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DesiRulez 2021: Non-Stop Desi Entertainment | Top Indian Websites to Watch Movies and Shows Online Free




The world of entertainment is completely changed after the incorporation of the internet. Gone are the days when we used to download movies and TV shows from torrents and other third-party websites. Now when the internet has become relatively cheaper and faster, people love to stream movies online. Premium online streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video took movie watching experience to the next level. People can watch their favorite titles on their mobile phones instantly. But instead of opting for paid services, people tend to use free movie websites that are illegal. The demand for such piracy websites has increased and that is the reason why sites like DesiRulez have become popular.

Just like the name of the website says it is an Indian site to stream movies, TV shows, music, wrestling, and other viral videos for free. DesiRulez is one of the great alternatives to popular Indian websites like DownloadHub, KhatriMaza, MoviesFree4U, HDHub4U, TamilRockers, and similar others. The user interface and the presentation of the site are so good that they can give a run to the premium websites. There are many reasons behind the great popularity of DesiRulez. Here, we have mentioned all the important things you should know about DesiRulez.

What Is DesiRulez?

As we said, this is an Indian website that provides movies and TV series for the interest of Indian and other Asian users. From daily soaps, TV series to popular movies, DesiRulez has got all the things for the Indian users with a variety of tastes. The site offers an interesting theme which simple yet informative on the homepage. All the big titles are hosted on multiple servers so that users don’t have to face any trouble while streaming online.

The great thing about this free movie website is that it provides live links to TV channels. So, users looking for live TV channels can feel at ease here.

Is It Legal to Use DesiRulez?

No, DesiRulez is an illegal website that breaches the DMCA and copyright laws to provide a collection of movies and TV shows that are actually owned by other studios. However, free love free stuff. DesiRulez developers know how to lire the customers by providing a variety of content. Many users consider this website as the best free alternative to Hotstar.

Why Is DesiRulez Popular?

Just like we said, no one wants to spend money on premium streaming apps when they can get access to all content at free cost on websites like DesiRulez. This website is very quick to update new content in HD. From reality TV shows to the latest movies running in the theatres, users will get all the things very quickly here. Plus, for its huge community, DesiRulez has made a forum option on its website where users can communicate with each other and discuss new TV shows, movies, reality shows, WWF, and other new content on the website.

Is DesiRulez Shutdown?

While writing this blog for you, we checked on Google and we found the active link of DesiRulez. However, there is a catch. We found the link – and it kept on loading but the site didn’t load fully. But when we used VPN, the homepage loaded quickly. So, we assume that DesiRulez is blocked by the Indian government or the ISPs.

The domain name of the site changes very frequently so, the users have to find the new DesiRulez proxy sites very often on the internet. If you wish to access a vast collection of entertainment for free then DesiRulez is a website you need. Below, we mentioned some reasons to use DesiRulez.

What Is So Special About DesiRulez?

Here, are some reasons that make this website distinct from other similar websites.

A Massive Collection of Movies

DesiRulez has been designed by keeping the choices of every Indian user. This the reason why you would find Bollywood Hindi movies, South Indian movies, south Indian Hindi dubbed films, Hollywood Hindi dubbed, and other regional films. Along with all that, users check movie reviews as well.

TV Shows for All

DesiRulez has TV shows for all. TV series with multiple seasons, daily soaps (TV serials) from TV channels, limited series, reality TV shows, this website offers all kind of TV content here. Even singing shows are also available to watch here. Every TV title and episode has multiple streaming links so that they have a seamless streaming experience.

Other Entertainment

Besides movies and TV shows, the Indian audience has a great love for music and wrestling. India is a diverse country. The country with multiple languages and cultures. Music from all the languages is loved nationwide. At DesiRulez, users will find music for free download. In addition, WWE or wrestling events are hosted for the people.

Well-Organized TV Channels

If you are wondering “can I watch live TV on DesiRulez?” or “What TV channels are available on DesiRulez?” then we have got an answer for you here. All TV shows on this website are organized according to the TV channels. There are multiple categories of TV series including, Indian channels, Pakistani channels, news channels, DD National, awards and concerts, and telly news articles. Users can have access to everything they want.

Should I Use DesiRulez to Watch Movies and Shows Online?

We already told you that DesiRulez is an illegal website that offers its massive content by violating all the rules and regulations. You support its illegal business by using this website. Plus, this website generates its revenue from ads. So, sometimes you may encounter malicious adware or virus as well. We do not recommend you to use such a piracy website. Many users use DesiRulez and if you love to live on the edge then you can try it at your own risk.

We don’t encourage piracy so, it’s up to you whether you want to use it or not.

Top Alternatives to DesiRulez | Best Similar Sites like DesiRulez


Disney+ Hotstar is owned by Star India, one of the leading television broadcasting companies in India. Hotstar offers an enriched streaming experience which is even better than biggies like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Its catalog of entertainment is full of Indian movies i.e., Bollywood, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Punjabi, and many more. Along with all this, Hotstar also offers live TV where VIP subscribers can watch daily soaps and TV series hours before they broadcast onTV. Plus, sports fans can watch IPL and other cricket tournaments live.

Hotstar can be one of the best alternatives to DesiRulz as it offers free services as well. Although, its free streaming services are limited to some extent users can have massive entertainment at their disposal. It has got all Star network TV channels and movies so you won’t be disappointed here.

Amazon Prime Video

This international streaming services tasted the first and the grand success in India. Before Netflix, Amazon produced original content for the Indian audience. Series like Breath and Inside Edge were some of them. Indian appreciated this and Amazon took the next step by offering lots of Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, and many Indian regional movies. It provides Hollywood movies in regional languages as well. You won’t find TV serials from traditional serials here. However, classic and popular TV shows like Shaktimaan is available here.

So, without a doubt, Amazon Prime can be the top DesiRulez alternatives. Its yearly subscription costs 999 Indian rupees and can be shared with 5 more persons. So, this is a very affordable streaming application for the users.


What happen to Love Actually Star as she got her first debut at the age of 17




Love Actually

The character she played was not one of the children’s characters. Love Actually is full to the brim of incredible British actors; however, after 18 years, we forget that one actor was 17 when they began the production.

Keira Knightley was the newlywed Juliet, who seems to be in her 20s for the classic Christmas movie. However, this Pirates of the Caribbean star was just 17 when filming began.

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Juliet gets married to Peter, and her best friend Mark is in secret the love of her.

The tragic moment when Juliet realizes that Mark has feelings for her when she is watching his wedding video tugs on the heart’s strings.

However, Chiwetel Ejiofor Chiwetel Ejiofor, who plays Peter, is eight years younger than Keira. Also, Andrew Lincoln, who plays Mark, is 12 years older.

As a sign that she was a bit old when Keira earlier revealed in the heartbreaking scene, she wore a hat because she had a huge mark on the middle of her forehead.

It is the issue with being 17 and appearing involved in film,” she said on BBC Radio 1.

The actress was born on March 26, 1985, and the film was made available on 21 November 2003.

Keira was 17, and this meant that Thomas Brodie-Sangster, who played the character of young Sam, who is learning drums to impress his class friend Joanna was just five years older than Keira.

The actress was in her teens while filming one of the films, Pirates of the Caribbean and Bend It Like Beckham.

At 36, Keira has numerous other amazing films under her belt, like The Imitation Game, Atonement along with Anna Karenina.

Love Actually Huge Hollywood Star – Keira Knightley – Memory events pictures

Keira Knightley played newlywed Juliet in the 2003 film

keira knightley instagram

Love Actually keira knightley

Keira Knightley was only 17 during filming for Love Actually. 

Love Actually keira knightley

Love Actually keira knightley

Keira Knightley attends the Love Actually movie premiere at Leicester Square, London, in 2003

Love Actually keira knightley

Love Actually keira knightley

Keira Christina Righton Knightley Biography

Want to know about Love Actually star Keira Knightley early life and education, career, career beginnings and breakthrough (1993–2002), Pirates of the Caribbean and worldwide recognition (2003–2007), independent films, and stage work (2008–2013), biographical and political roles (2014–present), upcoming projects, public image, other ventures, advocacy and philanthropy, Fashion endorsements, personal life, acting credits and awards then visit Keira Christina Righton Knightley Wikipedia page.

keira knightley instagram

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Why People Stream Movies and TV Shows At queenslandmax [Update]





When it comes to entertainment, streaming movies and tv shows always come to mind. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, online streaming websites or OTT platforms provide the best support to staying at home. In this period, there were many online free online streams to watch and download movies or tv series websites that were live on the internet. Queenslandmax is one of the sites where visitors’ increases due to the regular update and free to watch movies and tv shows.

Whenever such websites like queenslandmax provide free streaming services, then they on the backend hit the official OTT platform like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + Hotstar, and voot. Many questions were raised about this website, and out of them, we covered some to let our visitors know about queenslandmax.

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What is queenslandmax?

Queenslandmax is an online free-to-stream website that allows users to download their interesting movies and tv series for free. This website provides a regular update on the latest films and complete tv series that attracts users to go with its official website There is a download option also available on the Queensland Max website, which some websites also described it. 

Queenslandmax Instagram



There is an Instagram account under queenslandmax where the tagline says, “Stream your favorite shows never.” Is it fake or real? But the site is broken due to TikTok, as they said on social media. Currently, 6874 are followers with 13 followings.

Should I stream movies or tv shows from the queenslandmax website?

It doesn’t matter whether you go with this site because if there is no legal content or pirated movies uploaded on this site, then we do not support such a platform. There are many reasons you shouldn’t go with any website that has a copyright issue and is banned in some regions. Such a website also becomes the reason for Adware and malware viruses that allow hackers to trespass your computer for stealing personal data.

What will happen when such streaming platforms like Queenslandmax spread all over the internet without a barrier?

Suppose you are a true fan of any movie director or actor who satisfied you with 100% entertainment from its movies or tv show. In that case, you should pay respect by using the paid system to watch movies or tv shows such as Cinema (pay for ticker), Netflix, and Amazon Prime. It helps them generate revenue, so they make more movies and tv shows for you. But when it comes to queenslandmax online free streaming website that allows users to watch movies and tv shows for free without any concern or permission from the production house for that particular movies and tv series. In this way, this free website affects the movie-making company, and sooner or later, these businesses will be shut down, and you will never see any movies or tv shows.

So you should go with the official platform or buy a ticket to any movies at your nearest theater. 

Is queenslandmax is shutdown or still working?

Some say that queenslandmax shut down due to ticktock or banned in some countries, but when you search in the search engine, you will get the relevant result related to queenslandmax.



Websites like queenslandmax

Due to some reason, the queenslandmax website does not open income country, but fans are willing to stream to go with such free websites as queenslandmax. In that case, they go with the alternative and similar sites like queenslandmax.

Customers can choose from various options that comprise shows, films, and direct opportunities. Service providers are conscious of the customer’s needs, which is why QueenslandMax .com recognizes that many people would like to stream online content. The results of a search show that most people are busy and don’t have enough time to watch the shows they enjoy on TV.



The above streaming platform is such websites that might be alternative and similar to queenslandmax.

The website was first registered on 02/27/2021, and it was operational for less than one month. It indicates that the website is brand new. However, there aren’t any comments about the usage of the site.


Now you know everything about the queenslandmax streaming website. We do not support any copyright pirated and illegal website that is unethical. The reason to give the information about queenslandmax is only to update that it does not mean that any streaming website might be safe and secure to stream when people search. 

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Netflix Massive Hit “League of Legends” Has Finally Launched




League of Legends

Netflix provides multiple content to watch to its fans. There are many movies and tv series that gets more rating than other platforms. Here is one of the best stories League of Legends that Netflix Arcane has presented.

Netflix has made a vast amount of game titles into animation television at the moment, which means that at a surface scale, the new show Arcane is inspired by League of Legends, may not stand out from the crowd.

League of Legends

League of Legends

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Arcane is a unique structure in that Netflix releases several episodes at a time during the coming three weeks. This first batch appears to have enticed players as well as pleased long-time League fans.

League of Legends

League of Legends

It’s the first League of Legends animated series; Arcane has finally been released on Netflix after having been announced nearly two years in the past. Although only the first three episodes have been released, both critics and fans appear to be thrilled with the series, and it is currently sitting on an extremely high mark in Rotten Tomatoes.

As per the audience score: Arcane has an average of 98% for its audience on Rotten Tomatoes, which is significantly more than any other film on this site’s “top streaming” category.

Arcane is a game with a similar 9.6 rating from users on Metacritic, however, with fewer reviews to date.

The majority of the reactions have come from fans only to date since it seems that this was not on the radar of many reviewers. However, both RT reviews which have appeared are favourable, and they’ll likely score high on the other fronts as well.

League of Legends

League of Legends

It’s not the first time Netflix has made a great animated video game, and everyone is raving about Castlevania even today. But, unlike Castlevania that was based on a long-running series, League of Legends is one of the most popular games available in the present and puts it in an entirely different genre. Trust me when I say that there are no more potent gamers than those who do not want their beloved IP destroyed through a bad adaptation; therefore, the response to the first episode of Arcane here is nothing short of remarkable.

The following 3 episodes of Arcane will be released on November 13, and the final three episodes will hit Netflix one week later, on November 20.

The coming two weeks will feature the final two set episodes. We’ll also be watching to see if there is a resurgence of enthusiasm throughout the whole season.


League of Legends: Wild Rift

Now available on official Google Play Store 


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