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Affirm stock fell after the forecasts raised concerns about Amazon impact




Affirm stock

Affirm stock Inc. shares fell over 20% on Thursday following the buy-now, pay-later company mistook announced earnings results in the early hours, only to be confronted with tricky questions regarding how the new partnerships affected revenues.

Affirm stock AFRM -21.42 per cent revenue for the fiscal second quarter jumped to $361 million, up from $204 million according to analysts polled by FactSet had expected $329 million in the average.

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However, affirm’s forecast for the current quarter called for higher-than-expected volume but lower-than-anticipated revenue, eliciting questions about the impact of new partner Inc.

The results suggested to at the very least one analyst that although the new partnership between Affirm and Amazon AMZN, -1.36% has proven successful in generating more volume for the company, however, it may also be accompanied by less of a “take a percentage,” which effectively refers to the Affirm’s yield per transaction.

According to Mizuho Analyst Dan Dolev:

The company’s gross profit as a proportion of its volume decreased to around 8 per cent in the December quarter, down from approximately 10% in September quarter.

It is understandable considering the possibility of a lower Peloton PTON, -3.38% mix (which is a 12 per cent taking rate) and substantially greater Amazon mixed in, and comes with a softer take rate,” He wrote in a letter to customers.

The gross merchandise volume of Affirm (or the value in dollars) of transactions made on its platform increased to $4.5 billion, up from $2.1 billion in the previous year. The company did note that the figure doubled without Amazon.

Chief Financial Officer Michael Linford alluded to the various financial profiles of the multiple offerings offered by Affirm during the conference call later that day if its split-pay offerings provide more immediate revenue gains than the interest-bearing offerings.

You’ve seen lots of growth in the split-pay service, but with hefty merchant fees and lots of change for users, which is a result of that.

Furthermore, it has an interest-bearing offering, like what it just launched on Amazon, which it believes in yielding financial gains in the future. The offerings for enterprises “will generate massive processing volume in addition to in the end we think they’ll have excellent economics.

Affirm can make money from its loans by the loan until maturity or by selling them to a third party with interest-bearing offers. If it manages the loans, it can recognize interest income for the life of the loan.

“Hence that this quarter’s revenue is only a small portion of the yield we’ll ultimately get from the GMV we made in Q2.” Linford continued.

Concerning Amazon, Affirm sees delays in its benefits because it has interest-paying offerings in conjunction with the online giant, as stated by Mizuho’s Dolev; however, the Amazon arrangement could also result in naturally lower-taking rates.

The Amazon offer also opens Affirm to new customers, thanks to the online giant’s widespread platform. It could be one reason why Affirm is willing to settle for lower rates for take-home.

Affirm shares fell 21.4 per cent during Thursday’s regular session following the announcement released just before three p.m. Eastern time, following the company’s tweets that announced certain aspects related to its results before time. It then deleted the tweets. The shares were in the range of 11.9 per cent before Thursday’s announcement when the first glimpses of information were released. However, they slid lower when Affirm issued its full report and outlook.

“Due due to human errors, a tiny part of Affirm’s fiscal Q2 results was accidentally posted on the official account on Twitter earlier in the day,” the company later tweeted. Affirm was expected to release its results following Thursday’s closing bell.

The stock fell an additional 7.2 per cent after-hours trading Thursday when the outlook was a significant subject of discussion during the call. Bank of America analyst Jason Kupferberg pointed out that although Affirm has increased its volume forecast for the entire year by about $1.5 million, the company only changed its outlook on revenue about the cost of transactions.

It affirmed forecasts of $14.58 billion to $14.78 billion in gross merchandise volume for the current fiscal year. However, its previous full-year outlook released in November predicted $13.13 billion to $13.38 billion in GMV. The company is now expecting 585-$595million of fewer transaction costs up in the lower range from its previous outlook that ranged from $580 to $595 million.

Kupferberg said: I believe this is a situation that’s frightening people slightly, on the call, and asked what percentage of the trends in the Affirm’s forecasts is related to Amazon.

Linford said: Amazon could be part of it, as were other interest-bearing arrangements which can harm revenues.

The most apparent effect on the cost of transaction less revenue as proportional to GMV is the spread towards split-pay, which is lower than the other mix.

In the long term, Affirm has targeted revenue without transaction costs of between 3% and 4% of GMV. The firm has been “operating at the upper portion of the spectrum.

Dolev said: Not surprising, the growth of Amazon on Affirm is a significant factor in driving a rise in fiscal year GMV. Nevertheless, investors should be aware that the previous guide didn’t include the Amazon impact, and therefore, it isn’t apples-to-apples with the new direction.

Despite the strong adverse reaction to the stock market on Thursday, Dolev was still bullish about Affirm’s report.

While this stock may be currently in the penalty box at present, however, we believe that the growth from Affirm’s Amazon partnership and other partnerships affirms the Affirm stance as an option to take advantage of the credit.

Barclays Analyst Ramsey El-Assal took a similar perspective.

While the improved prospects for GMV didn’t translate to expectations for net revenue and with profitability appearing to be farther out, we believe that today’s selling off seemed to be a reaction to a reasonable period for a company that is making steady progress in expanding its networks.

The company posted its fiscal second-quarter total loss of $159.7 million (57 cents) a share. It compares to an operating deficit of $26.6 million which is 38 cents per share, in the prior-year quarter.

Affirm has reported the operating results in the amount of $196.2 million, while it had revenues of $26.8 million in the previous year. The figure includes an increase of $82 million in compensation for the stock-based stock after Affirm’s Jan. 2021 public offering. The metric also incorporates the company’s investments in hiring, product and marketing, according to the company’s release.

Affirm anticipates gross merchandise volume at $3.61 billion to $3.71 billion in the current quarter, whereas analysts had expected $3.5 billion. Affirm also hopes for a $325 million- $335 million revenue range. The Fact Set consensus was $335.5 million.

The stock has plunged 63% over the last three months, and its S&P 500 index SPX, -1.81 per cent, has dropped 3.9 per cent.

Important Note: This replaces an earlier article that incorrectly reported the second quarter’s revenue compared to analyst expectations. The error has been rectified.

Source: Google Trend


Screen Burn Fix: Mostly Appears On Samsung Galaxy Devices




screen burn fix

Screen Burn Fix On My Android Device?

If you’re spending enough time debating the pros and cons of LCD as opposed to OLED display technology, eventually, someone will touch on the dreaded OLED screen burn-in. The argument is that OLED displays are bound to be plagued by ugly artifacts over time, while LCDs and innovative technologies like Mini-LED don’t. However, like many of these discussions, you’ll likely be hearing as many exaggerated stories as there are facts concerning the subject.

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You have experienced it yourself. However, many users are concerned about the risk of burn-in when they consider their next smartphone purchase. Particularly as the more expensive flagships are now all-inclusive of OLED screen technology. Apple, Google, and other manufacturers recognize that burn-in may sometimes be a concern. OLED technology has recently been introduced to lower prices and has put the issue on the radar of even more customers.

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Does My Samsung screen burn warranty claim?

Screen Burn is not a broken or damaged device. As the term screen burn is used for the display, technically, the fault is caused by OLED screen color fade or display over headed due to software and display features appearing on screen while not using the device. Samsung should accept the warranty to drop or water damage screens. So you can claim the warranty of your Samsung Galaxy device.

Why do we use the term Screen Burn?

“Screen Burn” is a term used to describe a display with permanent “Screen Burn,” to describe a screen afflicted by permanent discoloration over any portion of the panel. It can be in the form of an outline of text or an image. It can also show the fade of colors and other visible designs or patches on display. The display still functions like normal; however, an obvious color or image remains even when the screen is off.

To be considered screen burn-in in the first place, these effects must be permanent and an error by the hardware that displays, instead of a glitch in the graphics that can cause a problem with software image retention and problems with the circuitry used by the display driver.

Which type of Display Panel, LCD/OLED, Cause Screen Burn?

In most cases, OLED display causes screen burn because of the updated display features that constantly appear while not using the device. In such a case, the screen got burned, and some spot or discoloration appeared on the screen.

The old CRT monitors had phosphor compounds that released light that produced images, increasing their brightness as they aged. LCD panels may also experience similar issues. However, they are fewer of them due to the nature of the backlight of LCD and the color matrix designs.

What is the cause o screen burn on Android devices?

The main reason for screen burn is the changing lifecycle of the display’s components that produce light. Their brightness alters as they age, and consequently, the panel’s color rendering changes with time. Every display will experience certain changes in its color when they get older, but this can be lessened by smart software. However, with burn-in, certain areas of the screen will age more quickly than others. The result is that the perceived shades for the screens in one region are more than others and leave what appears to be ghost images in the background.

With the advancement of smartphone and smartwatch technologies, screen burn-in may be a consequence of the differing life spans of the green, red, and blue subpixels of LED that are used to create OLED panels; as we’ve already mentioned that regions of the screen that do not change or are bright white, or are usually dark and off, like navigation buttons and the notification bar, will be among the top places to be affected by this issue. You might also begin to notice the result of darkened status bars designed to conceal the display’s notches.

screen burn fix

screen burn fix

How To Fix Screen Burn Display Easy Method On Samsung

Note: Make sure there is only a Screen Burn issue, not screens broken; otherwise, you have to replace the screen to eliminate any discoloration.


We already discussed why screen burns happen and how you can avoid them. In this method, we will explain, most importantly, how you can fix it.

Before you go with fixing screen burn, you need to know some important points that will help you understand why this happened.

Why did this happen? Screen burning can happen because of your status bar and navigation keys. When the same thing is displayed all the time, the same LED-powered constantly. After a while, those LEDs will lose some of these colors. It will cause screen burn effects.

It may take years, and sometimes users also complain about screen burn-in in just two months on their brand-new phones.

How to Stop Screen Burning? [Precaution]

If you purchase a new phone and don’t want the screen burn-in, you must take the necessary precautions to avoid the problem.

  1.  Keep your screen brightness low as possible. Use max brightness only when you use your phone in direct sunlight.
  2.  Keep changing your phone wallpapers, or you can use dark-colored wallpapers. Only use the static image on the screen for a short time. (You have noticed that Samsung changes its display clock position every time you unlock your screen)
  3.  If your phone has gesture navigation, turn off navigation when you get the phone.
  4.  Switch to dark mode as you are on android 9 or an upgrade version. Even some of the third-party apps also support dark mode. Use it where ever you can.

So without wasting time, let’s start the screen burns fix on Android devices.

Step#1. Download and install an app called Amoled screen burn fix.

Note: It is a third-party app so go with your choice.

To download, click on screen burn-in AMOLED and follow the instruction to install the app into your Android device.

Step#2. Once the app is installed successfully, tap on the app icon to launch the app.

Step#3. App open, tap on “Test Burn-in,” and AMOLED burn-in fixer will appear.

Step#4. You might see the hint of navigation keys. Now go to fix burn-in and tap “Enable colors” > Visibility enhancements.

Step#5. Enable “Negative colures,” notification appears “Turn off Edge lighting” tap on the “OK” button.

Step#6. Go back to the app, select “Navigation bar,” and “hide setting.” It will turn your screen black.

Note: This process is reversing the colures that are burn-in.

Step#7. Keep the black screen for 30 minutes daily until the burn-in shades are off completely.

Enjoy your OLED screen without a burn-in display.


If you’re worried about this problem, there are various ways to adapt to prolong the lifespan of your display and prevent the common ghosting effect.

Step#1. Make sure that your display’s brightness is at an acceptable level. A higher brightness demands more power and, consequently, reduces LED life. Do not increase the maximum brightness level unless you need to.

Step#2. Reduce the duration of your screen-off timer. Turning the screen off whenever you’re not in use will block static images from showing.

Step#3. Use Dark Mode if supported. A darker interface decreases the light and helps LEDs last longer.

Step#4. Make use of Immersive Mode If it’s, there is one. The notification bar is hidden, as static icons cannot be displayed. You can also choose one with the same feature, a hidden navigation bar, and drawer options for apps.

Step#5. Choose wallpaper with darker shades and then change it from time to time.

Step#6. It is possible to use keyboards with darker colors to avoid color loss on the lower part of the screen.

Step#7. If you use an app for navigation frequently for long distances, select one that doesn’t include many bright static elements of the interface.

Step#8. Change to gesture navigation, and drop on the keys in case the phone supports it. It will prevent burning into the lower edge side of your screen.

How OLED Displayed Made Up Of?

OLED displays consist of green, red, and blue LEDs. However, the various colors have distinct durations. The problem with blue LEDs is they possess considerably less luminous power than green or red pixels. It means that blue LEDs have to be powered by a greater current for the same size pixel to attain a similar brightness of green or red. A higher current causes the pixel’s brightness to decline quicker, which reduces its life span and, consequently, changes the display’s color towards green and red hues. So, if the OLED display’s color won’t change uniformly, it will eventually be a red/green tint.


Screen burn-in should be fine for many people when considering buying a brand-new OLED Smartphone. Modern LCDs have longer life spans than the earlier OLED smartphones significantly. Make sure you don’t keep a static image in the display all day by setting the brightness to the maximum, and you’ll be able to take advantage of your displays for a long time without any issues. If you are looking to fix screen burn on s9, then the above method works to fix the screen burn-in.

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Error Solution

My Windows 11 Is Slowdown With RYZEN Chips, AMD Patch Releases





Microsoft is currently trying to test a patch that will address issues with latency in Ryzen chips that run Windows 11. AMD users can download a patch to solve the Windows 11 bug that can cause Ryzen chips to become slow. (AMD RYZEN)
This week, AMD announced a brand new driver for its chipset that addresses how Windows 11 can throw a wrench in the “UEFI CPPC2” system on the relevant Ryzen processors.
The system was developed to assist the OS in deciding which processor cores are suitable to achieve a higher boost clock speed. But, AMD found a flaw that caused the UEFI CPC2 not to schedule the most efficient CPU core to perform a programming assignment.

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For applications sensitive to performance, just one or a couple of CPU threads could show reduced performance. AMD was warned in March. Ryzen chips with over eight CPU cores and with a TDP of more than 65 watts are the most affected, AMD said.

AMD’s most recent chip driver, version, was developed to “fully” restore the UEFI CPC2 function for Windows 11 build 22000.189 or later versions. AMD has released instructions for installing the latest driver.AMD has confirmed that UEFI’s CPC2 (preferred core) behavior works for supported AMD processors. The company claims. AMD and Microsoft strongly recommend that users download and install this update on the affected systems.
But, Microsoft continues to work on a fix for another bug that could hinder the Ryzen chip’s L3 cache’s latency performance when using Windows 11. If addressed, the bug can prevent games and apps from being up to 35% slower. Microsoft has only released the test patch to Windows 11 Insider users on Build 22000.282. Mainstream users can anticipate the patch to go live via the auto Windows Update function.

Source: Google Trend

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How To Get Survey Code



on survey code

What is survey code and how does it work?

The Michaels Customer Satisfaction Survey, found at survey code, is an online questionnaire designed by Michaels to help measure customer satisfaction of products and services offered by them. The company will use the information to improve their products, customer service, and overall atmosphere at the store.

Participating in the survey code will allow you to share your experiences. This feedback is essential to the company as it will help them improve their products and find out what they should keep. It will make your experience better in the future. A validation code will be provided to enable you to redeem the offer at any Michaels store during your next visit.

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Why go with we suggest the survey code link?

Many websites share your information about survey code, but sometimes they share login or register and app links from third-party sources. Such third-party login access is not a good idea to log in with your details. So it is better to go with the official direct link we share on this page.

Want to know about Michaels and how does they work to manage satisfaction among customers and employees then visit Michaels ETM: Schedule Login, Michaels SSO Login, Michaels Worksmart EMT Login page. Otherwise follow the survey code, how to find and how to apply it to get maximum discount.

Why do we do the survey code Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Before you go with the process with the survey code, you should know that, after completing this survey, you’ll receive an email with a coupon good for 25% off your next purchase at a regular price.


Michaels Stores Inc., the largest North American retailer for arts and crafts supplies, is located in New York. More than 1200 stores are located in the United States and Canada. Michaels also has 10 brands in-house: Recollections and Studio Decor, Bead Landing.

Michaels craft shops sell supplies for framing and painting as well as beading and knitting. They saw a big boom in business when scrapbooking became more popular over the past decade. The popularity of seasonal products such as Christmas and Halloween continues to grow. These products are owned privately by equity firms and are not traded on the stock exchange.

How to Start Survey with Survey Code

Note: Keep your receipt handy

Step#1. Open the official survey code website into a web browser.

Step#2. Page is load you see the “Start” button in red color, click on the button to start the process.

Step#3. Now you need to answer the following question that has been asked, such as the most recent visit to Michael’s stores and follow the instructions carefully to complete the survey process. You will get the “Next” button.

Note: You will see the progress in the percentage bar below the “next” button, indicating how much you’re completed the survey code.

Example: One of the questions that you might ask as a sample shows in the below screenshot. It will give you an idea of what type of question will be asked during the survey

Step#4. Once all is done, you will get the capons for 25% off/discount on your next purchase through your provided email ID.

As you get the capons, survey code and enjoy your discount.

Now you know how you can get the benefit discount from Michael store by following survey code systems which provide you 25% off on next visit. Don’t lose your purchase receipt received from the Michael store.

It is similar to Mykfcexperience Survey; the company conducts the Survey to obtain honest customer feedback. It will explain how you can take part in the Survey.


Now you know what is survey code and how does it work to complete customer Satisfaction Survey. We discussed all the information related to the topic, and it is only the Customer Satisfaction Survey-related information knowledge, which does not mean that we support any organization or company. We are here to provide you with an update on what is happening in the online world. We hope that the above information is helpful.

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