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How To Login & Registered On iNotes USS [Update]




inotes uss

Getting trouble in iNoyes USS login portal or you want to become the part of inotes usd? If yes, then here you will get the active update link where you get fast login support. We collected the most relevant information, so every user understands and follows the steps guides, which are helpful. USS stands for United State Steel Intranet, where users are certified and allowed to operate inotes uss logging into the portal of company computer system and its property policy.

iNotes USS has a design with an updated user interface that allows users to open their login portal using a Laptop pc web browser or operate on a Smartphone login page. The most important details you needed to login to the inotes uss portal are username, email ID, and password. For that, you have to follow steps for login and a newly registered account.

Note: From November 2020, MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) employees need to register through the login portal to access the website. This effect was made necessary, and every employee much follows the steps to get online registered.

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Welcome to the United States Steel Business Portal

The US Steel Business Gateway is intended to furnish you with one advantageous area to get to every one of the applications you need to finish your ordinary duties. This entrance contains both public and secure applications. Clients don’t have to log in.

Important of inotes uss login portal

  • You can manage your weekly task.
  • Update with the actual amount of retirement.
  • Yearly bonus as per your department
  • How you can get increment within a year is also a guide available here.
  • Contact your supervisor directly through this portal and update him/her about your leave or holiday.
  • And more

How To Register/Sign In On Inotes Uss

inotes uss

If you are a new user to Uss, you have to sign in to get the Inotes us login access.

Step#1. Open the inotes uss register URL into a new tab web browser

Step#2. Once the page is loaded to the registration form, you need to tick the checking box and complete the verification process. “Last Name, Last Four Digits of National Identifier (SSN or SIN), Postal Code / ZIP Code, Date of Birth (MM-DD-YYYY).”

Step#3. Now type the text from the above image into the provided box and then click on the “Continue” button for further process.

Step#4. The page will load to “Create Password,” enter the strong password as per requirement, and note this password into your notepad or notebook so, in the future; you can copy from it whenever you forget your password. Click on the “Continue” button for further process.

Step#5. Read all the policy and usage certifications and then tick on any necessary box. Click on the “Continue” button for further process.

Step#6. At this step, you are in “Register for password reset tool” read all documents, and if any quest contact the USS admin or HR department

Step#7. This is the final step of registration, “Confirmation” here; you have to check every information data you have entered in the above registration steps. Check and confirm because, after that, any change will not be an easy step for you.

Step#8. You will get the confirmation by USS inotes login portal to be updated through online postal address, email ID, and Phone number call/SMS.

After you get the confirmation, it means that you have successfully registered into USS inotes login.


How To Login On Inotes Uss

inotes uss

inotes uss

After you register for the inote U.S.Steel login, you can log in to its portal by following the active login portal active link.

Step#1. Open my uss com website into new tab web browser.

Step#2. Once the page is loaded, click on the “Log in” button located at the top right side of your screen.

Step#3. Enter your registered Microsoft email ID or uss ID, and then click on the “next” button.

Step#4. The uss system will automatically verify your id and then enter your generated password to the provided field and then click the “login” button.

Step#5. Now you have entered into the login portal of your company, manage and filter your notes uss account.


Q.1 What types of accounts are available in the inotes uss login portal?

There are two types of accounts: “Work or school account” and “personal account.”

Q.2 What should I do if I forget my notes uss Username /Email and Password?

If you forget your user account or password, use the forget password button in the login URL and reset Inotes Uss login data. If this process does not work, then direct contact to “Customer Service” for further assistance.

Q.3 What is the official website of USS?

The official website of United State Steel is

Q.4 How to login at IBM iNotes Login (Active portal)?

The active link of IBM iNotes Login is

Q.5 How to get the updated news of iNote Login?

For the updated news, visit here, and you will be regular update.

Contact Us

If you are the employee of U.S. Retiree then contact direct to HR department 877-877-4586

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How To Install Hackz4ios On Your iPhone [Update]





Hackz4ios is the most popular and alternative Appstore platform where you get top paid and premium games and apps for free. It does not require a jailbreak device to install the app, and it is the Cydia store alternative too because you get almost every apps, tool, hacked app, game and more for iPhone & iPad. Hackz4iOS for iOS 13+/12+/11+/10+/9+/8+/7+ on iOS device without Jailbreak.

It offers most of the Cydia store Jailbreak Paid/Premium & tweaked apps, iOS Emulators, tools and games for free on iPhone and iPad. It does not require any registration process to install the app on iPhones and iPad. Hackz4iOS is a similar app to Cydia, igameguardianios and mioshaimawan where you can get most of the paid and premium apps to install into Apple device. You can say that it is an alternative to AppStore.


It is an open-source, free iOS Application Installer App that gets tweaks and Premium apps for free. That is why this iOS app becomes so popular, and because of its regular updates on top AppStore apps, it is getting more famous. If you want this app on your Apple device, then here we will show you Download Hackz4iOS on iPhone, iPad with the proper guide to download and Install Hackz4iOS without jailbreak iDevice.

About Hackz4iOS:

Hackz4iOS, the actual name that what type of app is this, it is outsider AppStore where you can get Hacked applications and games free of charge without the requirement for Jailbreaking. Assuming you need to get Broken applications and games free of charge, then, at that point, Hackz4iOS is for you. I can doubtlessly say this application is perhaps the most well known Cydia and AppStore options where you can get this application without Jailbreaking your iDevices.

Following are the old sources to get the hackz4ios app to download and install into iPhone and iPad till 12+ version.

But unfortunately, sometimes, these download links do not work. In that case, go with the link provided in the step guides.

Download Hackz4iOS For iOS 13+/12+/10+/9+/8+/7+ on iPhone and iPad (No Jailbreak)

This app is not tested on the latest iOS 14+ version, but if you want to install Hackz4iOS on the latest Apple device, then you can follow the same process which might install this app to get premium tweaks, paid apps and games for free.

Step#1. Open hackz4ios download URL into your iPhone or iPad internet Safari browser.

Step#2. Tap on the title “Hackz4ios download”, which will allow you to download the installer app.

Step#3. The page will load, and it will take you to another page. You will see the app details and “Download” button with the Apple logo; click on it.

Step#4. Here you will get the hackz4ios.mobileconfig, follow the instruction to install the app into your iOS device.

Note: It is the third party app that shows a warning or notification for you to allow the installation process, accept it to complete the process. Also, turn on trust to allow the third-party app installation.

Step#5. Once the app is successfully installed into your iOS device, go to the app room and tap on it to launch the app.

To use the app, you can simply go through the paid and premium app for free listed on the main page, or you can use the search bar to find the particular app to install into your Windows PC.

Another source method to download and install the hackz4ios app into your iPhone or iPad

In this method, you need to open the link into the Apple Safari internet browser.

Step#1. Paste the “” link into the Safari browser on an iOS device and run the browser. You will see the download button or app icon, tap on it.

Step#2. Notify box appears on-screen “Open this app in iTunes”, tap on it to open.

Step#3. It will load, and you will see the “Install” button, tap on it to continue the process.

Step#4. Make sure that you are using a third-party source instead of an official, which means that you will get a pop-up message with an install button appears; just tap on it.

Step#5. The installation process will complete, and you will get the “Done” button that appears on the screen, tap on it to finalize the installation process.

Step#6. Open the installed app by tapping on its icon, and it will launch into your Apple device; enjoy paid & tweaked apps for free on iPhone and iPad latest version.


Now you learn how to download and install Hackz4iOS for iOS 13+/12+/11+/10+/9+/8+/7+ on the iOS device without Jailbreak. It is not available on App Store because it provides premium and paid apps for free to Apple users, which is why people go for third-party sources to install this app on Apple devices. It means that it is not a legal app to install, although it required a non-jailbreak device process. It is your choice that you go with official or non-official sources to download the iOS app. We hope that you get helpful information from the above guide.

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How To Fix ERR Internet Disconnected On Windows, Mac And More





Your computer is not connected to the internet; as a result, it shows that your internet web browser is unable to connect with the internet connection to the host. Normally when this error appears on the browser display “err_internet_disconnected,” it means that your windows or Mac PC are not connected with the internet connection. When you check your computer’s internet connectivity which might be LAN or Wi-Fi connection, the result shows that it is working perfectly.

So what to do, how to fix the err_internet_disconnected? Many reasons show you the internet disconnected error, but the solution is also there as the error appears. If you are also getting such internet errors on your Windows PC or MacOS, check out the solution that might help you solve the error and connect your system with the internet connection.

Once Your Internet Disconnect Error Solved Then You Can Download Games Like Banished For Endless Fun

About err_internet_disconnected:

When err_internet_disconnected appears on a web browser, it means that your PC is not connected to the internet. In this way, the browser will not pass through an internet connection and cannot surf that website. There are many reasons that your browser shows this err_internet_disconnected on display. Suppose you are using the internet through a LAN cable. If the cable is not connected properly or broken wire, LAN card damage or not working properly, Wi-Fi device is not on a power failure, the router is dead; the cable is not connected properly with the internet router, etc. So you have to check every single point that might be suspected for err_internet_disconnected. If you think that your web browser is smart enough to identify the error, it does not know about disconnection. When the user uses the internet, the browser responds to data in and our bases. And it will retrieve some browser links. If your internet connection is working properly, then the web browser will respond to your browser link; otherwise, you will get the net err_internet_disconnected


How To Fix ERR Internet Disconnected On Mac PC

If you are getting err_internet_disconnected mac system, you can follow these steps to fix the error.

Step#1. Press the “Command + Space Bar” key from the keyboard.

Step#2. The search bar will appear there; type “Terminal” to the search box and press “Enter.”

Step#3. Dos type black window will appear on screen, their type “sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder; sleep 2” in MacBook –Air address and press “Enter” keyboard key.



Step#4. Enter your macOS password to the password field and then hit the keyboard’s “Enter” key.

Step#5. Press the “Command +Q” key from the keyboard to leave the Terminal window.

Step#6. Restart your Mac system and open the web browser, as the DNS fix err_internet_disconnected problem in your internet web browser.

How To Fix ERR Internet Disconnected On Mac By Removing WLAN Profiles

Step#1. Select the “System PReferences” by open Apple Menu

Step#2. Now go to the internet & Wireless setting to select the “Network” option.

Step#3. In the network section, select “Airport/Wi-Fi” and then “Advanced.”

Step#4. You will see the different networks below the “Airport” tab; select any from the list to exclude, then tap on the “-” button; at last, click the “OK” button.

Step#5. Open “Network Page” and choose any network to reconnect by “Double-click on the network” using mouse

Step#6. Type “Wireless password,” then click the “OK” button.

Once the wireless profile is removed, restart your MAC PC and then reconnect the same wireless profile to confirm the error is solved.

How To Fix ERR Internet Disconnected On Mac By Disable Temporarily Firewall

Firewalls are proposed to safeguard clients and their frameworks. Be that as it may, some of the time, the firewalls on your PC or gadget may struggle with the web association on different events. Debilitating Firewall may hinder the security of your gadget, yet it can get you the web back by briefly handicapping it.

Step#1. Open the command window to start “Spotlight search” by press “Command + Space bar” from the keyboard.

Step#2. Type “System preferences” to start its application. Double click on “Security & Privacy” to open it.



Step#3. Click on “Turn off Firewall” in the Firewall tab, as you can see in a screenshot.



After you completed all the above steps then open an internet browser and enable “Firewall.” If the problem is still not solved and the root cause of err_internet_disconnected was the firewall, contact support/service for further assistance.

How To Fix ERR Internet Disconnected On Mac By Clear Browser History



This method will help you to fix err_internet_disconnected on Mac PC by clearing internet web browser history.

Step#1. On your chrome web browser, open the menu option and select “More Tools.”

Step#2. In the more tools option, you will see “Clear Browsing Data” select it.

Step#3. Select “Time Range” as all time and then click the “Clear Data button to Clear Browsing History, Cookies and Cache Image.”

Step#4. Close the internet browser and open it again, then enter the URL to browse the website; it will work perfectly.


How To Fix ERR Internet Disconnected On Windows PC

To Fixed err internet disconnected on the windows system, follow the guide to reset IP/TCP settings and fix the DNS caches.

Step#1. Open “Command Prompt” Admin by right click on the windows button or press “Windows key + X follow by A for admin / follow by C non-admin” or open the search bar and type “cmd,” then press “Enter” key from the keyboard.

Step#2. Once the command prompt window is open in black background, there type the following one by one and press the “Enter” key.

Type “ipconfig /release” and press the “Enter” key from the keyboard.

Type “ipconfig /all” and press the “Enter” key from the keyboard.



type “ipconfig /flushdns” and press the “Enter” key from the keyboard.



type “ipconfig /renew” and press the “Enter” key from the keyboard.



type “netsh int ip set dns” and press the “Enter” key from the keyboard.



type “netsh winsock reset” and press the “Enter” key from the keyboard.



Once all above command is done, close the command prompt windows then restart the system to apply the changes made.

How To Fix ERR Internet Disconnected On Windows By Removing WLAN Profiles

This process will help you remove the WLAN profile and fixed the err internet disconnected on the windows system.

Step#1. Open “Command Prompt” Admin by right click on the windows button or press “Windows key + X follow by A for admin / follow by C non-admin” or open the search bar and type “cmd,” then press “Enter” key from the keyboard.

Step#2. Type “netsh wlan show profiles” and press the “Enter” key; it will help you check your system WLAN’s available profiles.

Step#3. To remove the profile, you need to type the command followed by profile name “netsh wlan delete profile name=[PROFILE NAME].”

Step#4. Once the profile is removed, close the command window then restart the PC to apply the changes.

Once your pc is restarted, then go to an internet web browser to check whether the internet works or not. Follow the next guide.

How To Fix ERR Internet Disconnected On Windows By Disable Temporarily Firewall

Firewalls are designed to protect users and their systems. Sometimes, however, firewalls can cause problems with your internet connection. While disabling Firewall can cause interruptions in your device’s network security, it can allow you to get the internet back temporarily by being disabled.

Step#1. On your Windows system, open “Control Panel” and double click on “System and Security” to open it, then click “Windows Firewall,” then customize settings.

Step#2. Now turn off windows firewall defender by select “Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended).”



How To Fix ERR Internet Disconnected On Windows By Clear Browser History



This method is used to clear Google chrome browser history on the windows system to fix err_internet_disconnected.

Step#1. Open an internet web browser and press “Ctrl + H,” it will open your internet browser history.

Step#2. Click “Clear browser data” located at the left panel.



Step#3. The clear browsing data basic and advanced tab appears; here, select “Advanced” and tick on all boxes, as you can see in the screenshot. Also, select “Beginning of time / All Time” in the drop-down menu on “Clear browser data.”



Step#4. Click “Clear Data,” as you can see in the screenshot. Once done, then close all browser windows and open internet browser to run any URL to check the problem err internet disconnected is solved. If not, then uninstall and install the web browser because sometimes, the update file does not install properly due to poor internet connection.

Or you can contact Google Chrome web browser support for further assistance.


As your internet shows an error named “err_internet_disconnected,” even your internet connection is not poor. So we provide the proper guide for Windows or MacOS users. Now you can easily solve the problem by following the above guide available in multiples methods. We hope that now you can run your internet surging non-stop until your internet subscription is not expired. If you want to know more help regarding the same, then share the details in the comment box, and we might help you with the solution.

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How To Download Game Guardian In iOS 10/11/12/13/14(iPhone/iPad)




game guardian ios

If you are looking for the method to download Game Guardian iOS, then its means that you know about the game Guardian. But for those who don’t know, it is a fantastic Apple device tool that allow users to change the value of any game installed in iOS devices. There is a possibility that iOS device users can even edit the file of the installed app on the device.

These days, people take much interest in gaming, especially youngsters. Sometimes gamers become so addicted to the game that they forget where they are now, even during study time or in the office. This thing inspires developers to create new games for iOS and Android devices. Games are designed with multiples levels/stages, which took time to complete each level. Sometimes, users spend a whole day completing all the stages of the games. And some user goes with the paid option to get to the final stage of the game. But Game Guardian for iOS has solved this issue and gives more relevance to play the game and complete it fast.

Note: For Game Guaradian iOS 15 will soon be cracked by the developer and you can also download Geame Guardian iOS on your latest Apple device.

Do You Know That You Can Now Download Free Music With True MP3 Format With MP3Boo 2021 Update

What is Game Guardian iOS?

If you want to complete the game stage without spending time or money, the best option is Game modding. It allows to mod the game on any device, which allow the user to get the points, coins, score, gems, bonus and more. Game Guardian for iOS is the tool that provides the same function and changes the installed game value. Game Guardian do not require a jailbreak to install the app as this app is used to mod any game that you are interested in playing on your iOS device. For example: if you want to play the updated level of game, the game will update later, which might wait for a month. In that situation, you do not need to wait for the final stage. Game Guardian iOS will modding the game for you to take you to the final level of that game. This mod tool works on popular games like Doctor Driving, Pokesniper APK Download, Kayn MobaFire, Subway surfer, Binja Run, Asphalt 8, Temple Run and more.

If you want to get to the final stage of any game but you don’t know how to use Game Guardian iOS, then share the name of the game with the version in the comment box.

If you feel that the Game Guardian iOS tool is fantastic and wants to install it into your iPhone or iPad, you need to follow the guide to get Game Guardian for your iOS device.

Game Guardian iOS Features:

  • It is the gaming app modding tool that allows users to edit files of any game installed into the iOS device.
  • With this modding tool, you can earn gems, points, scores, coins and more on the installed game.
  • The concept code injection of this app is that the value of the game is change with altering tasks on game files.
  • There is no registration required to modding the game with Game Guardian iOS app.
  • The modding process runs in a perfectly secure method that cannot be justified that the game is being edited.
  • The clock process also slows down in the iOS device
  • And More

Note: Before you go through the installation process, you should know that this app required jailbreak. You can also search the app on a non-jailbreak solution to download and install premium/paid applications Mios.haimawan

How To Download & Install Game Guardian iOS App on iOS10, iOS11, iOS12, iOS13, iOS14


Step#1. First, you need to download & install Mios.Haimawan on Apple device. And for that, follow the linked guide and complete the process to install Mios Haimawan.

Step#2. Once Mios Haimawan is installed, and then launches the app into your iOS device and type “Game Guardian iOS” in the search bar.

Step#3. Go through the search result and tap on the Game Guardian iOS app to download and install into your iOS10, iOS11, iOS12 iOS13 or iOS14 device.

Step#4. When an app is successfully installed into your Apple device, the confirmation of the Game Guardian iOS app icon appears on the device. Tap on it to launch the app.

Now you have completed the process to download and installed Game Guardian iOS into your Apple device.

If the above method does not work, then you can go with the second method. For this method, you need to jailbreak your Apple device. For more description, check out the Jailbreak For Apple Device.

How To JailBreak iOS Device

This process allows Apple users to jailbreak devices without connecting with Mac PC/computer.

Step#1. First, back up your Apple device by navigating to Setting > iCloud > Backup > then tap on “Back Up Now.”

Step#2. Once the backup is done now, you have to disable your iOS device passcode, and for that, navigate to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > if you are using then disable it.

Step#3. Turn off your cell tower signal by activating “Airplane Mode” and then connect your phone to a Wi-Fi internet network.

Step#4. Launch Safari internet browser and type in the search bar, then tap to run the link.

Step#5. You will see the page load with the install button appears; click on it.

Step#6. It is a third-party source that shows prompt configuration to install the jailbreak app on your Apple device. Tap on the “Install” button to continue the process.

Step#7. Downloading process will start, and it will complete installing the app into your Apple device.

Step#8.  Once you get the app install successfully into your device, then follow the navigation Settings > General > Device Manager > New profile > press the “Trust” button.

Step#9. Press the home button and launch the “PP/Pangu” jailbreak app; prompt notification will appear on the screen. Don’t worry, and tap the “OK” button to continue.

Step#10. In-app, you will get the “Circle” button in the middle of your screen un-tick the tiny box below the circle button (if you wish not to install PP Store app on your device) and then press the circle, and it will turn into text. Make sure that your device is locked while you start the Jailbreak process.

Now you have completed the jailbreak iOS device process. Follow method#2. To download and install the game guardian ios app on an Apple device.


For this method, you need to install the Cydia package manager to install Game Guardian iOS app on your Apple device. Make sure that you have successfully jailbreak before you go with the following method.

Step#1. Install Cydia Package manages and then goes with step 2 to download the file for your Apple device using a web browser.

 Step#2. Click on the link to download the Cydia package “”. Please copy the link and paste it on the Safari web browser.

Step#3. Download Cydia Package manager and then copy the downloaded file into the Cydia package manager directory as you already jailbreak your iOS device.

Step#4. You will see that the Game Guardian app will appear, and in Cydia manager, tap on it to install the app into your iOS device.

game guardian ios

game guardian ios

Note: Make sure in step 5 you have to reboot your Apple device, and before you go through it, you need to check “Backup” your device data for no loss.

Step#5. The installation process starts automatically; reboot your iOS device to complete the process.

Step#6. Now you have successfully installed the Game Guardian iOS app on your Apple device. Enjoy and manage your iOS game edit file and gain Gems, score, points, and increase the final level.

game guardian ios

game guardian ios


Check out the video tutorial to download Game Guardian iOS support iOS13 and iOS14 also

How To Download iGameGuardian for iOS 13

How To Download iGameGuardian for iOS 14

The above guide to download Game Gardian iOS can also be use same method to download on latest iOS 13 and iOS 14 Apple device version. Or you can follow the video tutorial to download for the same.


Using Game Guardian iOS app to get the final lever direct without spending time or money is quite interesting. But this might consider cheating which is not ethical as you are a loyal user of an Apple device. It is your choice that you play the game with your instinct or go with the cheating app. Most of the time, third-party apps are not secured and jailbreak to your Apple latest iPhone or iPad is not a good decision. We hope that you get the helpful guide with this information.

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