disposal.

Download Now

3#. Slime Labs 2

In the mobile gaming industry, Neutronized stands itself as a reliable studio that has released notable titles like Lost Yetti and Little Fin for Android. Slime Labs, a cute physics-based platformer, was our favorite release from the developer. Now that a sequel is ready, we use it as our go-to puzzle plat former on Android.

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4#. Call of Duty: Mobile

There can be no “best of” Android game list without including at least one free-to-play shooter. Given that Fortnite is no longer accessible via the Play Store, it seems fitting to include Call of Duty instead. Although PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is still doing well, Call of Duty: Mobile is clearly the most popular of the mobile games. This version is more recent because, well, it’s Call of Duty. For those with a sentimental hankering, there are classic maps available, and for everyone else, there’s a battle royale option that plays much like every other battle royale.

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5#. Dead Cells

Dead Cells is frequently mentioned as an example of a roguelike Metroidvania, and with good reason: it is a seminal work in the genre. The controls are responsive and precise thanks to the addition of gamepad compatibility, and even the touch controls are adequate for completing the opening phases. Nonetheless, you’ll find that even if death is inevitable, you’ll make steady progress as you acquire new weaponry in the course of your runs despite the difficulty of the game.

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6#. Pokémon UNITE

League of Legends: Wild Rift is an MMORPG for serious gamers. But if you want to test the waters of the genre or need something a little less complex, Pokémon UNITE is one of the few easily approachable multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs). Even if you don’t like Pokémon or games made for kids, you can still have a good time with Pokémon UNITE.

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7#. Thimbleweed Park

Point-and-click games are often the first thing that come to mind when people think of adventure games. Thimbleweed Park was added because it is one of the best modern point-and-click games, and Android has it. Since it was made by the same team responsible for Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion, you can rest assured that it will have the same feel as those classics. The last X-Files tune is the clincher.

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8#. Genshin Impact

Due to its gacha structure, the adventure game Genshin Impact is not for everyone. Even said, it cannot be denied that miHoYo Limited significantly improved the quality and variety of free-to-play mobile games. The visuals on this Zelda-esque journey are excellent. A year later, there are still barely any smartphone games that can compete. The narrative is surprisingly strong, and the game’s characters are well-developed and engaging.

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9#. Streets of Rage 4

The first game in the Streets of Rage series released on the Sega Genesis in the 1990s. Released over 30 years after the third game in the series, Streets of Rage 4 can be seen as a resurrection of sorts for the franchise. The Android version, in particular, is fantastic. One of the best brawlers published in recent memory, with a wide variety of playable characters both new and old along with outstanding visuals and soundtrack.

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10#. Dicey Dungeons

However, Terry Cavanagh’s quirky card game Dicey Dungeons is also a contender because to its engaging roguelike collecting card gameplay, often likened to Slay the Spire, as this is a solo experience built for pleasure rather than emptying wallets, unlike so many competitive card games. Best of all, since this is a premium release, you can use your purchase however you like.

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11#. Slay the Spire

What else can we say? Slay the Spire is a popular card game among fans. For good reason, you often hear that name brought up when asking for suggestions of Android games. This is a solitary experience, unlike other mobile card games, and it plays like a roguelike in that you construct a deck before embarking on a journey to see how far you can get. Many people have put hundreds of hours into this game. If you like making up theories, the possibilities are virtually unlimited.

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12#. GWENT: Rogue Mage

With the release of The Witcher 3, CD Projekt RED appears to have stumbled into the card game market courtesy of their mini-game Gwent. CD developed a separate title for competitive play after seeing how popular the game was among fans. CD realised that not everyone enjoys competitive play and hence developed Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, a single-player game based on Gwent.

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13#. GRID Autosport

When it comes to racing games on Android, GRID Autosport is among the very best. In addition to being a top-notch PC and console racing game, Feral Interactive has made the game accessible on mobile devices. The quality of the port is outstanding. The game’s touch controls are responsive, and it also works with traditional controllers. In addition, there is a lot to do, with the main story taking most people 33 or more hours to complete.

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14#. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Aspyr Media, a superb port firm, has nailed it with their mobile adaptation of BioWare’s iconic role-playing game Star Wars: KOTOR. Even if you don’t care about the Star Wars universe, this role-playing game is still one of the best RPGs ever developed.

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15#. This War of Mine

While there are many survival games available, few can match This Conflict of Mine’s dark, rich visuals and terrible plot set during a civil war. Your mission is to explore the globe in search of materials and other survivors so that you can strengthen your base. The challenge and reward lie in striking a good balance between meeting the demands of your camp and the needs of the survivors you’re caring for, in crafting, trading, and treating them, so that nothing goes wrong and everyone dies.

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16#. League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends: Wild Rift is the best massively multiplayer online battle arena if you want to take your competitive MOBA play to the next level. There are no microtransactions or pay-to-win elements in League of Legends: Wild Rift, making it a more appealing alternative to Pokémon GO. The game features 5v5 combat between human players. The shop solely sells cosmetics.

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You’ve stumbled onto some great Android OS 12 Games. One of the finest controllers for Android could be just what the doctor ordered if you need a more tactile gaming experience on the go. Enjoy the curated list and fresh additions till the next update.

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