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How to Get Your Hands on a Free Red Starbucks Reusable Holiday Cup Today




Starbucks holiday reusable cups

The coffee chain based in Seattle will give away red cups in limited editions Thursday to those who purchase an original holiday or fall beverage from any of its participating U.S. stores while stocks are available.

Starbucks has launched its latest reusable cup that is free until November 18 for customers who purchase from participating U.S. places until supplies are exhausted.

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The cup features a “Starbucks classic holiday red“/ Starbucks holiday reusable cups design and is constructed from 50% recycled materials. This year’s cup celebrates the 50th anniversary of the chain’s coffee shop, The Company announced on Wednesday.

The cup’s gift-inspired exterior is “playful swirls of sparkling ribbons dancing against a sparkling sky.

Starbucks Holiday Reusable Cups: How to get free Starbucks Red Cup Thursday

Starbucks’ free cup offer is available Thursday with any handcrafted holiday or fall beverage (hot, iced, or blended) including Apple Crisp Macchiato (, Caramel Brulee Latte, Chestnut Praline Latte, Hot Chocolate, Irish Cream Cold Brew, Peppermint Hot Chocolate, Peppermint Mocha, Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Sugar Cookie Almondmilk Latte, Toasted White Hot Chocolate, and Toasted White Chocolate Mocha.

Starbucks Christmas Blend coffee brewed as well as the Christmas Starbucks Reserve are not included.

Chief marketing officer at Starbucks, Brady Brewer, said: “As we build on our excellent beginning to the Christmas season, we’re thrilled to continue our red cup giveaway with reusable cups for the fourth year in a row.

Brewer stated: “The reusable red cup has become a tradition for customers each holiday season and is a step towards reducing single-use cup waste as we work towards our planet-positive goals.”

Handcrafted Holiday or Fall Beverage


Apple Crisp Macchiato

Caramel Brulee Latte

Chestnut Praline Latte

Hot Chocolate

Irish Cream Cold Brew

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Peppermint Mocha

Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Sugar Cookie Almond Milk Latte

Toasted White Hot Chocolate

Toasted White Chocolate Mocha

How Customer Respond On Starbucks holiday reusable cups

Starbucks Holiday Reusable Cups By #candyviida

Starbucks said:

Starbucks Christmas Blend Starbucks Christmas Blend coffee and the Christmas Starbucks Reserve beverage aren’t included in the new deal, according to the company.

The cup is available for all kinds of purchases, such as mobile pickup and curbside pickup.

The cup is available for delivery orders through Uber Eats. Patrons are advised to use the Uber Eats app for availability and limitations.

If you bring your plastic cup for their drink, also get the benefit of a $0.10 discount off the purchase.

It is “currently testing safe options for allowing personal reusable cups in the drive-thru, but for now, personal reusable cups are only accepted inside stores.”

How Customer Respond On Starbucks holiday reusable cups

Starbucks Limited Edition Holiday Reusable Cup 2021 By #Brunetteprincesse

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The evolution began on the 25th anniversary of “Tamagotchi” The parade is also ignited by the sound of the boom.





Tamagotchi has caused an explosion in popularity and has even become an internet sensation. On 23rd April, the 25th anniversary of its launch, the game grew and is now booming.

A procession is held in Harajuku, Tokyo, on the 23rd. However, it was a procession that took place back. At that moment, “Tamagotchi” caused a phenomenon in the world of social media.

The sale of lottery tickets was filled with people. Everyone is obsessed with the tangled “eggs” which die when you care for them.

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It is believed that around 40 million units were sold within the two years since the release.

Tamagotchi was first coined through expanding two things:

The “watch” in an egg with an actual wristwatch. In the last twenty-five years, it’s changed into a wristwatch—origin decline. You can respond by speaking into the microphone or using the touch.

Apple Watch: It is believed to carry the look of a smartwatch similar to the Apple Watch. The family purchased Tamagotchi.

The first Tamagotchi generation father (45): “(Q. Did you not raise?) If you’re not careful, (Tamagotchi) will get sick and turn into an skull mark, a well as a grave pop up.” Son (20): “This is the first version. It is what I’m doing. “Mother (45):” (Q. What is your child’s love for the same thing? Happy I went today, as I’ve did not get to it.

Bandai The Network Toy Erika Yasuda Planning Department: 

Some people have been enjoying it for generations after 25 years. You should take a look at the development.”

Tamagotchi was granted a 25-year extension after its first release.

The most current “Tamagotchi” to go on sale on 23rd April can be carried and used as smartwatches, and the more you interact with it, whether you touch or call out to it, your conversations will increase.

Can have, and you’ll be able to recall the preferences of the user. It’s known as Tamagotchi.

The new “Tamagotchi” is like a wristwatch User’s Taste

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AMD Stock Shares Is Up At 10% After Company Wins Facebook Business [New Data Center Chips]




AMD stock

Yes! It is true that AMD Stock is high upto 10% and win the Facebook business.

AMD Stock shares rose by 10% Monday following the company announced that it has was awarded Meta, previously called Facebook as a chip client.

The announcements will help strengthen AMD’s position against rivals. Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)( is on the verge of stealing market share away from Intel since cloud service providers such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Google uses AMD’s chip to manage their cloud services. AMD has seen some advantages in performance over rival Intel processors over the last few years.

AMD Stock has announced Meta Platforms, the parent company of the social network Facebook is the most recent hyperscale cloud service to use AMD’s central processing units called Epyc, also known as CPUs. AMD already provides processors to cloud computing providers like Amazon, Microsoft and Alphabet-owned Google.

AMD stock

AMD stock

The supply chain issues were metaverse plans by the CEO of AMD “Lisa Su” on Facebook.

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The month before, AMD CEO Lisa Su stated that its chips for data centres grew by a third annually in its most recent period. The company accounts for 20% of the company’s revenues. The chips for data centres comprise AMD’s embedded semi-custom and enterprise segments which recorded $1.9 billion in revenue last quarter, an increase of 69% over the year.

Su stated on Monday that more details regarding its collaboration with Meta are scheduled to be debated later in the week at the Open Compute Project summit.

The Facebook win was unexpected as it had historically utilized Intel (INTC) processors. Rosenblatt Securities analyst Hans Mosesmann wrote a note to customers. He rates AMD Stock shares as a buy with a price target of 180.

AMD Instinct MI200 Series Accelerators:

AMD new accelerators server processors optimized for high-performance computing and artificial-intelligence workloads.

The company declared them to be “the very first class of exascale GPU accelerators.” AMD competes in the same space as Nvidia (NVDA) on GPUs.

AMD also showed the potential application of 3D chipset packaging technology in server CPUs.

AMD Epyc processors (3rd Gen) is equipped with AMD 3D V-Cache will offer an average of 50% improvement in performance across targeted computational tasks in technical computing. The new chips are expected to be released within the 1st quarter of 2022.

In additional,

AMD revealed more details on its data centre roadmap, including the fourth-generation Epyc processors.

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Arc Graphic Cards Price Hit By Intel Contest




Arc Graphics Cards

The Intel contest to highlight its Arc Graphics cards hint about pricing for two models for desktops. The company will give 300 Arc graphics cards in”Xe HPG,” or the “Xe HPG scavenger hunt,” that will begin on October 27.

Reddit User Noticed: The rules of the contest also outline the retail value of the prizes.

The most expensive prize worth $900 comes with a “Premium Intel Arc graphics card,” some corporate items, and six months Xbox Game Pass for the PC. In addition, the second prize includes the “Performance Intel Arc graphics card,” company-branded merchandise, as well as a three-month subscription for Xbox Game Pass for the PC with a total amount of $700.

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Microsoft Store. It’s unclear what products Intel will be offering. However, we know that the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership costs $44.99 for three months or $89.99 for a subscription of six months as per Microsoft Store.

These costs put cards on the upper end in the range. Contrary to AMD’s 6800 XT card begins at $649. At the same time, Nvidia’s RTX 3080 is available at $699 or more, despite the chip shortage and rising costs for logistics and tariffs imposed by the Trump administration have led to GPU prices increase over the last year.

If Intel provides more corporate gifts than anticipated, the price of the cards will fall further, making them in the same category as AMD’s RTX 3070 card and AMD’s 6700 XTcard, which have a starting price of $499 and $479, and $479, respectively.

Another aspect that is fascinating about the contest is that it will run through April 29, 2022.

Intel has announced plans to introduce its Arc graphics card in the first quarter of next year’s fiscal year. However, the nature of the launch, which will comprise laptop and desktop GPUs, is not known.

The company intends to give 100 participants the prize and 200 others for the second prize. The scavenger hunt entails answering ten questions throughout the following weeks to earn points. The ones with the highest points win the most significant rewards. For those who want to know the answers, Intel plans on providing clues via Twitter from Intel, the top executives.

The Contest Rules

The registration of a Twitter login isn’t necessary as all tweets will be made that are not signed into Twitter.

If you’re the first to respond to a question.

You can earn a maximum of 5000 points.

Intel has opened the competition to customers in the US and other parts of Europe and Asia.

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