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Apple might launch upcoming iPhones with 18W USB-C fast chargers




Apple might launch upcoming iPhones with 18W USB-C fast chargers

It’s almost been a decade since Apple has been selling class-leading smartphones. Every year, the new iPhone models come out as one of the most polished smartphones in the industry. However, the only area where Apple falls short is with regards to charging technology. Apple has been offering fast charging options since 2017’s iPhone 8 but has still been shipping the devices with slow 5W chargers. Now, it seems that Apple is willing to change that with the next generation of iPhone models.

According to Mac Otakara, a blog that has been consistently coming up with reliable Apple leaks, Apple might be finally ditching its 5W charger and could offer a faster 18W charger with the phones. The iPhones already support 18W fast charging and users had to purchase the charger separately from Apple. Apart from the 18W fast charging, modern iPhones support fast wireless charging as well.

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The report, however, mentions that Apple may not ditch the Lightning port on its iPhones this year. Hence, the 18W charger will have a USB-C port and Apple will ship a USB-C to Lightning cable with the new iPhone models. This confirms that 2019 iPhones won’t get iPad Pro’s USB-C port and will have to rely on the good-old Lightning port. Apple already ships the USB-C charger and USB-C cable with the 2018 iPad Pro models, which get the USB-C port.

If this tip turns out to be true, then it will be good news for those who have been waiting to get the 2019 iPhone models. Since the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, Apple has been offering support for fast charging on iPhones but shipping the devices with a slow 5W charging. Apple sold a host of fast chargers and cables separately, which only added to the overall price of the phones.

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In contrast, smartphone vendors from the Android universe have been shipping phones with fast charging options for a few years now. Big players such as Samsung, Google, Xiaomi and Huawei have been offering fast charging solutions since 2016. OnePlus has been shipping its 2016 OnePlus 3 with 20W fast charging system while Oppo has been offering the VOOC fast charging system on its flagship phones. Huawei ships its 40W Super Charger with its flagship models. Xiaomi is working on a 100W fast charging system for its flagship smartphones.


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The Yodobashi lucky bag lottery sale has starts with dream new year gift box Yodobashi camera lucky 2022




Yodobashi lucky bag

The deadline to accept the lottery is 11:59 pm on December 5, 2021. The lottery results will be announced in a sequence beginning at 8:30 am on December 7, 2021.

Yodobashi Camera has opened a unique website for “the lucky bags “2022 Dream New Year’s Gift Box” for members. Purchases can be made through the lottery, and lottery entries are accepted until the time of 7:00 morning on November 29.

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Yodobashi Lucky Bag Dream New Year’s Gift Box:

Home appliances, the lucky bag project Yodobashi Camera carries out every year. Electrical appliances can be bought through lucky bags and “Otoshidama Boxes,” whose contents are not known in every genre, including cameras, computers, and audio. A raffle will offer them for members.

51 Type Yodobashi Lucky Bag for 2022 (Dream New Year’s present boxes)

From the well-known ones like “Dream of Full Wireless Earphones” and “Dream of Single-lens Reflex Digital Camera (Lens Kit)” to “Dream of Nintendo Switch (Organic EL),” New Christmas gift boxes have also been released. As of 18:45, November 29, the most viewed was the “Video Camera Dream” with the highest magnification, 335 times.

Applications must be created through a Yodobashi website that is accessible via an internet browser. The sale will be conducted in a lottery-style that only members are eligible to participate. Even if you apply several “Otoshidama Boxes,” you can only win one prize. After the lottery application is filled out, the application can’t be canceled. The winner’s “Otoshidama Box” purchase will be qualified for a 10% reduction in points.

Good News For Gold Point Card:

On November 25, 2021, customers who have joined the credit card “GOLD POINT CARD +” share points, purchase history, and other information at from January 1, 2021, until November 25, 2021. specific user, a person with a record of purchase on within the same timeframe and who has been a part of the points pool are given a higher winning odds.

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Want To Apply For Heat Pump Grant Available For The £5,000




heat pump grant apply

The government announced that it would grant PS5,000 to households in England and Wales starting next April to replace their old gas boilers with low-carbon heat pumps.

PS450 million was allocated to the boiler upgrade program as part of the Heat and Buildings Strategy. The scheme will last for three years and provide service for 90,000.


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This grant will be available to residents of England and Wales starting next April. It is part of a larger PS3.9 billion plan to reduce carbon-based heating emissions.


Ministers claim that heat pumps will be able to cost the same as gas boilers with the grant. They hope that no new gas boilers will ever be made after 2035.


More About Heat Pumps:

Heat pumps can heat buildings and homes in a more environmentally friendly way than gas boilers.

They can extract heat from the surrounding environment, which is possible even at low temperatures. It makes them three times more efficient than gas boilers.

​Low-carbon sources like wind are increasingly powering British electricity. Heat pumps are a cleaner alternative to burning gasoline. They also reduce local air pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide that are emitted from boilers.


Check Out The Social Media Update Heat Pump Grant Twitter



How does a heat pump work?

Government Proposal: Boiler Needs Replacing To Switch Over To Heat Pumps

An air-source heat pump currently costs between PS6,000 to PS18,000, depending on its type and size.

Every household with a boiler that needs to be replaced will be encouraged to switch to heat pumps. Each household receiving PS5,000 will be encouraged to do so. People with boilers that are still in use will not be required to switch.


Heating buildings account for about a fifth of the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions.


Kwasi Kwarteng (Business and Energy Secretary):

He said, we expect that low-carbon heating systems, which are more cost-effective than traditional heating systems, will be the most popular and affordable option for consumers as technology advances.


We will make it possible for people to choose a more cost-effective alternative through our grant program.


The plan was not sufficiently ambitious, according to Green experts.

heat pump grant apply

heat pump grant apply

Mike Childs Said:

Mike Childs is the head of science at Friends of the Earth. He said to BBC News about the investments in the UK.


Mike Childs:

Heat pumps will be cheaper if there is an investment. Technical innovation and skills training is part of this, but so is scale. These grants will not encourage the most well-off households.

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The Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Is On Sell, Order Now




The Xbox Series X Mini Fridge was sold out in less than 15 minutes. It started as a joke Twitter battle between brands Xbox and Skittles.


Aaron Greenberg, Xbox’s CEO, had promised that Xbox would produce and sell the fridge if his meme won the Twitter battle. The Xbox team won, and the mini-fridge is now a reality. It will be available in stores by December.


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The fridge is $99.99 and resembles the Xbox Series X video game machine. The fridge will only be sold at Target Corp. stores in America, but it will also be available in Canada, the U.K., and Europe. It has already been offered for sale on EBay Inc.’s Marketplace for at least three times the price.


The $99 Xbox Mini Fridge was once a viral internet meme. You can now pre-order it from a shopping website right away before it arrives in December.

One of the pre-order websites where you can get this Xbox mini fridge is the TARGET.COM (

You can click on the link and get one for you.


Although it isn’t the same six-foot-tall Xbox Mini Fridge that the company introduced last year, it looks fun and practical addition to your home or game room. The small home appliance looks very similar to the Xbox Series X, except it can hold 12 beverage containers with a few shelves at the sides. The appliance even features a front-facing LED lamp just like the console it inspires and a USB-A port for charging your Xbox controller or phone.


Xbox Series X mini fridge

Xbox Series X mini fridge

Xbox Series X Mini Fridge (Highlights)

What is in the Xbox mini-fridge? This question has been answered to check read the details below.

There is Xbox official gear in this mini-fridge.

Plugs into standard A.C. wall outlets or D.C. 12V automobile Jacks (cables included).

Thermoelectric cooler with 10L capacity for a vehicle or home use

It can hold up to 12 cans of soda and two snack shelves.

Two interior shelves can be removed, and two doors can be removed for snacks.

Individual on/off switches illuminate the top of the fridge and Xbox logo

Front door charging port for 5V 2.1A USB

Items can be cooled to 36°F (20°C) below the ambient temperature.


What are the dimensions of the Xbox mini-fridge?

If you are curious about this mini Xbox fridge’s size, you can check out the exact dimensions from exterior to interior.

Exterior: 18” x 9” x 9” (462mm x 232mm x 232mm)

Interior: 13.2” x 6.8” x 6.8” (337mm x 174mm x 175mm)

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