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Why Google App Crush on Android Device? How To Fix it? [2021 Update]




Google keeps stopping

Google keep crushing on my Android device since the last security patch update on the Android One device. Why this happens, and what is the reason I don’t know, but the thing that clicks in my mind is the current version QPTS30.61-18-16-11 (Security patch level) updated on June 1, 2021. The device was not rooted which we say that the Google app is crashing because of it. Since the security patch level update, I remove the entire recent app installed from the official Google Play store.

Windows solution to Fix crash app/stop code driver failure SynTP.sys

I never use the third party app which causes damage to my device software or any app. But still, I am facing this problem and many other Android users across the regions. Some users also updated the internet about Google app version is why the Google app crashed.

It was not confirmed, but the irritating notification repeatedly appears on my Android phone screen “Google Keeps Stopping”. When this notification appears, there are three option shows on the crash box “App info”, “Close app”, “Send feedback”. For the first time, I tap on the “Close app” option, but multiples time, it appears after a second; then, I tap on “Send feedback” and wrote to Google authority about this notification.

Google keeps stopping

Google keeps stopping

Still, no response from Google and this Google keeps stopping notification appears on the screen, which let me do nothing. So I decide to disable the app.

How To Disable Google App On Android Device.

It is understood that when we disable Google app, we will experience a loss of most of the Google functions & features that we use in daily life and some of them are discussed below. But it is the part to fix the Google app crash on your Android device.

To disable the Google app on your Android 10, go to Settings > Apps & Notification > tap on “see all (total number of install apps) apps”. Please scroll down to the Google app and tap on it. App info appears on the screen, and tap on the “Disable” option in between to force stop and open options.

Google keeps stopping

Google keeps stopping

What Happen When I Disable Google App On My Android Device?

Disable the Google app is not the solution but only to get rid of the “Google Keeps Stopping” notifies box that constantly appears on my device. When I disable the Google app on my Android device following function and features are stopped.

  • Google lens features disappear on the Camera app and even Google search widgets bar that is a shortcut and appears on the home screen.
  • Google news which appears when we drag on the home screen to the last left, was not showing.
  • No “Ok Google” voice feature was working.
  • These were some of the features and functionality that I notify when I disable the Google app but how to fix it.

So I did some research and discussed with the Android app developers about the Google app crash on my Android device. We got the solution, and this helps me to stop the notification.

How To Fix Google App Crash Notification “Google Keeps Stopping” On Android Device [2021 Update]

To fix the Google crash app and stop the Google keeps stopping notification that appears without your concern on your Android device, you need to follow these steps.

Note: First, you have to disable the app as we discuss in the above method, it will help to stop that notification, and you can follow the instruction without any disturbance.

This Method is tried on the Android 10 version, Device Motorola One Power P30 Note.

Step#1. On your Android device, go to setting.

Step#2. Tap on “Apps & Notification”

Fixing Google Apps Crashed

Fixing Google Apps Crashed

Step#3. Tap on “See all apps.”

Fixing Google Apps Crashed

Fixing Google Apps Crashed

Step#4. Please scroll down and find Google App; once found, tap on it to open app info. (The app are arranged in alphabetic order so go in the “G” section by scroll down fast to get the app)

Fixing Google Apps Crashed

Fixing Google Apps Crashed

Step#5. In-app info tab on “Storage & Cache.”

Fixing Google Apps Crashed

Fixing Google Apps Crashed

Step#6. You will see the Google version “” storage. Here tap on “Clear cache”, and Google search storage page will appear, where it will confirm that by cleaning “CLEAR GOOGLE SEARCH DATA” and “CLEAR ALL DATA” will remove everything such as search, feed and Google launch data on your device. Tap on it to clear it.

Fixing Google Apps Crashed

Fixing Google Apps Crashed

Step#7. Go back and tap on the “Clear storage” options; this will remove all the stored cache into your device temp files.

Fixing Google Apps Crashed

Fixing Google Apps Crashed

Step#8. Close all setting and go to the home screen.

Step#7. Press and hold for a 2-second power button until the restart option appears on the screen. Tap on the “Restart” device option. It will appear as safe mode, continue it and restart. You will notice that the device will take some more time to restart than normal reboot device timing.

Step#8. Once the device restarts, you are at the “Safe Mode” all the apps installed into your device will be stopped; again, restart the device to normal mode, and it will unlock all the apps installed into it your device.

Step#9. Now go to setting and enable the Google App, and you will get everything at normal back again. Your Google Keeps stopping Google crash notification will not appear again, and all the function and features will be in a working position.

In this way, you can fix the Google App Crash, including the unexpected notification “Google keeps notification” disappears.


It is not the everyday problems that make Android users disturb, and developers should know that not every user is an expert in Google app fixing. So when this type of error happens, they fix it as fast as possible to satisfy their millions of Android users. We hope that the above method will help you to fix the issue, and don’t forget to share your experience in the comment box.

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Why Screen Burn Mostly Appears On Samsung Galaxy Devices [2021 Update]




screen burn fix

If you’re spending enough time debating the pros and cons of LCD as opposed to OLED display technology, eventually, someone will touch on the topic of the dreaded OLED screen burn-in. The argument is OLED displays are bound to be plagued by ugly artifacts over time, while LCDs and innovative technologies like Mini-LED don’t. However, like many of these discussions, you’ll likely be hearing as many exaggerated stories as there are facts concerning the subject.

You have experienced it yourself. However, many users are concerned about the risk of burn-in when they consider the next smartphone purchase. Particularly as the more expensive flagships are now all-inclusive of OLED screen technology. Apple, Google, and other manufacturers recognize that burn-in may be a concern in some cases. OLED technology has been introduced to lower prices in recent times and has put the issue on the radar of even more customers.

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Does My Samsung screen burn warranty claim?

Screen Burn is not the broken or damaged device. As the term screen burn is used for the display, technically, fault caused by OLED screen color fade or display over headed due to software and display features appears on screen while not using the device. Samsung should accept the warranty as it is to drop or water damage screen. So you can claim the warranty of your Samsung Galaxy device.

Why do we use the term Screen Burn?

“Screen Burn” is a term used to describe a display that has permanent “Screen Burn” to describe a screen that is afflicted by permanent discoloration over any portion of the panel. It can be in the form of an outline of text or an image. It can also show the fade of colors and other visible designs or patches on display. The display is still functioning like normal; however, an obvious color or image remains even when the screen is off.

To be considered screen burn-in in the first place, these effects must be permanent and an error by the hardware that displays, instead of a glitch in the graphics that can cause a problem with software image retention, problems with the circuitry used by the display driver.

Which type of Display Panel LCD/OLED Cause Screen Burn?

In most cases, OLED displayed caused screen burn because of the updated display features that constantly appear while not using the device. In such a case, the screen got burned, and some spot or discoloration appeared on the screen.

The old CRT monitors had phosphor compounds that released light that produced images, increasing their brightness as they aged. LCD panels may also experience similar issues. However, they are fewer of them due to the nature of the backlight of LCD and the color matrix designs.

What is the cause o screen burn on Android devices?

The main reason for screen burn is the changing lifecycle of the display’s components that produce light. As they age, their brightness alters, and consequently, the panel’s color rendering changes with time. Every display will experience certain changes in their color when they get older, but this can be lessened by smart software. However, with burn-in certain areas of the screen will age more quickly than other areas. The result is that the perceived shades for the screens in one region are more than others and leave what appears to be ghost images in the background.

With the advancement of smartphone and smartwatch technologies, screen burn-in may be a consequence of the differing life spans of the green, red, as well as blue subpixels of LED that are used to create OLED panels as we’ve already mentioned that regions of the screen that do not change or are bright white or are usually dark and off, like navigation buttons and the notification bar, will be among the top places to be affected by this issue. You might also begin to notice the result on darkened status bars that are designed to conceal the display’s notches.


screen burn fix

screen burn fix

How To Fix Screen Burn Display Easy Method In 2021

Note: Make sure there is only a Screen Burn issue, not screens broken; otherwise, you have to replace the screen to eliminate any discoloration.


We already discuss why screen burn happened and how you can avoid it. In this method, we will explain, most importantly, how you can fix it.

Before you go with the process to fix screen burn, you need to know some important points that will help you understand why this happened.

Why did this happen? Screen burning can happen because of your status bar and navigation keys. When the same thing is displayed all the time, the same LED-powered constantly. After a while, those LEDs will lose some of these colors. It will cause screen burn effects.

It may take years, and sometimes users also complain about screen burn-in in just two months on their brand new phones.

How to Stop Screen Burning? [Precaution]

If you purchase a new phone and don’t want the screen burn-in, you need to take the necessary precautions to avoid the problem.

  1. Keep your screen brightness low as possible. Use max brightness only when you use your phone in direct sunlight.
  2. Keep changing your phone wallpapers, or you can use the dark color wallpapers. Do not use the static image on the screen for a long time. (You have noticed that Samsung change its display clock position every time you unlock your screen)
  3. If your phone has gesture navigation, then turn of navigation when you get the phone.
  4. Switch to dark mode as you are on android 9 or upgrade version. Even some of the third-party apps also support the dark mode. Use it where ever you can.

So without wasting time, let’s start the process of screen burns fix on Android devices.

Step#1. Download and install an app called Amoled screen burn fix.

Note: It is a third-party app so go with your choice.

To download, click on screen burn-in AMOLED and follow the instruction to install the app into your Android device.

Step#2. Once the app is installed successfully, tap on the app icon to launch the app.

Step#3. App open, tap on “Test Burn-in,” and AMOLED burn-in fixer will appear.

Step#4. You might see the hint of navigation keys. Now go to fix burn-in and tap on “Enable colors” > Visibility enhancements.

Step#5. Enable “Negative colures,” notification appears “Turn off Edge lighting” tap on “OK” button.

Step#6. Go back to the app, select “Navigation bar” and “hide setting.” It will turn your screen black.

Note: This process is reversing the colures that are burn-in.

Step#7. Keep the black screen for 30 minutes every day until the burn-in shades are off completely.

Enjoy your OLED screen without a burn-in display.


If you’re worried about this problem, there are various ways to adapt to prolong the lifespan of your display and prevent the common ghosting effect.

Step#1. Make sure that your display’s brightness is at an acceptable level. A higher brightness demands more power and, consequently reduces LED life. Do not increase to the maximum brightness level unless the need to.

Step#2. Reduce the duration of your screen-off timer. The screen is turned off whenever you’re not in use will block static images from showing.

Step#3. Use Dark Mode, if supported. A darker interface decreases the amount of light and also helps LEDs last longer.

Step#4. Make use of Immersive Mode If it’s, there is one. The notification bar is hidden as static icons cannot be displayed. You can also choose one with the same feature and a hidden navigation bar and drawer options for apps.

Step#5. Choose wallpaper with darker shades and then change it from time to time.

Step#6. It is possible to use keyboards with darker colors to avoid color loss on the lower part of the screen.

Step#7. If you use an app for navigation frequently for long distances, select one that doesn’t include many bright static elements of the interface.

Step#8. Change to gesture navigation, and drop on the keys in case the phone supports it. It will prevent burning into the lower edge side of your screen.

How OLED Displayed Made Up Of?

OLED displays consist of green, red, and blue LEDs. However, the various colors have distinct durations. The problem with blue LEDs is they possess considerably less luminous power than green or red pixels. It means that for the same size pixel, blue LEDs have to be powered by the greater current to attain the similar brightness of green or red. A higher current causes the pixel’s brightness to decline quicker, which reduces its life span and, consequently, changing the display’s color towards green and red hues. So, if the OLED display’s color won’t change uniformly, it will eventually be a red/green tint.


Screen burn-in isn’t something that should be a concern for many people when considering buying a brand new OLED Smartphone. Modern LCDs have longer life spans than the earlier OLED smartphones significantly. Make sure you don’t keep a static image in the display all day by setting the brightness to the maximum, and you’ll be able to take advantage of your displays for a long time without any issue. If you are looking for how to fix screen burn on s9 then above method works to fix the screen burn-in.

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Google is currently working on foldable Pixel phone prototypes




Google is currently working on foldable Pixel phone prototypes

Samsung might have only had its first, high profile foldable phone fire in an awkward fashion, but that is not stopping other businesses from looking into the tech. Ahead of its I/O developer summit, Google says it is also looking into high-tech technology and continues to be prototyping foldable screens for quite a while, based on CNET.

“We’re definitely prototyping the technology. We’ve been doing it for a long time,” Mario Queiroz, Google’s Pixel growth guide, informed CNET a week at a meeting. In accordance with Querioz, nevertheless, “I don’t think there’s a clear use case yet.”

That means we should not anticipate a foldable Pixel anytime soon, or perhaps ever. “We are prototyping foldable screens and several other new hardware technology, and don’t have any related merchandise announcements to make at that moment,” Querioz stated in a follow-up announcement.

That Google will be looking into foldables isn’t so much of a surprise. The business revealed native Android service for foldable screens last November before their official Samsung Galaxy Fold show the exact same month. But given how tightly that the Apple playbook is followed closely, it is rare that technology firms in the cell hardware match specifically affirm that they are looking to fresh, exciting layouts.

Since Asian telephone manufacturers started displaying official foldable products, there has been a good deal of hype around the special form factor and what type of intriguing new devices it might herald. And long before the official goods were shown earlier this season, mostly at Mobile World Congress in February, companies such as LG and Samsung are steadily showing off model developments and demonstrating how folding or roll-up screens may function. In CES, LG impressed the business as it introduced its brand new jelqing, 65-inch 4K TV, along with a reasonable amount of Samsung’s historical work on bendable displays has made its way to products such as the Galaxy Edge line.

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Samsung wasn’t quite as blessed in the full-size foldable department. After getting itself a reasonable number of positive media coverage for coming first on the scene using a top foldable version of its Galaxy smartphone, the firm soon discovered how delicate and unprepared its variant of this hardware was when inspection units shipped out to journalists started breaking in unexpected manners a month. The business has since pushed the launch date forever to iron out kinks in the display Tech.

Hopefully, Google requires time and does not push an official foldable Pixel telephone until its ready for prime time.


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Google’s latest Android Auto version features new dark mode and much more




Google's latest Android Auto version features new dark mode and much more

Android Auto has become a little refresh, as Google announced a new version of its smartphone-powered infotainment system before the organization’s I/O developer conference this week. Due out this summer, it is assumed to be intuitive, actionable, and should demand fewer taps to get things done — and it is going to sport a brand new default dark fashion motif.

The highlight of this Android auto design refresh is a brand new, more lively persistent navigation bar in the base of the user interface. Instead of simply static white buttons on a dark backdrop, the newest version makes it possible for some apps to basically take over a part of the navigation bar, allowing for more compact control without requiring the driver to change to the entire program in question.

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By way of instance, if you are using Google Maps to navigate to a destination, but do not have the entire program open on the display, the new navigation bar will demonstrate another step at the turn-by-turn directions. Or in case you’ve got the entire map view available, but there is music playing in the background, the navigation bar will surface play/pause/ skills controls for apps like Spotify. (Google states “all media apps” will have the ability to make the most of the from the gate so long as they are approved for Android Auto.)

The more recent navigation bar also includes one-tap accessibility to Google Assistant, and it moves the house button all the way into the left (rather than in the centre ) so it is somewhat less of a hit. Notifications from the notification center have more available activities, and the program launcher’s layout was tidied up also.

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The purpose of this refresh, based on Android car product manager Rod Lopez, will be to “help you get on the road faster, show more useful information at a glance and simplify common tasks while driving.” So along with the design changes mentioned above, Google states the upgraded Android Automobile can automatically continue to play with media and will open up “your navigation app of choice” when you plug in your phone to the vehicle.


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