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Foreign buyers Canada real estate as the Federal budget includes housing plan and defense




Foreign buyers Canada real estate

Now we are back again with another piece of news; today’s news is about Foreign buyers of Canadian real estate where the Federal budget includes a $10B housing plan and $8B for defense.

As Canadians confront a price of living crisis, the issue of affordability in housing will be a significant focus of Thursday’s budget.


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From making it impossible for foreigners to buy homes within Canada over the next two years to launching the tax-free savings account for first-time buyers, The Government is looking to fulfill several 2021 Liberal campaign promises in the budget 2022.

This budget comes at a time of significant international and economic turmoil; Deputy Prime Minister, as well as Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland has concentrated a lot in the budget on how the federal government could do to combat the housing slump and the shortage of inventory, as well as the rising prices.

Foreign buyers Canada real estate

Foreign buyers Canada real estate

In addition to spending approximately 10 billion dollars over five years to fund the housing package overall. It will introduce new policies to boost the number of homes available and aid those getting a huge price increase from foreign buyers, such as closing foreign buyers out of the market.

The ban on foreign buyers will apply to condominiums, apartment buildings, and single residential properties. Permanent residents, foreign workers, and students are excluded from this new rule, and foreigners purchasing their primary residence in Canada are exempt from this new measure.

Foreign buyers Canada real estate

Foreign buyers Canada real estate

The policy change:

The policy change will be enacted into law that will give the government the power to prescribe penalties and potentially judiciary abilities to deal with cases of non-compliance, according to a source in the government. There’s no cost associated with this foreign buyer measure at the moment.

Of the many housing-focused pledges in the party’s platform, The Liberals said they would cooperate with the provinces and territories to control better foreign buyers’ involvement in Canada’s housing market.

Canadian marketplace for housing:

Within the Budget, Liberals are also planning to introduce a brand innovative “Tax-Free First Home Savings Account,” which should, if it complies with the Liberal platform, allow Canadians under 40 years old to save up to $40,000 toward their first home.

To reduce the time needed to pay for a down amount, first-time homebuyers will be able to take this money tax-free and use it towards their first home without spending it, as per the Liberal platform.

The hefty housing portion of the budget for Thursday is $4 billion for helping municipalities improve their permit and zoning systems to speed up the construction of residential homes; $1 billion to fund the construction of affordable homes as well as $1.5 billion for loans as well as funds for housing cooperatives.

The $4 billion allocated to municipalities is a way of addressing some of the housing aspects in the Liberal-NDP package. The confidence-and-supply agreement included a pledge to move ahead with “launching a Housing Accelerator Fund.”

It is the context of the Liberal platform commitment that is designed to encourage the construction of housing by cutting bureaucratic red tape and constructing new digital systems related to municipal planning, zoning, and permitting procedures.

Foreign buyers Canada real estate

Foreign buyers Canada real estate

It is unclear what number of dwelling units are to be built in these spending plans.

An official from the Government speaking Said:

The aim is to maintain the houses that are in Canada for Canadians.

$8 billion for defense during pressure

As the countries of the alliance face constant tension to confront Russia’s destructive and deadly attacks on Ukraine and strengthen North American defense systems, the federal government’s budget is set to increase defense expenditure.

One of the news channel has confirmed that the Department of National Defense’s budget will increase by about $8 billion. However, it won’t be allotted in one calendar year.

The drive to significantly increase spending on defense was granted an eleventh-hour but not accounting-alerting push on Wednesday, as Parliament’s House of Commons passed a Conservative motion calling on that the federal government “at the very least” attain the NATO budget target.

Foreign buyers Canada real estate

Foreign buyers Canada real estate

House demands Canada to achieve NATO defense spending targets on the budget day:

The anticipated increase in military spending isn’t enough to be enough to satisfy those who want Canada to comply with the NATO commitment to allocate 2 percent of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for defense and security, setting the Liberals to engage in a lively debate on the future of politics post-budget.

To reach the 2 percent, Canada has spent 1.36 percent of its GDP in the last fiscal year, according to the most recent data. The Parliamentary Budget Office has calculated that the government will need to reserve between $20 and $25 billion annually.

It isn’t the only part of the budget that the Liberals face the pressure of other parties. Freeland’s budget 2, and the one since the previous federal election, sent Prime Premier Justin Trudeau back to Ottawa with a minority government. It also has to consider a range of other considerations that go beyond the campaign promises.

Foreign buyers Canada real estate

Foreign buyers Canada real estate

The Excessive Spending of the Government:

From contending with the Conservatives’ focus on the rising cost of living and recent record-high inflation rates to this newly inked confidence-and-supply agreement with the NDP, the Liberals are being called to spend more while also tamping down on excessive government spending.

There are many things New Democrats are looking for from Freeland, the first phase of a national dental program, possibly more money to develop a nationwide pharmacy program, additional funding to tackle the strains caused by pandemics on the health care system and more climate change-related measures.

RAISING REVENUES and addressing the deficiency

Alongside outlining new strategies to spend taxpayer funds, Thursday’s budget will include measures designed to increase government revenue.

One method CTV News has learned this could be done is by imposing a surtax on financial institutions that have made massive profits during the epidemic. As they must share their earnings, the largest chartered banks and the biggest insurance companies will have the corporate tax rate rise. The amount they have to pay will be outlined inside the budget.

In their platform for the 2021 election in their 2021 election platform, the Liberals promised to impose an additional 3 percent surtax on insurers and banks who made more than one billion dollars each year. The Liberals predicted that the tax would bring in around $1.2 billion annually and total $3.6 billion in three years, only a small portion of the new costs.

The Federal budget includes a surtax on big banks’ pandemic profits:

While the government looks at the bank’s earnings from the pandemic, the COVID-19 outbreak isn’t yet on the horizon.

Following the previous federal budget, which saw the government spending hundreds of billions of dollars trying to help Canada’s economy recover, the budget is being presented when Canada is facing another rise in cases.

In the December 2021 update on fiscal policy, the government projected the deficit to be $58.4 billion for 2022-23. It was falling each year following. Recent economic growth and rising oil prices could help boost the government’s budget; however, the extent is yet to be determined.

After abandoning their promise a few earlier this year to avoid running deficits of more than $10 billion and to return to a balanced budget by 2019, the Liberals haven’t yet presented the budget with the steps needed to achieve this target. Instead, they’ve repeatedly referred to Canada’s debt-to-GDP ratio, which measures the size of the deficit concerning the economy, as an essential indicator for the economy.

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MyCuinfo Login @ University of Colorado Boulder [Secure Portal]





As for connectivity with the University of Colorado, students and staff are allowed to connect through the online portal Mycuinfo. It helps them get regular updates about the university by logging in with the CU portal.

If you are also part of Colorado University, you also had login access. If not, then contact the admin department for further assistance. Meanwhile, those who already have the login details can use the guide below to access my cu login account.


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How To Change MyCuinfo Account Password

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Step#2. Follow the instruction to reset or change your current login password.

Once all is down, you can go to the login page and enter your new password to access the University of Colorado portal.

How To Activate MyCuinfo Account [Old Student] Claim Account

Step#1. Open the mycuinfo boulder URL into a web browser.

Step#2. Page load, choose the option “Student,” “Faculty or Staff Member,” or “Sponsored Affiliate,” and then click the “next” button

Step#3. As you choose the option in step#2, you will receive the information asked. Follow the instruction to complete the process.

Once you activate your account, go to the login page and enter login details to get into the CU account.

Suggestion: Once you choose the option, you have to go through these steps (User Details / Usage Policy / Security Questions / Create Password / Your IdentiKey) to complete the process.


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Police hunt at least two suspects after Sacramento shooting six shot dead





Now we are back again with another piece of news; today’s news is about the Sacramento shooting, which causes 6 people dead. What action did the police take after this incident? And the whole story behind this shooting incident is here.

Police in California needs help finding the culprits behind the shootings that broke out following “large fighting”.

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Authorities of Sacramento, California, are looking for at least two suspects after six persons were killed and 10 injured in a shooting in the city’s downtown area early on Sunday morning.

Kathy Lester (chief of the Sacramento police department) stated:

In a news conference, police were in the area around 2 am after hearing shots. They discovered an enclave of people gathered on the street and six dead as they reached their location.

She also stated at an event for journalists:

We know that a considerable altercation took place before the shooting, and we’ve confirmed that the shooting took place in multiple locations.

There were three males and three women who died. She didn’t identify one of them. Ten others either left on their own or were taken to hospitals. There was no information on the condition of those in the hospital.

Sergeant Zach Eaton Said: (a police department spokesperson for the department)

Investigators believe there were two shooters. The suspects were in hiding, and authorities claimed they’d recovered at least one weapon and were looking over video footage uploaded to social media that showed what appeared as an argument before the gunfire began to erupt.

Eaton stated:

Detectives were trying to determine the sequence of events before the shooting. They aren’t sure if the conflict led to the incident.

Authorities are asking the assistance of the public to identify those accountable.

Lester said that this was a complicated and intricate scene. Is asking for witnesses or anyone who has recordings from the scene to contact the police.

Police have provided few details regarding the incident, but they did say an extensive police presence is expected to remain, and the site is still active.

Some blocks were cordoned off by police and dotted with red and blue cones of plastic used to mark the evidence. Family members waited outside police lines to find out about missing loved family members.

Pamela Harris said her daughter telephoned her at 2.15 am to inform her that her son, 38, Sergio, had been murdered and killed in the nightclub.

Harris said:

She told me he had died, and I collapsed. She’s still waiting for official confirmation from the police, noting that I cannot leave immediately until I am aware of what’s happening. I’m not leaving here, and it’s almost like a nightmare.

Residents were advised to stay away from the area, which is crowded with bars and restaurants that lead into the Golden One Center, where the Sacramento Kings play basketball.

Local politicians responded with shock statements.

Katie Valenzuela (local council member) said:

At around 2.30 am, I received the call that no elected official was looking for another shooting. More lives were lost, and the epidemic of gun violence has impacted our community.

Darrell Steinberg (The Sacramento mayor) stated:

I can’t even convey my sadness and shock this morning. The number of people killed and injured is hard to comprehend; the rising rate of gun violence is a scourge of our state, city, and nation, and I support all efforts to curb the number of victims.

One of the residents described arriving at the location. Berry Accius, of youth mentorship nonprofit The Sacramento’s Voice of the Youth, stated that he observed a “chaotic” situation, TV station KXTV said.

Most of the victims had blood, watching families who didn’t know whether their loved ones were alive and running around trying to understand the cause and people in shock, in confusion,” Accius told the TV station.

The shootings at Sacramento occurred as a separate incident in Dallas, Texas, where one person was killed and ten others injured in a shooting at a concert held outdoors on a Saturday night. The police have not made any arrests.

Sacramento Shooting On Twitter Social Media 3rd April 2022

The video on Twitter shows people running across the streets with the sound of rapid gunfire being seen as the backdrop. The footage also showed that ambulances were dispatched to the location.


Crannofonix – Replying to @SacPolice

A man was killed in Sacramento and killed his three daughters and another person in an area church.

The recent shootings come just in the last month, two victims were killed and two wounded on a bus used for public transportation located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In February, three people, including the gunman, died in the shootout in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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How To MS EPPICard Login, Child Support, Pennsylvania Eppicard, Al Vantage Card Account




ms eppicard

MS Eppicard is a simple way to spend your money by presenting your debit card. The MS Eppicard, also called the Eppicard ePayment Card, is used for the Department of Human Services, Division of Economic Assistance Cardholders, Division of Child Support Enforcement Cardholders, and Department of Family & Children’s Services Adoption Subsidy and Foster Care Cardholders.

As well as the Department of Employment Security to pay out benefits and payments to the recipients. In MS EPPICard, funds are an automatically loaded card, making cash access simple.

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About ms eppicard:

The cards are sold by the MasterCard brand and can be used any place MasterCard debit Cards are accepted. The card can obtain cash at any ATM with MasterCard(r) and Cirrus(r) symbol. It also permits users to withdraw cash in Hancock, Regions, and Trustmark Bank ATMs without any fee.

MS Eppicard Benefits:

It can be used to make purchases anywhere MasterCard Debit Cards are accepted. 

Get cash at any ATM displaying the MasterCard or Cirrus.

There is no charge for cash recessions at Hancock, Regions, and Trustmark Bank ATMs. 

Get available balance and sale history online or by phone. 

Contact Dispatch Support is available online for all your Client Service Questions24/7. 

How To MS EPPICard Login

Step#1. Open the eppicard ms login URL into a web browser.

Step#2. Enter your login details to get access to your account.

How To Register EppiCard Child Support

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Step#2. Enter all the information asked to the provided field.

Step#3. Click the “submit” button, and the system will verify all the information you provide and then send you an email where you can create your login password.

Once done, go to the login page and enter your login detail to get access to your child support program.

How To Login Pennsylvania Eppicard

Step#1. Open Pennsylvania eppi card login ms URL into a web browser.

Step#2. Enter login details to get access to your eppicard account.

How To Access Al Vintage Card Account

Step#1. Open Al Vantage ms eppicard URL into web browser

Step#2. Enter the information asked to the provided field.

Step#3. Click the “Submit” button.

As you enter all the information correctly, you can access your al vantage card account.

Now you can manage your account.

Why ms the eppicard login portal is not working?

The MS EPPICard has now moved to the Way2Go Card.

How to Activate the Way 2 Go Card

To spark your Way2Go Disbenefit MasterCard ® and start entering your Severance Insurance (UI) payments, call the risk-free phone number at1-855-709-1077 or1-855-709-1079. You can also spark your Severance Disbenefit Card through the GoProgram Mobile Application on your smartphone. 

How To Login ms eppicard On Android & iOS Through Way2Go Card App

As we already discussed, that ms eppicard is moved to way2Go Card, so you can install the app and get access to your account through the app on your Android or iOS. 

MS eppicard Way2Go Card Apple App

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MS eppicard Way2Go Card Android App

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