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How To Login With MyUFV And Get Employee Benefits [Update]





The University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) is the most popular public university in Vancouver city of Canada that enrolls almost fifteen thousand students every year. To manage more than 15,000 students on a daily basis is not easy as eating grapes without pealing. For such tasks, they need a strong staff, and to manage those employees, UFV runs the MyUFV system.

MyUFV login is an online portal that allows ufv employees to manage and update their work status. Using ufv login access, an employee can view their information offers by My UFV. Such information is Payroll information, T4/Tax, Expense claim pay, benefits, and Parking pass application. If you are an employee of the University of the Fraser Valley and want an update about that beneficial information, then you need myufv login. For that, you need to follow the login steps to get access to the myufv login portal.

About My UFV

There is a growing presence of UFV campuses and locations in Mission, Abbotsford, Hope, Chilliwack, and Chandigarh (India). My UFV helps to learn the environment hand-on and offers variety, allowing students to know their capability in small class sizes. There are 100 plus programs available in myufv library, including master’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, more than 35 subjects in major minors & extended minors, graduation program, trades program, technology program and other treasure of education are hidden in myufv.

How To Login With MyUFV Employee Account

Step#1. Open my ufv ca URL into the new tab web browser.

Step#2. Once the page is loaded, you will be asking “Username” and “Password.” Enter your username and password to the provided field. For the information, your username is your 9 digit employee ID number.

Step#3. Click on the “Log In” button.

If you are an employee of UFV and your employee ID is valid, you can only log in to the portal. Once you have login successfully to your myufv account, you can get all the benefits information related to your job.

If you don’t know how to view it, follow step 4 to do the same in your login account.

To View MyUFV Update

Step#.4 After successful login, you are now into your myUFV account, here you will find “myUFV records services” located at the left side of your screen in “Home Tab.” Click the Home tab, then click myufv records services.

Step#5. In myufv records services, you will get “Employee Information” click on it.

Step#6. In Employee Information, you will get the “Employee tab” click on it, and you will get the update view information for “Pay Information,” “Expense Claim Payment,” “Tax Forms,” “Vacation Balance,” “Earning & Deduction History,” “Benefits” and “Parking Pass Application.”

How To View Information Into MyUFV Login

Follow the steps will help you to view your information details using your myufv portal. Ensure that you have followed the above steps until step#6 only then can you view the below information.

Pay Information:

In the Employee tab, you will see “Pay Stub” click on it, and you will get options years, select it and then click “Display,” you will get the information. You can also view your pay stub date-wise by click on “Paystub date,” and all the detail will be display on your screen.

Expense Claim Payment:

In the Employee tab, you need to select “Expense Claim Pay Stub” once the page loads, you will get the option “year” select the year you want, then click on “Display” to appear all information related to Expense Claim Pay Stub on your screen.

Tax Forms – How to print my tax slips using myufv login:

In the Employee tab, you need to click on “Tax Forms,” All the information related to it will display on your screen. If you want your tax slip, then

Step#1. In Tax Forms, select “Slips for Income Tax Return” you will down the arrow, click on it, and then select “year 20XX”. Now you have to select “T4 Statement of Remuneration Paid”.

Step#2. You have the update of your tax slip at your display, and you can print this slip by clicking the down arrow till the end of T4 Slip – 20XX UFV – full-time original issued …. And click “View T4” to check final print or “Print Friendly.” You will get a PDF format print file, and this printout you can submit to the Revenue Canada office in the future when you renew your Income Tax Return.

Vacation Balance:

You have to click on “Leave Balance” to view your vacation balance in the Employee tab.

Earning & Deduction History:

In the Employee tab, you need to click on “Pay Information” then “Earning History,” data will view on your display. You can also view this information date-wise by selecting “date range,” such as from March 10 till August 20, and then click on the “Display” button to view your screen.


In the Employee tab, you need to click on “benefit” from the option and then select “Health Spending Account (HSA), or you can go with DAT (Development & Training).” For more benefits and Compensation updates, click here.

How to Sign-up & Manage Benefits Using MyUFV ID

You can get the Dental and Health benefits extended by connecting with the HR department if you are a permanent contractor or employee.

Note: Member Certificate number and Plan Contract number are necessary for both first-time login or have logged in online before.

Step#1. First, you have to register by visiting Manulife plan member secure site and also contacted the Human Resources department for an advisor to get set up.

Step#2. Now follow the prompts and set up your account using your UFV email ID.

The above steps are for first-time logging users, and if you have logged before in online, you have to complete the login information to the provided field and then click on the sign-in button.

You can also sign in and manage your benefits using the smartphone app ufv Android and ufv iPhone.

MyUFV Android App – Manage your Manulife plan online

MyUFV login portal has made your life easier by managing and Signing up your employee benefits using Manulife Android mobile apk app. You can search “Manulife Mobile” from your Android Google Play Store or use the below download button to download and install this app into your phone.

  • Updated: March 10, 2021
  • Size: 8.7M
  • Current Version: 3.5.2
  • Requires Android: 6.0 and above version

Download Now

MyUFV Apple App – Manage your Manulife plan online

MyUFV login portal has made your life easier by managing and Signing up your employee benefits using Manulife Apple mobile app. You can search “Manulife Mobile” from your Apple Store or use the below download button to download and install this app into your phone.

  • Updated: in 2020
  • Size: 43.7 MB
  • Current Version: 3.5.2
  • Requires iPhone/iPod touch/iPad: iOS 11.0.0 or later.

Download Now

Parking Pass Application:

In the Employee tab, you need to click “Parking Pass Application.” You will see information appear on your screen, and you can learn more updates about employee E-permits.


Q1. How to get a PDF copy of my Manulife benefits card?

For the Manulife benefits card, you need to contact Pensions & Benefits officer.

Q2. How do I get my paycheque direct deposited to my banking account?

Cheque and deliver both come in Financial Services. Workforce and Staff can finish an Immediate Store Approval structure; append a customized “VOID”. Likewise, you can utilize this structure to pay into two diverse financial balances, direct store cost claims and change/drop accounts.

Q3. Where can I find the payroll cut-off date listing?

Your payroll cut-off date listing information is available in Payroll Schedule in the current year features, and you can get it only by login into your MyUFV account.

Q4. What are the amounts on my T4?

All the T4 amount information is updated in detail and explained on the Canada Revenue Agency’s online website. It also provides you information about each box contained.

Q5. How do I complete a TD1 form?

Continuously ensure you are finishing the current year TD1 or TD1BC structure. Complete the individual data mentioned at the highest point of the main page. Read all the information and fill in the information in the provided field to get the total Claim amount.

Contact us

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Toll-Free: 1-888-504-7441 / (Canada): 1-888-504-7441, ext. 4674

Email Address: [email protected] / [email protected]

P.O Box: 33844 King Road,Abbotsford, BC

Canada V2S 7M8

University of the Fraser Valley || © 2021

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How To Login sparshv2 pages home.aspx And Manage Account 2022





As you are here to get the sparshv2 login portal, you know about sparshv2/pages/home.aspx. Sparashv2 offers flexible work hours for their employees, and they have an established policy for working at home with family members and personal needs.

Sparashv2 is a content server and nine years old; as per the internet source, the host is located in Garden city, New York, USA. The employees must maintain average regular working hours of 9 hours 15 minutes per quarter. And for that, they have to go with the proper login channel where your login details can apply. So without wasting time, go with the following login link to get direct login access.

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How To Login Sparshv2/pages/home.aspx

There are different sparshv2 login portals through which you can easily access your sparshv2 login account.

Step#1. Open sparshv2 pages home login URL as you can see below into web browser.


Sparashv2 SPARS Portal

Sparashv2 SRF LOGIN

Corporate My Page Portal – sparshv2/pages/home.aspx

Member Login – SPARS Login Page

Sparashv2 Login Bank of Baroda, India’s International Bank

Birla White Login Form Sparashv2

Sparashv2 Infosys Search

UnoMinda: MINDA SPARSH – Connecting With People

Sparashv2 Splash Math Sign In

Sparsh v2 infosys

infosys sparsh portal –

Sign In – Infosys – Sparashv2

Infosys – Consulting IT Services Digital Transformation

Infosys Search Sparashv2

Can we access our Infosys emails id’s outside their systems… Sparashv2

Step#2. Enter your login details to get access to your Sparshv2 account. Some links are restricted to a specific country, so don’t worry; try to go with another link.

As you entered the correct login details, now you are into the sparshv2 system. from here, you can manage your access.


Now you know how to log in to sparshv2/pages/home.aspx and manage your Sparshv2 server system through an online portal. We hope that this information provides you helpful knowledge as we provide only for informative, not supportive. If you want to ask any questions related to the topic, share your questions in the comment box.

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How To Login Wipro Webmail OWA [Update]




wipro webmail owa

If you have come this far to get the Wipro webmail owa login portal, you know about this global leading IT, business and consulting process Services Company.

So without wasting time, let’s go with the Wipro webmail owa login portal. There are other Wipro webmail login sources where you can apply your login details to access the Wipro dot com system.

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About Wipro Webmail OWA:

Wipro Company is widely acclaimed for its broad range of services and strong dedication to sustainability and ethical corporate behavior. We have more than 220,000 dedicated employees that serve customers across six continents. 

Why is Wipro webmail OWA important for business?

If you connect your business mail with Wipro webmail, you can discover ideas and Join the dots to create the foundation for a more robust and bolder new future.

wipro webmail owa

wipro webmail owa

Login Wipro webmail @ Different Login Path

Step#1. Open the Wipro webmail owa URL into web browser. The links are given below with the path web source name and details. 

Wipro Gateway Login

Home Realm Discovery – Wipro

Wipro Webmail owa

Sign In To Your Account – Wipro Webmail Outlook 365 Login

Webmail Login – Wipro Mail Login

Wipro Webmail Login – Reader.Pk

Wipro Webmail OWA – AtoS


Webmail.Wipro.Com – Wipro | Website – IPAddress.Com

SSO Login For SupportCentral

MyCareer Wipro Login

Account Services Wipro Webmail owa

Webmail Login Wipro

McCloud App Wipro

Simple connect Login Wipro

Synergy Wipro Com Login

Step#2. Once the page load, enter your Wipro login details to the provided field.

Step#3. Follow the instruction and connect your business mail with Wipro webmail.


Now you get the entire Wipro webmail owa login portal where you can connect directly to your Wipro business mail. We hope that this information provides you helpful and if any question or query rose related to the topic, then share in the comment box.

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How To ApparelMagic Login And Manage System Requirements 2022 {Update}





If you have come this far to access ApparelMagic login, then it means that you are familiar with its term. But those with are first-time login users need to know before using such a tool that helps boost sales volume and help them manage their business with more intelligent stock control.

Many exciting features might not skip while you are getting updates about “what is ApparelMagic?” And everything you need to know about its sales channels, inventory tools, divisions etc. They say that it is one of the best Apparel software in the fashion industry. So without wasting time, let’s check all the information that can help you get login access.

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About ApparelMagic:

ApparelMagic has offered effective business solutions to clothing businesses from all over the world. It first came into existence in 1984. Since then, it has been connected to clients worldwide and has more than seventy years of experience. ApparelMagic is the market’s best option for apparel software, and its fashion ERP suite will help businesses grow exponentially, increase revenue and protect their earnings. You can also take orders with the ApparelMagic mobile new app for the iPhone. 



Features of ApparelMagic:

  • Products & Inventory
  • Sales & Ordering
  • B2B ecommerce
  • Line Sheets
  • Manufacturing & Production
  • Vendor Access
  • Logistics & fulfillment
  • Accounting & Reports
  • Mobile App
  • Real-time multi-channel inventory
  • Success is in the details
  • Raw Material Management
  • Smarter Style Costing
  • Apparel-savvy Bill of Materials

And More

How To Apparelmagic Login

If you are a first time user and don’t know how to get a login page, follow the steps.

Step#1. Open Apparel Magic Login URL into a web browser

Step#2. If the login button does not appear on the main page, you can contact using the details below. The system will send you an email with the login page link. 

Step#3. Click on the link and then enter your login details to get access.

How To Registered for ApparelMagic

Step#1. If you want to register your company and start a business with ApparelMagic, then you have to send an email or use the contact form to send a registration enquiry. 

Step#2. The system will respond and send you a link that allows you direct to the Apparelmagic sign-up/registration page.

Step#3. Open the page and enter all the information asked to complete the registration.

Step#4. Once successfully registering, you receive a confirmation email with the login access link.

Click on the link to open the login page and manage your system requirements.

What is the price of the Apparelmagic monthly plan?

The starting plan starts at $120 per month.

How can I view the apparel magic demo?

If you want to check the demo before buying a plan, you have to submit a request through the contact us page. The company system will send you a demo link. You can use this link ( to ask for a demo view. Don’t forget to tick the box that you agree to receive Apparelmagic emails.

How to delete purchase orders on apparel magic?

Some questions can only be answered with a proper video tutorial that helps to understand how it works. So read the question and click on the video tutorial related to Apparelmagic.

How To Use ApparelMagic

It is not challenging to use ApparelMagic as you already get the demo version where all the information is discussed. Utilize ApparelMagic’s capacity-planning tools to plan the dates of your orders for greater efficiency. Work orders and purchase orders are sent automatically to your vendors. Likewise, vendors can design shipments in ApparelMagic once they’re ready to ship.

Find out the ways ApparelMagic’s revolutionary tools will help manage your business with greater efficiency and speed than ever before. You’ll be able to keep a check on the timeframes for production if your brand and factories are working together within ApparelMagic. There is Vendor access where you can get the vendor portal to connect your supply chain.



How to contact apparel magic for any question or query?

There is a direct way to contact; you can use the email address “[email protected]” or contact through phone number “1-850-780-0450”.

For Reference: You can also check out how a fashion company, “NEVA NUDE”, is reaching the next level with Apparelmagic.


Now you know how much apparelmagic costs and everything you need to know about the topic. We hope that this information is helpful and if you want to ask any question related to the topic, use the comment box.

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