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HS2 route map and journey times explained And The PM at a Network Rail hub at Gascoigne Wood, near Selby, North Yorkshire





Boris Johnson has sparked fury in the United Kingdom by cutting back tens of billions of dollars worth of rail infrastructure upgrades in the North.

HS2 and Northern Powerhouse Rail have both been upgraded in the eagerly awaited Integrated Rail Plan.

Keir Starmer claimed Boris Johnson had “ripped up” his promises and fell at the very first ‘leveling up’ hurdle. He added: “The North of England has been betrayed.”

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The interviewer then asked Boris Johnson if he thought northerners were “stupid” after trying to discredit the announcement with the words: “This is a fantastic and a monumental achievement and a great day for rail in this country.”

HS2 Rail PM

HS2 Rail PM

The PM said:

“What we’re doing is not just the big ‘Y’ of HS2, but we’re also doing NPR that runs from Liverpool to Warrington to Manchester to Leeds to York.”

But neither of these claims are 100% accurate, even if it’s likely to be the mid-2040s by the time the stripped-back plans are completed.

Here are the specifics of the schemes. It could help the reason why people are angry.


Two major planned rail projects that have been long in the making are being diluted because of fears that they could cost upwards of PS185bn.

They’ll now cost PS96bn. There is a chance that more will be invested in the future, but tens of millions of dollars have been cut off from these projects.

The first major modification is High Speed 2 (HS2). The second one is Northern Powerhouse Rail (NPR).

HS2: Update Story

Want to know what happened to HS2? HS2 was envisioned as a brand-new line with a Y-shape, beginning in London to Birmingham and then connecting west towards Manchester and eastwards towards Leeds.

The West segment is still in place; however, the East is being scrapped.

New East line will be limited up to East Midlands Parkway close to Nottingham. From there, trains of the HS2 will travel on the existing track up to Nottingham within one direction, and Derby, Chesterfield, and Sheffield in the opposite direction.

Officials say this is an upgrade to Derby and Nottingham that will have direct HS2 trains instead of going to a station on the parkway in Toton.

However, HS2 trains won’t travel towards Leeds in any way. The PS100m study will examine whether they will be able to run in the future.

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Major Global Indexes The news of emergence new mutations quake the global financial markets




Global Financial Markets

The Global financial markets were shocked by the announcement of the spreading of the ‘omicron’ mutation known to be more powerful than delta’s mutation of coronavirus. The market was hard hit when it was announced that the World Health Organization (WHO) classified the omicron mutation quickly spreading across South Africa as a “variant of concern.”


On 26th (local time), The New York stock market plunged the highest this year, and another major European market also plunged. Futures markets for oil and cryptocurrencies also dropped.


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The New York Stock Exchange plunged the highest this year.


Today was Black Friday, the largest shopping day in the US; however, the New York Stock Exchange hit “Black Friday“.


As per CNBC within the US, it was the highest drop in the past year. It was reported that the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 34,899.34, which is down 905.04 points (2.53 per cent) from the battleground. The Standard and Poor’s (S&P) 500 index dropped 106.84 points (2.27 per cent), closing at 4594.62. The tech-focused Nasdaq index closed at 15,491.66, down 353.57 points (2.23 per cent) in both cases.

Global Financial Markets

Global Financial Markets


The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) stated that “the one-day decline of these three main indexes marked among the largest Black Friday since 1950, where statistics can be tracked.” The reality is that it was the Chicago Options Exchange (CBOE) Volatility (VIX) Index, known as Wall Street’s fear index, that was up 47 per cent the same day. It climbed by 27 percentage points, indicating investors’ trepidation.


Shares of companies such as energy, aviation and travel also plunged sharply. Expedia was down 9.5 per cent, United Airlines 9.6%, Royal Caribbean Cruises 13.2 per cent; Marriott 6.5% and ExxonMobil dropped 3.5 percentages each. However, Moderna’s share price increased by more than 20% due to the growing vaccine demand.


Europe, Latin America, and Asian stock markets also plunged one after the other.


The impact of this new change on the major European countries was much greater. It was reported that the Paris Stock market’s CAC40 index dropped 4.75 per cent from the previous day’s closing, while the German Frankfurt index of the DAX30 index dropped 4.15 per cent. In the UK, the London Stock Exchange FTSE 100 index dropped 3.64 per cent, while the Euro Stoxx 50 pan-European index dropped 4.74 per cent.


The Asian market, including Latin America:

Also plummeted, as per Bloomberg News, the average Japanese stock price of Nikkei 255 fell 2.53 per cent, the highest decline in the past five months since the 21st of June.


WTI/Bitcoin secure, weak assets like US Treasury bonds and gold solid


These cryptocurrencies that have high volatility are showing signs of weakness. According to CoinDesk at 22:30 p.m. Eastern time, Bitcoin was trading at $54,303.85, down 7.85 per cent from a day prior. Bitcoin is a specific cryptocurrency; it also saw an 8 per cent drop per cent on the same day.


As nations around the globe implemented restrictions on movement, including a ban on access from South African countries, the crude oil futures market took a huge loss. According to the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), West Texas Intermediate (WTI) is scheduled to be delivered in January of next year dropped 11.3 per cent ($8.89) for each barrel to end at $69.50, which was lower than the $70 threshold per barrel.


On the other hand, certain assets such as US Treasury bonds and gold show signs of strength in foreign media, like Reuters said.


So this is all about Global financial markets shaken by news of emergence of new mutations.

international monetary fund wikipedia

What is the purpose of the international monetary fund and the World Bank apex? Want to know more about what is or will be happening in Global financial markets then ask in the comment box and we will discuss all in details.

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Lululemon Black Friday sale just dropped. What are the best and most wanted products?




Lululemon Black Friday

If you’ve thought about making changes or upgrading your winter and fall exercise clothes, the moment is now. With the enticing Lululemon Black Friday offers, you will not find such prices for the remainder of the year.

Now, head to lululemon and score on the best assortment of Black Friday specials on cult-favorite bras, leggings and hoodies, and much more. You’ll be fashionable and comfortable while running runs or in the fitness center.


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Monday, November 29:

If you’re a yogi or mom-on-the-go, or fitness lover, there’s something to suit all. Get your hands on a range of fitness equipment, including tops, bottoms, bras, Align Bra, and more from the lululemon’s Black Friday finds–priced from $9 to $99. In addition, shipping is free for all purchases, regardless of how small or large, your purchase is. Don’t forget that lululemon products can make fantastic Christmas gifts, so be sure to check them off of your list of holiday shopping.

Lululemon Wunder Under Hi-Rise Tight:

Take a look at the daily clothing discounted from $98 down to $69, saving you $29. If you’re constantly moving, These tights are the perfect addition to your daily outfit. Made from Luxtreme fabric, it’s sweat-wicking and breathable. It also offers smooth and low friction support with four-way stretch and many more. The waistband also has a pocket for your keys and cards.

Lululemon has just announced an exclusive Black Friday sale–here’s what to buy before it’s gone.


When Will Lululemon Black Friday Starts: Prices Start at $39

Black Friday prices begin at midnight (Pacific Time) on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 25, and will end around midnight (PT) on November 29 on a Monday. The second group of Cyber Monday pricing will run until Tuesday, November. 30th at midnight (Pacific Time).

Get your holiday shopping done with expert advice and deals sent directly to your mobile. Subscribe to messages with alerts via text from the bargain-hunting team of Reviewed.

Here’s the Deal with Reviewed

Black Friday lululemon Specials:

It All About Best Buy Black Friday In 2021 Don’t Miss

Black Friday 2021 Canada Deals USA Sale

Wunder Under high-rise tight for yoga and training: $68, regularly $98

In Alignment sports bra: $39, regularly $68

Adapt and Align sports bra: $39, regularly $78

T.H.E Linerless shorts: $39, regularly $68

All Yours hoodie: $79, regularly $108

Lululemon Wunder Under High-Rise Tight 28-Inch $69 (Orig. $98)

quick-drying joggers are just $79.

Lululemon All Yours Hoodie $79.00

Lululemon Beyond the Studio Jogger $79.00

Lululemon In Alignment Straight-Strap Bra $39.00

Lululemon All Yours Short Sleeve T-Shirt $39.00

The experts in product reviews at Reviewed are here to help you with all your needs when it comes to shopping, with the latest offers review of products and other product information.

Prices were correct at the date of publication but could change in the future.

There are plenty of unique products available with Lululemon’s Black Friday, and we rounded some of the items we believe are certain at this moment.

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What are Urban Dictionary names? And how does it work?




Urban Dictionary name

Urban Dictionary can surely tell you what the meaning is of your name is.

Urban Dictionary an online dictionary was launched in 1999, where anyone can contribute definitions for the terms of slang were popular on social media Tuesday morning. People were sharing their thoughts on how Urban Dictionary defined their names and the majority of them were extremely pleasing, as if somebody with that name had written the definition of the word themselves.

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An example of Urban Dictionary names:

Fidan can be described as the absolute stunning woman on earth. She is gorgeous as well as incredibly smart and is sure to delight you every day. Her long flowing blonde hair, brown eyes and a beautiful face will charm you. Her kisses are similar to kissing clouds, and will make you swoon.

A lot of people expressed their displeasure for those who took part in a fun trend that didn’t have anything to do with the ills happening around the globe.

How do you answer your answer to Urban Dictionary name challenge?

No one is taking note of “ur urban dictionary” definition of your name.

The definition of “Claudia” is as follows: “One of the most incredible people you will ever meet. She is charming and beautiful in her own way. She appears to be extremely confident, yet is extremely frightened should you cause harm to her.

Let’s say, go to sleep with only one eye open.

You can find out what your name is actually referring to Be aware that there’s NSFW content on

This way, you could be correct.

What is the Urban Dictionary name trend? Share your views in the comment box so we can discuss more about your Urban Dictionary names.

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