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CanaBoyz: Developed And Grow Digital Canabis Game, Earn Rewards





Canaboyz is an online virtual game where user can develop and grow their business with digital cannabis farm by building Coffee Shops. Player in Canaboys earns rewards through Grow2Earn ecosystem, and also connects with the Mint and NFT Yielding Features.

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Why go with we suggest the CanaBoyz link?

Many websites share your information about CanaBoyz, but sometimes they share login or register and app links from third-party sources. Such third-party login access is not a good idea to log in with your details. So it is better to go with the official direct link we share on this page.

A brief intro about Canaboyz: Canaboyz is a paid virtual game platform where user had to register by paid system. It will create your personal under your name account where you get your own character with a plant seed. Here in this game you have to be online so you can take care of your plant and get the plant grow healthy and more grooming. In this way you can sell the plant in a Canaboyz virtual market and earn more rewards. If you play with serious mind there is a chance that you can get back the money you spend during registration.

Is Canaboyz is legal or not?

There is no such comment or complain on internet or by any government that says Canaboyz is illegal. So until then it is legal but when it comes under terms illegal statement then you can consider it as illegal.

It is secure to play game by using real money online transaction in CanaBoyz?

There is always a threat in online payment when it comes to non secure or new source place to pay through your personal wallet transaction. So it is up to you that you wish to play game by paying through QR code or wallet options. You can also leave the game idea to play as you do not trust the payment method.

How To Play CanaBoyz Game

Step#1. Open Canaboyz virtual gameplay URL into web browser.

Step#2. Click “Connect” button

Step#3. QR Code appears on screen. You can scan to pay or go with the preferred wallet options by click tab on “Desktop” option.

Step#4. Once payment is done then it will take you to your virtual identity place where you can choose character and get the plant seed which you have to grow with care in virtual Canaboyz game.

How To Connect CanaBoyz With SmartPhone And Earn Money Instantly

CanaBoyz game adheres to current WEB 3.0 specifications. CanaBoyz is playable on a smartphone. You only need to connect your wallet if it supports WEB 3.0. Enjoy the game while earning money wherever you are.

How Does CanaBoyz Game Works? How Can I Increase Growth?

Every player can generate passive income while playing CanaBoyz. Players eventually build up their plantations by purchasing one or more NFT seeds, which generate cryptocurrency income.

In order to increase growth rates and yield results and, consequently, overall business profitability, various artifacts are used. Players can also manage their own coffee shops to make more money.

Purchasing characters enables users to band together and take on rivals who are vying for the same market share. The player in CanaBoyz is awaiting tournaments, syndicates, battles, and endless competition for the highest profits in this challenging industry!

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Now you know how you can play virtual game in Canaboyz. We discussed all the information related to the topic, and it is only the virtual game-related information knowledge, which does not mean that we support any organization or company. We are here to provide you with an update on what is happening in the online world. We hope that the above information is helpful.

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BetaMars: It Is Safe To Create Metaverse World, Play, Earn, Socialize





BetaMars is an online metaverse world where you can connect with the metaverse world and play within the imagination world.

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Why go with we suggest the BetaMars link?

Many websites share your information about BetaMars, but sometimes they share login or register and app links from third-party sources. Such third-party login access is not a good idea to log in with your details. It is better to go with the official direct link we share on this page.

How Does BetaMars Work?

In BetaMars, you can invite your friends to the betamars community and the land Nft airdrops. 

You can click on BetaMars Invite friends by clicking here.

People are interested in the BetaMars metaverse, where the participants are close to the beta test to complete BetaMars for 200,000 EP.

You can Join the BetaMars button available on the official BetaMars website.

How To Get Your Betamars Ticket NFT 1f39f859f723

Note: Only one redemption is permitted for each ticket number.

To claim your co-branded Ticket NFT, follow the tutorial and enter the ticket number!

Betamars Ticket NFT Number

33EAEF 67D772 4270D2 5C2F70 715A34
20CA65 5D0F8F 0197B3 68EB85 98736
4B81B6 27957B BC1E37 D8FECD DF78C1
55B55F E9603F 2BA328 D6798B 3170C9

Suggestion: The ticket number should be on the bottom. Come first, get first!

Here how BetaMars works in Metaverse world demo BetaMars for new and first time user video review.

How To Login At BetaMars

How To Avatar Face Editing BetaMars Demo

BetaMars Demo – Flying Plane

BetaMars Demo – Driving Car

BetaMars On Social Media – You Can Connect With…

BetaMars Twitter

BetaMars Telegram

BetaMars Discord

BetaMars FaceBook

BetaMars Medium

BetaMars YouTube

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Crypto Payments With USDC Now On Apple Pay




Crypto Payments With USDC Now On Apple Pay

To a limited number of merchants, Apple Pay now supports crypto payments in USDC from Circle. According to Circle, this will allow for speedier checkouts using the standard digital apple pay crypto payment method. Payments can be made through the Safari web browser or through the app where user will experience the Crypto payments with USDC now on Apple Pay.

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In addition, users won’t need to sign up for anything or fill out any forms to make use of the enhancement going forward.

When and Where Does Apple Pay Support USDC Crypto Payments?

This shift appears to be geared toward crypto-native companies while allowing customers to use apple pay using crypto to purchase cryptocurrency on their preferred exchange. In addition, Apple Pay and Circle payments working together would open the door to non-cryptocurrency users. A move like this, coming from a company with Apple’s influence, would be a game-changer for the widespread acceptance of cryptocurrencies. The stablecoin USDC has a lot of potential for growth with this connection as well. The following was announced by Circle.

In a statement, Circle said, “We are thrilled to announce that eligible businesses that develop with Circle may now further increase their sales by accepting Apple Pay, an easy, safe, and private method to pay.”

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Crypto businesses, such as NFT marketplaces, crypto gaming, crypto exchanges, crypto wallets, and cross-border remittance providers, would benefit from streamlined checkout processes. Also, Apple crypto payments capability might be put to use in lower payment settlements. This would also benefit more conventional businesses who don’t accept cryptocurrency payments at retail.

Using Apple Pay to Make Payments in USDC

Users need to sign up for a free Circle account and an Apple developer account in order to rapidly enable cryptocurrency payments. After that, the API connection to Circle’s payment platform was ready for use. The company claims the integration is available on the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and other devices.

TrueFi is a DeFi uncollateralized lending protocol, and Circle has now announced that they will be working together. At $44.24 billion, USDC is the sixth most valuable cryptocurrency, according to the price tracker CoinMarketCap. Despite numerous industry alliances, the USDC market cap has recently decreased in comparison to rival stablecoin Tether (USDT).

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Apple Pay is the safer way to make secure, contactless purchases in stores and online.

To Learn more Visit Apple Pay Crypto.

Source: Google Trend

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