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Elden Ring update 1.03 patch notes to nerf the most powerful Ash summon




Elden Ring update 1.03 patch

Now we are back again with another news; today’s news is about the video game that has updated its patch notes. Yes! Elden Ring updates 1.03 patches have been released, and what the developers have revealed new updates? You can see in details here.

Its Mimic Tear Ash now does minor damage. The Sword of Night and Flame has also been upgraded to a balance pass.

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Elden Ring is the hottest game currently, and to keep the fun going, FromSoftware has released update 1.03 and some juicy patch notes.

If you’ve been putting in all of your time into this year’s game of the year rival, you’ll want to know the bugs that have been addressed, what items were improved, and which items were given a slight bump.

Take a look at below the v1.03 update notes on Elden Ring in the following article.

The Elden Ring patch notes come via Bandai Namco. Some players may notice that they are running a new update that they can download every time they start the game.

Check whether your game is running the correct version by checking the lower right corner of the screen to see the menu that appears in front of you. Let’s review some of the v1.03 patches notes.

Additional elements added:

A function was added to save an icon and names of NPC in the maps whenever you come across the NPC.

The NPC Jar-Bairn was added to the.

The quest phase has been updated for these NPCs Diallosor Nepheli Louxor Kenneth Haight/ Gatekeeper Gostoc.

The NPCs have been summoned in a variety of scenarios.

Increased the variety of objects players can imitate with Mimic’s Veil.

Music for the night has been added to some open fields.

Elden Ring update 1.03 patch

Elden Ring update 1.03 patch

Elden Ring v1.03 patch notes Bug Fixed:

A bug that stopped summoned NPCs from suffering damage during certain boss fights was fixed.

It has fixed a glitch that stopped players from getting an item following the boss battle.

A bug was fixed that caused dialog to be skipped when speaking to NPCs and when using customized key configurations.

A bug was fixed that caused the rider to freeze while riding.

A bug was fixed that caused the arcane to scale improperly for certain weapons.

If the player cannot obtain more than two talisman bags, Add a talisman pouch to the Twin Maiden Husks’s shop collection.

A bug was fixed that stopped users from advancing to grace sites in the game at the conclusion in the course of play.

A bug was fixed that stopped players from going to the next zone after fighting The Fire Giant.

They corrected a glitch that caused certain weapons to exhibit an incorrect scaling when they were strengthened.

A bug was fixed that caused certain weapons not to use stat scaling.

Fixed hang-ups on certain occasions.

Correction of a bug incorrectly displaying the boundaries of multiplayer during online play.

It has fixed a glitch that allowed the player to activate Erdtree Greatshield’s weapon skills without having to absorb an attack by using the combination of an item and incantation.

A bug was fixed that caused the Fire’s Deadly Sin magic to have a different effect.

It corrected a glitch in Ash of War, Determination, and Royal Knight’s Resolve, where the damage buff also applies to other weapons that do not have this ability.

I modified the visual effect of the Unseen Form spell.

The game has been removed this Ragged armor from play, which was not available in the earlier patch.

Correction of a bug causes certain antagonistic NPCs to drop the Furlcalling Finger Remedy.

A bug was fixed that can cause an error in the sound effect in certain situations.

A fixed bug caused visual animation and hitboxes do not to appear correctly on specific maps.

Correction of bugs that cause incorrect behavior and visual for certain enemies.

Correction of a problem that caused an incorrect stat parameter for specific armor.

Text corrections.

Other improvements to performance and bugs fixed.

Balance Changes in Balance:

The drop rate for Smithing Stone for some enemies.

The shop has added Smithing Stone to some early game shop lineups.

Improved shield’s effectiveness.

Damage has been increased for all items with cracked or offensive cracks.

Damage was advanced of the items listed below, such as Spark Aromatic/Poison Spray mist.

Extended the duration of effect of the things The following items: Uplifting Aromaticand Ironjar Aromatic.

The healing of HP for Torrent is increased when you use the following items Rowa Raisin/ Sweet Raisin/ Frozen.

Consumption of FP decreased and increased the damage caused by the following spells: Glintstone Cometshard/ CometNight Comet Night Comet.

The following spells increased the damage: Gravity Well/ Collapsing StarsCrystal Barrage/ Crystal Barrage.

Elden Ring update 1.03 patch

Elden Ring update 1.03 patch

Reduced FP consumption of the following spells: Star Shower/ Rock BlasterThe Star Shower/ Rock Blaster Gavel of Haima/ Founding Rain of Stars Stars of Ruin/Greatblade Phalanx/Magic Downpour Loretta’s GreatbowLoretta’s Mastery/ Carian GreatswordCarian Greatsword Carian PiercerCarian Greatsword/Carian Piercer Shard Spiral.

It increased the projectile speed and capacity of the Great Glintstone Shard.

Reduced Ash of War, Hoarfrost Stomp’s damage, and increased cast time.

The increase in Ash of War, Bloody Slash’s self-inflicts damage, slightly lessening the damage and increasing the spell’s duration.

The reduced skill of weapon Sword of Night, the sword or Flame’s damaging.

Consumption of FP has increased, and the length of Ash of War, Barricade Shield.

Changed the timing of FP consumption for Ash of War, Prelate’s Charge.

The damage to spirit was reduced summoned by an items Mimic Tear Ash and changed the behavior of energy summoned.

Other weapon balance and enemy balance modifications to weapon balance and enemy

The version number for this update, which is displayed in the lower-right area on the Title Screen, will be as below:

App Ver. 1.03

Regulation Ver. 1.03.1

As you can see, many significant improvements are coming into Elden Ring with update 1.03. It is also substantial that NPCs are now marked on the map will be an enormous help to those struggling to keep track of where everyone is situated. Additionally, the fact that more NPCs are available to fight is a great thing. However, with the great news comes the bad. The most strong Ash on the planet (second in power only behind Aurelia and the Jellyfish), The Mimic Tear, is now modified. Are you a fan of these changes and updates? Tell us on our Chatty Thread below! Please visit our Shacknews Elden Ring website for tips and the most recent news.

Elden Ring v1.03 patch notes Video Review

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CanaBoyz: Developed And Grow Digital Canabis Game, Earn Rewards





Canaboyz is an online virtual game where user can develop and grow their business with digital cannabis farm by building Coffee Shops. Player in Canaboys earns rewards through Grow2Earn ecosystem, and also connects with the Mint and NFT Yielding Features.

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Why go with we suggest the CanaBoyz link?

Many websites share your information about CanaBoyz, but sometimes they share login or register and app links from third-party sources. Such third-party login access is not a good idea to log in with your details. So it is better to go with the official direct link we share on this page.

A brief intro about Canaboyz: Canaboyz is a paid virtual game platform where user had to register by paid system. It will create your personal under your name account where you get your own character with a plant seed. Here in this game you have to be online so you can take care of your plant and get the plant grow healthy and more grooming. In this way you can sell the plant in a Canaboyz virtual market and earn more rewards. If you play with serious mind there is a chance that you can get back the money you spend during registration.

Is Canaboyz is legal or not?

There is no such comment or complain on internet or by any government that says Canaboyz is illegal. So until then it is legal but when it comes under terms illegal statement then you can consider it as illegal.

It is secure to play game by using real money online transaction in CanaBoyz?

There is always a threat in online payment when it comes to non secure or new source place to pay through your personal wallet transaction. So it is up to you that you wish to play game by paying through QR code or wallet options. You can also leave the game idea to play as you do not trust the payment method.

How To Play CanaBoyz Game

Step#1. Open Canaboyz virtual gameplay URL into web browser.

Step#2. Click “Connect” button

Step#3. QR Code appears on screen. You can scan to pay or go with the preferred wallet options by click tab on “Desktop” option.

Step#4. Once payment is done then it will take you to your virtual identity place where you can choose character and get the plant seed which you have to grow with care in virtual Canaboyz game.

How To Connect CanaBoyz With SmartPhone And Earn Money Instantly

CanaBoyz game adheres to current WEB 3.0 specifications. CanaBoyz is playable on a smartphone. You only need to connect your wallet if it supports WEB 3.0. Enjoy the game while earning money wherever you are.

How Does CanaBoyz Game Works? How Can I Increase Growth?

Every player can generate passive income while playing CanaBoyz. Players eventually build up their plantations by purchasing one or more NFT seeds, which generate cryptocurrency income.

In order to increase growth rates and yield results and, consequently, overall business profitability, various artifacts are used. Players can also manage their own coffee shops to make more money.

Purchasing characters enables users to band together and take on rivals who are vying for the same market share. The player in CanaBoyz is awaiting tournaments, syndicates, battles, and endless competition for the highest profits in this challenging industry!

Canaboyz Twitter

Canaboyz Instagram

Canaboyz Facebook


Now you know how you can play virtual game in Canaboyz. We discussed all the information related to the topic, and it is only the virtual game-related information knowledge, which does not mean that we support any organization or company. We are here to provide you with an update on what is happening in the online world. We hope that the above information is helpful.

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The best slot games that you should play in your spare time




The need to play games in free time is always a top priority for players besides traveling, shopping or cooking. Because this is a form of entertainment that helps players get the most relaxing and refreshing moments. Not only that, today’s games are no longer just simple win-lose games, but it is also a place for players to earn extra income through their victories, prominent among them are slot games. Slot games appeared in any casino in USA decades ago and quickly spread globally. This game is loved by players of all classes and ages because of its simple rules but huge prizes. Therefore, in their spare time, players tend to choose slot games to get rid of the stress of work and daily life, besides being able to collect great prizes. Here are the slot games that you should experience when you have free time with relatives and family.

Mega Joker

Mega Joker is not a newly launched slot game and even less a game with as many modern features as those offered in the last few years. But it is the slot game with the most players at reputable bookmakers. This game is a product created by the software provider NetEnt, perhaps this is also the reason that Mega Joker is trusted by players to experience so much. This game has 5 paylines and if the player wins, they have the opportunity to multiply the prize value up to 2000 times. Imagine you put in 20 dollars to bet and get 40000 dollars, that’s an impressive number, isn’t it? In terms of payout ratio, Mega Joker is currently at number 1 with 99%, this number makes the number of people participating in this game increase every day. However, a minus point about this game is that it does not have free spins.

Blood Suckers

Continuing to be a unique slot game of the famous provider NetEnt, right from the title of this game is enough to make players feel curious and interested. NetEnt is well-known as a creative provider with extremely diverse game content, Blood Suckers is also one of them. The game is set in a vampire setting with creepy colors and sounds. The symbols in this game are also very scary like vampires, garlic, ax, witch, or the bible. The bride symbol that the vampire will be the symbol creates free spins for the player. This game has 25 paylines and, importantly, a very high RTP, up to 98%, which makes it never lose its appeal to players.



Starburst has never been absent from the top of the best slot games for online players, this game does not have attractive characters and content like other slot games. The icon in Starburst is also quite simple, but the color scheme is quite sophisticated and eye-catching. Perhaps it is because of that simplicity that Starburst attracts a large number of players. Not only that, with a payout ratio of up to 98.5%, it is considered one of the most powerful slot games and owns the biggest prize system. Nowadays, almost every slot game lover’s mobile devices have this game, enough to see how huge its popularity is.

Those are three of the many exciting slot games that you can choose to turn your spare moments into relaxing, comfortable, and memorable moments.

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How To Jabula Login, Register @ Account Access Portal




jabula bets login

Jabula Login is an online secure South Africa bets portal. It allows users to get all the information and make bets related to Jabula bets.

If you are also interested in betting, you can use the Jabula bets login and registration guide. All the official information about the Jabula is available on the website.

Update: Please be aware that the Financial Intelligence Centre Act applies to all bookmakers, totalisators, and casinos and that; as a result, they are all obligated by the rules and regulations of the Financial Intelligence Centre Act. It is because the law requires it of them.

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Why go with we suggest the Jabula Bets login link?

Many websites share your information about Jabula Bets, but sometimes they share login or register and app links from third-party sources. Such third-party login access is not a good idea to log in with your details. So it is better that you go with the official direct link we share on this page.

How To Login Jabula Bets Online Secure Portal

Step#1. Open Jabula Bets Login URL into a web browser.

Step#2. Click on the login button at the top right corner, and the login page popup on the screen.

Step#3. Enter “Email or Phone number” and “Password” in the provided field.

Step#4. Click the “Login” button.

How To Reset Jabula Bets Login Password

Step#1. On the login page, you will see the “Forgot Password?” link; click on it.

Step#2. Click “Mobile phone” or “Email address” to continue the process.

Step#3. Click the “Continue” button, and the system will send you a password reset link on your phone or email.

Follow the instruction to complete the process.

Once done, go to the Bets login page and enter a new password to access the account.

How To Register/SignUp Jabula Bets Login Online Account

Step#1. Open Jabula Bets Register URL into a web browser.

Step#2. Click on the signup page and enter your “Phone number” by selecting the country and Password in the provided field.

Step#3. Click the “NEXT” button and follow the instructions to complete the process.

Once you are done, go to the login page and enter your Jabula login details to get access to your Jabula account.


Now you know what Jabula Bets login is and how you can access the Jabula account. We discussed all the information related to the topic, and it is only the bets games-related informative knowledge, which does not mean that we support any organization or company. We are here to provide you with an update on what is happening in the online world. We hope that the above information is helpful.

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