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How To Download Install And Use iPhantom App On Apple Device





If you have come so far as to download iPhantom on your iPhone/iPad device, then you should know about this app. For our new visitors who are not aware of this older Phantom cameras vision research wireless iOS control app, let’s discuss a brief intro before going with the download install and use process.

Phantom is a high-speed camera technology that provides high-speed video image. There are high ranges of Phantom cameras available in the market. The company updates the camera technology with the latest features and development that make Phantom a high standard. Herewith the Phantom Cameras and Apple device combination, the iOS app developer has developed the wireless iOS control app operated from iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch of vision research high-speed Phantom camera and is called “iphantom”.

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Note: This app was not developed by Vision Research and also maintained.

Features of iPhantom

  • This Apple app support and connected to all Phantom camera through iOS app
  • Users can control the playback feature through the app
  • The app also comes with the save to cineMag button feature included saving cineFlash.
  • The FPS setting to adjust the image can also be operated through this app.
  • If you want the shutter angle, then use the app to adjust
  • Partition, trigger, gain are the most useful feature that is included in this phantom control app.

And More

Which Phantom cameras are supported with this iOS app control?

The app says that it controls all Phantom cameras, but some of the Phantom models work and is controlled through the iPhantom app as per the testing.

Following are the Phantom cameras models which are tested and respond positive [“Flex4K” “VEO” “v2511” “Miro” “v10″ VEO4K” “v2512” “Flex2K” “v642”]. Suppose you are using any of the models and also have the Apple device. In that case, you can install the iPhantom iOS app on your iDevices to control and operate most of its camera features through the Apple device.

How To Download And Install iPhantom In iOS Device

You can install this app into iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch And enable the Phantom camera control features.

Step#1. While open this page on your iOS device, click on the Download Now button.

Step#2. It will take you to the install official page, tap on the “Install” button, and your smart device will do the rest.

Step#3. Once download and install are completed, tap on the iPhontom app icon to launch into your device.

Now the app is launch onto your iOS device, to use the device, you need to check the requirement list and follow how to use steps.

Related Information:

  • Size: 56.5 MB
  • Current Version: 2.401
  • Requires iOS: 12.0 or above
  • Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch
  • Developer: Joe Kocsis

Things Need To Connect Phantom Camera with iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch:

  • Any Phantom Camera by Vision Research (Go with the tested camera model which informs on this page)
  • Network cable/Ethernet cable to AKA Phantom camera
  • Wi-Fi router with a power source
  • iPhantom app version compatibility iOS device (Device should have wi-Fi technology inbuilt)


How To Use iPhantom App To Control Phantom Camera

After installing this app into your device,

Step#1. connect your Phantom Camera Ethernet port with iOS via a Wi-Fi router. It will provide the update function to your old Phantom Camera on your Apple device.

Step#2. Launch the app on your device, and now you can access all the functions you can see on your device iphantom apps such as Trigger, OSD, Record, Black Reference and other features on the Record page.

Step#3. Go to the Playback page, where you get the playback functionality to save clips or set in and out points.

Step#4. On the menu page, you can use the most common settings such as Shutter angle, FPS etc.

Step#5. To build the “Telnet Function,” you have to send Telnet commands from your iPhone or iPad.

Step#6. All the above functions can be operated through your Apple smart device, and because of it, you do not need to control Phantom cameras from a PC/Laptop.

Note: If you want more iPhantom functions to control your Phantom camera, you need to go with the app purchase to unlock it completely.


iPhantom is the game-changing technology in the Cinematography world. If you want complete control, you need to go with the app purchase to unlock all features. You can try the tested Phantom models to get a positive response. If you unable to connect your iOS device with the Phantom camera, then share the reason with details in the comment box; we will provide you with the solution as soon as possible. We hope that this information will help you get Phantom camera control on your Apple device with the support of the iOS app.


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Best Fast Poke Map Apps To Download On Android & iOS 2021 [Update]




fastpokemap app

FastPokeMap app allows you to find Pokémon’s that aren’t yet within your reach. FastPokeMap is a tool that will help you get more experience points, candy, stardust, and stardust if you play Pokémon Go. Tap on the Map to see what’s around you.

If you want to search for a specific type of Pokémon in a certain area with the FastPokeMap app, you can open the entire list and select the one you wish to see. You can expand your view to find the location of any Pokémon. The clock on the top of each Pokémon shows how long it will be active. The clock will stop counting down to zero, and the Pokémon will disappear from your maps.

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There are some drop points such as a short countdown timer, not all impress tracking aspect, some features may be pulled down and more things that are needed but unable to use. So this makes Pokémon fans go with other similar or alternative FastPokeMap app. These apps are selected from the official Playstore and AppStore so that you can catch them with safe tools.

You can also check go with Pokesniper APK Download, the best way to snipe Pokémon on Android in 2021 [Latest v.2.0.0]. It is not official source but very much popular among Pokémon fans.

Best Alternative & Similar FastPokeMap App Available For Android & iOS In 2021

1#. GOExplorer:

You can join GOExplorer to become part of a community of trainers eager to share sightings. It includes quests from PStops, Team GO Rocket’s invasions, and raids, as well as rare spawns. It is not necessary to use your PoGo account. Any account can be used, and any email address may be used. The login and the application are independent of Pok. It cannot access your trainer’s account, so it can’t cause an in-game ban.

Android: Download Now

iOS: Download Now

2#. Pokeprox:

You can organize raids in your local area or join those being organized. Participants will be able to interact with you, including indicating whether you plan to attend, if you are currently on the way, and other options. You can find your missing Pokemon, and you can offer them to the people interested in completing your collection. Keep an eye out for gyms around your area, and be ready to manage any changes.

Android: Download Now

iOS: Download Now

3#. Pokémaps:

Pokemaps display Pokémon’s in your locality! With enough people, everything is possible! Information based on an interactive map, Notifications, and many other features! All information is based upon the entire community.

Android: Download Now

4#. Poke Map Locator & Radar:

For Pokemon Go, find all Pokémon in your area (or at a specific target location). The Map will show nearby Pokemon and their appearance times.

iOS: Download Now

5#. Poke Go Maps for Pokémon Go:

Poke Go Maps are the best way to locate Poke Stops and Gyms and rare Pokémon within the Pokémon Go game. Our data is a mix of verified and user-submitted data. We aim to provide the best data possible and to help you improve your skills. You can find actual locations for poke stops and gyms. You will see an image of the actual location and information about what kind of location it is. It will also make it easy to find directions to the exact location.

iOS: Download Now

6#. GO Radar:

GO Radar, an assistant app for Pokémon GO tracks all Pokémon in real-time around the globe. This app will help you catch more Pokémon.

Android: Download Now

7#. Poke Genie:

Poke Genie, a reliable and easy-to-use tool that helps Pokémon Go trainers analyze hidden battle stats and organize their Pokémon collection, is safe and reliable. Join remote Raids with other trainers all over the globe! Select the Raid Boss, and Poke Genie will match you up with other trainers. Poke Genie will help. The Battle Simulator will select top counters from your Pokémon collection and match you with other trainers.

Android: Download Now

8#. WeCatch (Radar & Map):

WeCatch is a tool that’s powered by the Pokémon GO community (Pokémon GO lovers and fans). It is designed to allow people to connect and instantly share information via the app. Radar & Map has no affiliation or connection with Pokémon GO, the Pokémon brand, Niantic, Nintendo, or any other brand. Game fans created this app to help the community.

iOS: Download Now

9#. PokeRaid (Worldwide Remote Raids):

PokeRaid is the best place to join Worldwide Pokémon GO Raids. Since the announcement of Remote Raids, more than 1.000.000 Remote Raids were already hosted all over the globe. Use integrated translation services to communicate with trainers and break down language barriers. PokeRaid is the best remote raid community. You can rate trainers and maintain your high rating with an integrated rating system. You can also battle high-rated trainers.

Android: Download Now

iOS: Download Now

11#. PGO Feed:

PGO Feed allows you to find poke locations by following the feed. You can generate a list with poke locations by simply tapping the button.

Android: Download Now


GO Friend allows you to search for trainers interested in participating in Invitation Raid Battle. Fill in the information, such as Raid information or the number of recruits, and then click the Post button. Once you have found the raid, you wish to join, copy the friend code of the host trainer and send a friend request to the trainer.

iOS: Download Now


Now you can catch all your favorite Pokémon close to your area with fastpokemap app similar & alternatives on your Android and iOS device in 2021 update. Some of these apps might not work properly because of your device’s operating system update. For that, you can contact the app developer through the official comment section available on every app page on the Google play store and AppStore.

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What is Pushbullet And How Does Pushbullet Work [Update]





If you don’t know what is pushbullet And How does pushbullet works, you are at the right place. Here we will discuss all the points that cover the topic. We know after then, you will not need any tutorial for PushBullet.

Pushbullet is compatible with all devices. It makes it easy to share and chat with friends. It’s easy to transfer files and images between devices. You can also download files and open them directly from your notifications. You won’t miss a phone call or a message again when you work at your computer. Pushbullet allows you to view WhatsApp messages, text messages, and phone calls.

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How do I share and chat with friends

Using SmartPhone

Step#1. Tap the Friends tab to open a new conversation. You will be taken to the screen above.

Step#2. You can either type in a name or an email address to be suggested contacts. As you kind, we will assist you in finding people.

Step#3. Tap on someone to open a new conversation. The messages, files, and other information can be sent to the person.

Using Laptop/PC

Step#1. Click on Add a friend and then enter your friend’s email address or name.

Step#2. As you type, we will suggest people to you. Click on the person you like when you see them.

Step#3. All of our apps allow you to send files and type messages.

In which internet web browser Pushbullet extension is available?

Pushbullet extension is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. To install/add an extension into your web browser, you can click on the provided extension source, which will directly open into your web browser. From there, you can add or install the extension into your internet browser.

Google Chrome Web browser: Click Here

Mozilla Firefox Web Browser: Click Here

Safari Web Browser: Click Here

How do I send links with Pushbullet?

If you don’t know how to send a link with a pushbullet, you need to follow the steps to learn this process.

Step#1. Pushbullet is a browser extension that allows you to transfer links from your computer to your smartphone.

Once you have successfully installed the browser extension, then you can follow the further steps.

Step#2. To open our browser extension, click the icon in the toolbar.

Step#3. Once you have clicked the link, it will appear at the top of your left bar. The current link will be displayed in the message area.

Step#4. To choose which device you want to send the link to, use the To dropdown. You can see all the Pushbullet-enabled phones and computers in the To dropdown.

Step#5. Click the Send icon after selecting the device to which you wish to send it.

Step#6. The device to which you have sent the link will receive an instant notification. Clicking that information will take it directly to that link.

How do I send files with Pushbullet?

If you are unable to send files with pushbullet, then you need to follows these steps.

Step#1. Select the device or person you wish to send files to using the left-hand menu.

Step#2. Mark the files that you wish to send and drag them onto our website.

Step#3. The files will then be sent automatically. Click the X at the bottom of each message to cancel the transfer.

On PushBullet Windows App:

If you are using the Pushbullet windows app, then you need to follow these steps to send files with pushbullet using the windows app.

Step#1. Select the device or person you wish to send files to using the left-hand menu.

Step#2. Mark the files that you wish to send and drag them onto our Windows App.

Step#3. The files will then be sent automatically. Click the X at the bottom of each message to cancel the transfer.

On PushBullet Android App:

If you are using the Pushbullet Android app, you need to follow these steps to send files with the pushbullet using the Android app.

Step#1. Tap the paperclip icon at the bottom right. Next, choose to send a picture or file.

Step#2. Click on the file or image you wish to send and then tap the Send icon.

Suggest: If you want to download Pushbullet for Android Device then you can click on the below button, an official source from the Google Play Store

Download Now


On PushBullet iPhone App:

If you are using the Pushbullet iPhone app, you need to follow these steps to send files with pushbullet using the iPhone app.

Step#1. Tap the camera icon at the bottom left.

Step#2. Select the image you wish to send.

On PushBullet browser extensions:

If you are using Pushbullet browser extensions, you need to follow these steps to send files with pushbullet using browser extensions.

Step#1. Click on the extension’s icon in the toolbar, then click the pop-out icon at the top right. It will open the extension in its window.

Step#2. Select the device or person you wish to send files to using the left-hand menu.

Step#3. Mark the files that you wish to send from your computer and drag them into the window.

Step#4. The files will then be sent automatically. Click the X at the bottom of each message to cancel the transfer.


Now you get every information update about Pushbullet and how Pushbullet works on different platforms such as Android, Apple, etc. We hope that you get useful information related to the topic. If you think this information is not official and spreads any virus or threat like adware, share details in the comment box.

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How To Download And Use iOS EMU In 2021 [Update]




ios emu

Another third-party iOS app is released for the Apple user to download and install premium, tweaks & paid apps, tools, and games are available on the official AppStore. This app is called iOS EMU, which is similar to Hackz4ios, Game Guardian iOS, Mios Haimawan and Cydia apps alternative to AppStore.

In iOS EMU third-party app you can get most of the premium paid games like Pokesniper APK Download ( and installed into your iPhone and iPad. This app does not require any registration or subscription fee to install or operate. The user does not need to jailbreak the device to install this app on an Apple device. If you want to know how you can install and use this app on your iPhone/iPad then follow the instruction and read all the important information before you go with the installation process.

Do You Like To Read E-books, Stories, Novels, Magazines, Or Listen Audiobook Then Check Out The Websites Like Libgen.

How To Download iOS Emu App On Apple Device

Step#1. Open this page into your iPhone or iPad safari internet browser.

Step#2. Tap on the download buttons available on this page to configure the profile for iOS Emu.

Download Button 1

Download Button 2

Step#3. Another page pop-op on screen, tap “Allow” button to continue.

Step#4. Tap the “Install” button appears on the configuration page and the app will start to install.

ios emu

ios emu

Step#5. If any window pop-up on-screen during the install process, tap on the “Install” button and also input the device password for security is asking.

Step#6. When the installation is completed you will see a button “Done”, tap on it, and then go to your device home page you will see the iOS EMU app icon appears.

ios emu

ios emu

Step#7. Tap on the icon to launch the app store and install any app available on the iOS EMU app.

Want to know more about how you can use the iOS emus app then follow the below guide.

How To Use iOS EMU On iOS Device [Guide]

The developer has designed an iOS emu app with an easy UI that can help a new user to operate this app easily. So if you are a new user and want to know how you can use this app to fund your iOS tool, app, game, and more the follow the steps to learn.

Step#1. Once the iosemus download and is installed successfully into your iOS device then tap on it to launch on your device.

Step#2. Tap on the search bar at the bottom of the screen.

Step#3. Type the name of any iOS app or game which you wish to install into your device.

Step#4. In search result tap on the to open app page which you were searching

Step#5. Follow the instruction to install the app into your iOS device.

Step#6. Once done the app icon will appear on your device app room, check and tap on that installed app to launch.

Enjoy iOS free apps with the support of the iOS EMU app.

How To Download Best Emulators for iOS With iOS Emu [Guide]

ios emu

ios emu

If you are a game lover and you want to play more games that have never been installed into your iPhone or iPad device. And you want to experience the best games of Game Boy or Nintendo DS games on your iOS device then you can download the best emulators available on the iOS EMU app with free download.

To download you have to type name in the search bar after you launch iOS EMU app into your iDevice.

App page will open where you get the button to download and install the app into your iOS device, tap on it to complete the process.

Once the emulator is installed successfully you can open the app and add the rooms to launch games through this emulator.

Here are some of the best emulators’ suggestions you can install into your iPhone or iPad device.

GBA4iOS:  It is a Game Boy emulator use for Multi-platform and also superseded by Delta

Provenance: In this emulator, you get the Atari, Sony, and SEGA emulator systems which are known as Multi-platform.

Delta:  It is a Nintendo emulator which performs as a Multi-platform emulator.

PPSSPP: If you like to play PlayStation games then you can go with this portable emulator.

Happy Chick: This emulator has a built-in ROM library and it is one of the best multi-platform emulators. There is a drop bag of this emulator and that is lots of ads appear on this emulator.

iNDS: It is one of the best Nintendo DS emulators where you can play most of your Nintendos DS games on an Apple device.


iOSEmu offers some of the best unofficial games, emulators, and apps that you won’t find on the iOS app store. Apple has strict guidelines about what you can download to your device. This is why jailbreaking is so popular. Apps like iOSEmus, which are being developed to replace Cydia’s declining popularity, will be released to give us some of the apps we used to download from jailbreak. If you want to know more about the topic then share your question details in the comment box. It is a third-party app and free also which means that it might come with a risk of damaged device software or hackers trespassing into your Apple device. So be careful while you install such an app into your Smart iPhone or iPad device.

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