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How To Download Install And Use iPhantom App On Apple Device





If you have come so far as to download iPhantom on your iPhone/iPad device, then you should know about this app. For our new visitors who are not aware of this older Phantom cameras vision research wireless iOS control app, let’s discuss a brief intro before going with the download install and use process.

Phantom is a high-speed camera technology that provides high-speed video image. There are high ranges of Phantom cameras available in the market. The company updates the camera technology with the latest features and development that make Phantom a high standard. Herewith the Phantom Cameras and Apple device combination, the iOS app developer has developed the wireless iOS control app operated from iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch of vision research high-speed Phantom camera and is called “iphantom”.

Windows 10 Context Menu Updated – CRC SHA

Note: This app was not developed by Vision Research and also maintained.

Features of iPhantom

  • This Apple app support and connected to all Phantom camera through iOS app
  • Users can control the playback feature through the app
  • The app also comes with the save to cineMag button feature included saving cineFlash.
  • The FPS setting to adjust the image can also be operated through this app.
  • If you want the shutter angle, then use the app to adjust
  • Partition, trigger, gain are the most useful feature that is included in this phantom control app.

And More

Which Phantom cameras are supported with this iOS app control?

The app says that it controls all Phantom cameras, but some of the Phantom models work and is controlled through the iPhantom app as per the testing.

Following are the Phantom cameras models which are tested and respond positive [“Flex4K” “VEO” “v2511” “Miro” “v10″ VEO4K” “v2512” “Flex2K” “v642”]. Suppose you are using any of the models and also have the Apple device. In that case, you can install the iPhantom iOS app on your iDevices to control and operate most of its camera features through the Apple device.

How To Download And Install iPhantom In iOS Device

You can install this app into iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch And enable the Phantom camera control features.

Step#1. While open this page on your iOS device, click on the Download Now button.

Step#2. It will take you to the install official page, tap on the “Install” button, and your smart device will do the rest.

Step#3. Once download and install are completed, tap on the iPhontom app icon to launch into your device.

Now the app is launch onto your iOS device, to use the device, you need to check the requirement list and follow how to use steps.

Related Information:

  • Size: 56.5 MB
  • Current Version: 2.401
  • Requires iOS: 12.0 or above
  • Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch
  • Developer: Joe Kocsis

Things Need To Connect Phantom Camera with iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch:

  • Any Phantom Camera by Vision Research (Go with the tested camera model which informs on this page)
  • Network cable/Ethernet cable to AKA Phantom camera
  • Wi-Fi router with a power source
  • iPhantom app version compatibility iOS device (Device should have wi-Fi technology inbuilt)



How To Use iPhantom App To Control Phantom Camera

After installing this app into your device,

Step#1. connect your Phantom Camera Ethernet port with iOS via a Wi-Fi router. It will provide the update function to your old Phantom Camera on your Apple device.

Step#2. Launch the app on your device, and now you can access all the functions you can see on your device iphantom apps such as Trigger, OSD, Record, Black Reference and other features on the Record page.

Step#3. Go to the Playback page, where you get the playback functionality to save clips or set in and out points.

Step#4. On the menu page, you can use the most common settings such as Shutter angle, FPS etc.

Step#5. To build the “Telnet Function,” you have to send Telnet commands from your iPhone or iPad.

Step#6. All the above functions can be operated through your Apple smart device, and because of it, you do not need to control Phantom cameras from a PC/Laptop.

Note: If you want more iPhantom functions to control your Phantom camera, you need to go with the app purchase to unlock it completely.


iPhantom is the game-changing technology in the Cinematography world. If you want complete control, you need to go with the app purchase to unlock all features. You can try the tested Phantom models to get a positive response. If you unable to connect your iOS device with the Phantom camera, then share the reason with details in the comment box; we will provide you with the solution as soon as possible. We hope that this information will help you get Phantom camera control on your Apple device with the support of the iOS app.


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Best Games Like Huniepop Available in 2021 [Update]




games like huniepop

Games of any genre are standard on-demand for a limited period, but when the game is discounted, and fans are intended to search the galaxy for the similar/alternative/like to some specific game, that becomes a legend. The same happened with Games like HuniePop, which provide an excessive amount of gameplay satisfaction and fun that delivers the offering of all time.

Games Like Huniepop become so popular when it launched, and that franchise continues to fans with the excellent blend of simulation of the title Huniepop. The concept of this game was to interact with the boy as a girl or a boy to make an official catch-up in a game that leads the player to spend time together. This SIM’s type of concept was pretty cheesy when it releases to the world, but when a player is deep into it, you will be hooked into the world of Huniepop. The maker of this fantastic game has to provide regular updates and released as Huniepop 2 Double Date Soon. But if you want to check out more games like huniepop, you can follow from here and get the fantastic games that will take you to the next level.

For Apple Use Now You Can Download Game Guardian On Your iOS Device iGameGuardian

Best Way To Download Games Like Huniepop on Multiples Platform

If you are Windows, Mac, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Steam, Nintendo or other platform users and have officially subscribed, you can play such games as Huniepop on your selected platform. All you need is to go to your platform’s official login and search the game’s name in the search bar to get the relevant result. You can also choose from the list given below and ready the process to purchase or free download the game into your operating system or device.

There is a third-party source that all you to download games like Huniepop into your operated device but sometimes the link to download the game is share as fake and takes you to another source. These may hack your device or contain malware (, Adware type of virus. It is your choice that what path you choose to play games like huniepop free.

20+ Games Like Huniepop Play In 2021

There are many interesting Games like Huniepop that you can play on your windows, Android, iOS and other devices. Some of our suggestions that you can play in 2021 are as follows.

1#. Sakura MMO Extra – 2021 (WINDOWS)

Join Viola in this carefree yuri dream story set in the mystical domain of Asaph as she handles her most significant test yet: working at a servant bistro.

2#. Love Decision – 2021 (WINDOWS)

In a Love Decision game like Humiepop, you have to raise your kingdoms and fall. Everybody has their objectives.

3#. Cyber Crush 2069 – 2020 (WINDOWS)

As a ripper doc (self-announced), you have begun your new facility on the edge of Little China. With your cyberware fixing ability, will it assist you with dazzling the young lady?

4#. Adorable Crush – 2020 (WINDOWS)

It is 2030; people effectively make a VRMMO Reenactment game that players will play in an augmented simulation world by means of a great Headset. You, as a player, join this game, experience numerous young ladies and lure them.

5#. Moon Fall – 2021 (WINDOWS/ONE)

On the remnants of the city, in the remains of the congregation. I began my whole-world-destroying venture with the silver-haired young lady Xun. Staggering, brimming with moving and astonishing, towards an unsure future.

6#. Sakura Succubus 4 – 2021 (WINDOWS)

Sakura Succubus 4 is the fourth portion of the Sakura Succubus series. Join Hiroki and his group of concubines on a loosening excursion at the seashore, and partake in a pleasant story brimming with adorable young ladies!


By advancing the plot in the game, you will, bit by bit, develop sentiments and trust with female occupants and steadily foster a more profound and personal heartfelt connection; however, the emergency behind will likewise arise bit by bit.

8#. Happy Guy – 2021 (WINDOWS)

Haro is a specialist; he was terminated after issues with a medical attendant. His life changed significantly after that. He meets more wonderful young ladies. Who will be the main young lady in his life?

9#. My Cute Commissar – 2020 (WINDOWS)

In this game, satirical chronicled visual novel with “match-3” kind of interactivity. Participate in the political battle in the 1920’s socialist Russia and forestall Stalin’s tyrannical rule!

10#. Sakura Dimensions – 2020 (WINDOWS)

Experience interdimensional love in this fascinating visual novel!

11#. Would you like to run an idol cafe? – 2021 (WINDOWS)

After neglecting to get into his preferred college, Naoya requires further schooling to be postponed to accept a position at an interesting shoreline bistro. There, he meets two charming servers, and he turns out to be more personally engaged with their lives than he expected.

12#. Deep-Sea Valentine – 2021 (WINDOWS/MAC)

Investigate a brilliant submerged world and help a pink dolphin track down the ideal date for Valentine’s day!

13#. Cookie Store – 2020 (WINDOWS)

Running a restaurant is anything but simple work. Particularly when you’re not making benefits. Parody, sentiment, companionship, and business join in this remarkable Visual Epic!

14#. Tokyo School Life – 2015 (WINDOWS)

“Tokyo School Life” is the tale of your excursion as an international student in Tokyo and the three young ladies you meet there. Carry on with the regular daily existence you love from anime and manga!

15#. HuniePop 2: Double Date – 2021 (MAC/WINDOWS)

Go on an outing to outlandish island heaven for a hot new experience in this hotly anticipated spin-off of the famous dating sim/puzzle game half and half, HuniePop!

16#. YUME – 2021 (WINDOWS)

In “YUME,” a young lady went to the neglected Ballroom to record a program in a period of harmony; however tragic thing occurred. The profound uncover of old things that can drive the plot and the multifaceted exchange between characters permits players to encounter the young lady’s past.

17#. Lens Life II – 2021 (WINDOWS)

At the point when you meet with your number one cohort and incidentally find that you live in a similar structure, you need to partake in the day and night together, yet inadvertently tracked down the bizarre mystery that happened to her, you need to settle on your own decision!

18#. A Warmer Shade of Summer – 2021 (WINDOWS)

You get back to the family homestead to discover it in dilapidation. Possibly you have the stuff to take it back to its previous wonder? Who can say for sure who you’ll meet on you’re way? An old companion? That unique individual?

19#. A Pinch of Magic – 2021 (WINDOWS)

Save your grandparent’s faltering bistro/wizardry shop from chapter 11 and conceivably begin to look all starry-eyed!

20#. Otaku Club – 2021 (WINDOWS)

Otaku Club is a compelling game where you need to settle puzzles with Flawless Girls, and the game is ideal for unwinding.

21#. My Dream Sports Dating Simulator – 2021 (WINDOWS)

Do you like Games or you incredibly like games? Thinking that it enough to date one of them? Well, This is off-kilter. On the off chance that you alter your perspective, goody gumdrops, we have the game for you. Become the next large game; carry on with your best school life, and sentiment up to seven different games in this insane visual novel.

22#. Ace Campus Club – 2021 (WINDOWS/MAC)

Getting a call from your legal counsellor and being educated that you will acquire a huge amount of cash on the off chance that you are equipped for driving the grounds’ club to turn into the most well-known ones. With the unique opportunity to venturing out, there will be cash and even young ladies at last.

23#. Kinkoi: Golden Loveriche – 2021 (WINDOWS)

Kinkoi: Brilliant Loveriche is a Japanese-style visual novel created by Adventure Planets, a Japanese engineer of sentiment VNs. The match dominated various honours in its delivery in Japan for its craft, music, characters, and story.

24#. Girls in Glasses – 2021 (WINDOWS)

The happening to cherry bloom season likewise implies the beginning of something new. As he invests energy after school and on off days with these three young ladies, Hidekazu’s life starts to change, and there is a lot more attractiveness you will get in this game like Huniepop.

How To Get Games Like Huniepop on Steam Official

If you are a “STEAM” member, you can get similar Games like Huniepop on the official STEAM website.

List of Game Like Huniepop On Steam

  • CRUSH Crush
  • NekoPARA (vol#1)
  • Mirro
  • EroPhone
  • Nekopara (Vol#4)
  • VR Kanojo
  • House Party
  • Summer Memories
  • Leisure Suit LARRY – Wet Dreams Dry Twice
  • AI * Shoujo/AI*

For More, you can visit Steam official


We hope that Games like Huniepop information give you a punch of fantastic games that you might play with the same feeling you feel while gameplay humiepop. It is important to choose what platform you choose to play games like huniepop because every platform has different graphic updates and other features. We hope that huniepop like games give you helpful information and help to play games on your selected platform.

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How To Download & Install Zeusmos On iPhone/iPad





If you want to download and install Zeusmos on your Apple iOS9, iOS10, iOS11, iOS12, iOS13, iOS14 and iOS15 device iPhone/iPad without Jailbreak, then you are at the right place. This app is not official, which means that installing this app into your iOS device needs to Jailbreak your iPhone/iPad. Here you will get a complete guide for the most popular installer alternative to Mios Haimawan ( and iCydia.

There are many ways to install zeusmos on iPhone or iPad, but most of the time, troubleshoot during the process, which makes us provide the proper guidance and install Zeusmos on your Apple device.

What is zeusmos?

If you are familiar with the Mios Haimmawan type of Appcake, you can say Installous app that provides you the paid and premium AppStore apps for free. The same feature is providing by Zeusmos iDevice app that can only get when you install this app on your Apple device. Many interesting old and latest paid games and exciting apps are primarily available on the official Apple AppStore. Sometimes the user does not afford such paid app, but they want to get everything that the developer designed on that paid app into their Apple device. In that case, the Zeusmos app supports getting paid app for free, but there is a jailbreak condition that might not be safe for Apple users. Still, you want to go with the process, then follow the instruction till the end, and you can get successfully install the Zeusmos app into your iPhone/iPad Apple iOS device.




Zeusmos app can only be installed by Jailbreak Apple device (iPhone/iPad). Without jailbreak, you cannot get the cracked app onto your iOS device. Maybe there is no jailbreak available for some iOS latest versions such as iOS11 and iOS12. If this is true, don’t worry and wait for the developer to develop the iOS jailbreaking tools for your required iOS version. If the developer has already developed the new jailbreak tool, you can also download and install the Zeusmos app into your Apple device to get the paid app for free.


Things you need to know before you go through the process:

  • Required Jailbreak tools for iOS device
  • Add Zeusmos Repo with Cydia app
  • To install the app, you need AppSync help
  • Zuesmos Repo
  • Internet connection without disconnect
  • Android device must have iOS7 or above
  • If using iPhone, then use iPhone 5 or the latest series.


Download Zeusmos On iOS Jailbreak Device

Zeusmos is sans PC code making it privately limited, allowing downloading and installing the Zeusmos app into your device without any barrier. Once you have successfully downloaded and installed Zeusmos into your Apple device, you can get Premium and paid apps/games.

How To Jailbreak Apple Device

First, you have to jailbreak your iPhone/iPad by following steps. This process allows Apple users to jailbreak devices without connecting with Mac PC/computer.

Step#1. First, back up your Apple device by navigating to Setting > iCloud > Backup > then tap on “Back Up Now.”

Step#2. Once the backup is done now, you have to disable your iOS device passcode, and for that, navigate to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > if you are using then disable it.

Step#3. Turn off your cell tower signal by activating “Airplane Mode” and then connect your phone to a Wi-Fi internet network.



Step#4. Launch Safari internet browser and type in the search bar, then tap to run the link.

Step#5. You will see the page load with the install button appears; click on it.

Step#6. It is a third-party source that shows prompt configuration to install the jailbreak app on your Apple device. Tap on the “Install” button to continue the process



Step#7. Downloading process will start, and it will complete installing the app into your Apple device.



Step#8.  Once you get the app install successfully into your device, then follow the navigation Settings > General > Device Manager > New profile > press the “Trust” button.



Step#9. Press the home button and launch the “PP/Pangu” jailbreak app; prompt notification will appear on the screen. Don’t worry, and tap the “OK” button to continue.

Step#10. In-app, you will get the “Circle” button in the middle of your screen un-tick the tiny box below the circle button (if you wish not to install PP Store app on your device) and then press the circle, and it will turn into text. Make sure that your device is locked while you start the Jailbreak process.



Once the Jailbreak process is completed, now you can go with the following steps.

Download Zeusmos Process

Step#1. On your Apple device, open Safari internet web browser and type “” Follow the process, and it will download the Zeusmos.iPA file into your device storage.

Step#2. Now navigate the following by open

“Cydia” Manage > Sources > Edit > Add (,iOS 6)

Source > Edit > Add > (iOS 7>)

Step#3. Now add the link “” Zeusmos Repo/Source to Cydia, as you can see in the screenshot.



Step#4. Navigate the search list to download the repo, as you can see an icon in the screenshot. Would you mind selecting it and installing it on your Apple device?



As we know, the Zeusmos app is installed through the jailbreaking process on your iOS device. That’s why it gets irritated with ads that might navigate you to another link direction. So stay focus and click on the Zeusmos install.

Now you have successfully installed the Zeusmos app into your device.

Tap on the Zeusmos app icon from your iOS device to launch the app, and you will get the search bar there; you can type the name of the app or game available on Apple Appstore in paid/premium version. Here you will get the same app or game ready to download and install for free.


It is your choice that you want to go with the jailbreak or without jailbreak app that provides you, complete Appstore paid app list for free on your Apple device. We hope that you get useful information related to the content. Our suggestions for you never to go for free stuff as you are an Apple user. You can check some other interesting games and entertainment app that is provided free on AppStore. Or you can get them by the paid process as you think that you are a loyal user of Apple.

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Pokesniper APK Download: Best Way To Snipe Pokémon On Android 2021 [Latest v.2.0.0]




pokesniper apk download

Pokémon Go is designed to go around the city to locate the Pokémon and catch them. We know how much fans love Pokémon, and when they are into it, they forget everything happening surround them. In Pokémon go, players, wandering around in search of Pokémon locations to catch them using Android and iOS devices. It is not easy, so Pokesniper is designed in support of Pokémon Go.

The latest version 2.0.0, is released for PokeSniper APK download. If you play Pokémon go on Android, then Pokémon go sniper will help you catch your favorite Pokémon by staying at one place. It is the basic introduction feature that makes fans thinks about using this pokehunter apk app. More features will create more interest in playing this game. So check out what’s more hidden in this app latest v.2.0.0, and get the method for pokesniper apk free download.

Want Free MP3 Music Download From Your Favorite Platfrom Then Click Here 

Note: It is a third-party app source to download the Pokesniper apk or ios app, so you decide to install and run this app on your Android or Apple device.

Pokesniper Features:

Following are the features that you get in the Pokesniper app

  • Gets the exact location of Pokémon using Pokesniper
  • Any Pokémon that is close to your location can also be visible in this app
  • This app also has the feature to teleport from one place to another using a single tap on a location to catch Pokémon faster without moving from your actual location.
  • It has a smart UI design and safe to use
  • This app is Ban free, so there is no issue of getting block using this Pokémon catch app. (You will never lose your Pokémon)
  • The Controls are designed in such a manner that new users can easily understand them.
  • The app does not process high usage on Android and even on iOS devices.

The more you are into this Pokémon catching app more you get exciting features.

What is the main purpose of using the Pokesniper app?

If you are connected with Pokémon Go since its launch for the first time, you know that there is blame when there is fame. Rumors spread that Pokémon Go is not a secure app; children fall while playing because their brain focuses on the game to catch Pokémon by roaming around the location. There are other false talks spread that this app is showing the reallocation of player residents and more. So the developer has design the Pokesniper app where the player does not have to move physically and locate the Pokémon location to catch them. Pokémon can be seen from player location and also indicate the Pokémon that is far from its location. To catch the Pokémon, the developer has added the teleport system, which allows jumping directly from one location to another without moving its authentic place. There is much other reason but the main focus to develop this Pokémon app is already discussed.

pokesniper apk download

pokesniper apk download

How To Get Pokesniper APK Download For Android

If you are looking for a pokesniper apk download for android, you need to follow the steps to download, install and use PokeSniper/Pokey Sniper.

Step#1. While this page is open on your Android Web browser, tap on the Pokesniper v.2.0.0 apk download button

Note: If you download this apk file into your Laptop/PC, you need to transfer the downloaded file into your Android device download folder using USB cable connectivity.

Step#2. The page will load to the third-party download source; here, you will see the button “DOWNLOAD (11.89MB)”; tap on it.

Step#3. The download file will start the process, and it will take time according to the speed of your device’s connected internet.

Step#4. Once the file is downloaded, go to the download folder on your Android device and search for the file name Pokesniper.

Step#5. You will see the file is in zip format; tap on it to unzip the file, and after complete unzip process, you will see the actual APK format file.

Now you have successfully downloaded the Pokesniper apk file. To install the app, you need to follow the installation guide.

Related Information:

  • App Name: Pokesniper
  • Size: 11.9MB
  • Version: v2.0
  • Android Version: 5.0 or above
  • Category: Pokémon Go Game Sniper Tool
  • Required Root: No
  • Also Available: iOS and Windows operating system

How To Install PokeSniper APK App On Android Device

This is a third-party app, so to install this app on your Android device; you need to follow the instruction without any steps skip.

Step#1. Go to the Android device setting, tap on the Privacy option and then scroll down to enable “Install from Unknown Source.”

Step#2. Now open the “File Manager” app and navigate the “Download” folder on your Android device.

Step#3. Once the folder is open, please search for the pokesniper apk download file and tap on it.

Step#4. The installation will start once you tap on the “Install” button. It will take few seconds to complete the installation process, and when it is done, you will see the option done and open, which means if you want to launch the app, tap on the “Open” button; otherwise, tap on “Done” button to close everything.

pokesniper apk download

pokesniper apk download

Now you have successfully installed PokeSniper APK on an Android device, to check, go to the app room and locate the PokeSniper icon, tap on it to open the app and enjoy your Pokémon hunt.


How To Download PokeSniper For iOS Device

To download and install Pokesniper ios for free, you need to follow these steps#5. To install this Pokémon app, you need to install TutuApp on your iOS device.

If you have already installed Tutuapp on your Apple device, then go with the Pokesniper search step.

Step#1. While open this page on your Apple device web browser, tap on the Download TuTuApp Lite on iOS button. If you want the regular version, tap on Download TuTuApp on iOS button to download the tutu app file on iOS device.

Step#2. Once the file is successfully downloaded on your Apple device, go to setting and navigate to General, then tap on “Profiles and Device Management.” Here you need to Trust the profile of Tutuapp to verify the app because if you start the installation process before verifying the trust, you will get the notification “Unable to Verify App.”

Step#3. Tap on the downloaded file to start the install process.

Note: If you get the “Grey Color Icon,” which means that TutuApp is not installing (Error), then you need to reboot your device and start the installation again or turn on “Airplane” mode and go to devise setting, navigate to “Safari” then clear “History and cache data” by a tap on “Clear History and Data.” Once done, turn off “AirPlane” mode.

Step#4. Now TuTuApp installation is completed, tap on the TuTu icon to launch the app.

Step#5. In the TuTu app, navigate the search bar and type “PokeSniper” to get the search result.

Step#6. As a result, find the Pokesniper app and tap on it to download and install the app into your Apple device.

Step#7. Once the Pokesniper iOS app is installed into your device, then close everything and tap on the pokesniper icon to launch the app.

Enjoy and catch your favorite Pokémon using PokeSniper, the Pokémon hunter app teleport feature.


There is a latest update Pokesniper v.3.0 apk also available. If you want to check the update version then follow the above same download and install method. To get the Download Pokesniper APK v3.0 button, share in the comment and we will provide you the download source.

Related information:

App size: 34.6MB

Version: v.3.0.0

Android support: Latest version for smooth run

Language: English

Name: Pokesniper APK


Installing Pokesniper from a third-party source might be a risk. And using Pokesniper APK or iOS app to catch your favorite Pokémon by using teleport feature around the map without moving your real place can be considered cheating. It can be the reason that fans are downloading this Pokémon catch app from third-party sources. Suppose you want to catch your favorite Pokémon or want to know which type of Pokémon is available at your nearest location. In that case, you can follow the above instruction to the pokesniper apk download and installation process.

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